Over 1 Million iPads Sold


According to Chitkita Lads Apple has sold more than 1 million iPads. If that is correct, it has taken 21 days for Apple to sell 1 million ipads.

Comparing that to the first iPhone, it took 74 days to sell 1 million iPhones. There is no doubt that the iPad is a runaway success.

The numbers by Chitika Labs are only an estimate but if they are close the we can expect a press release from Apple soon.

Here is how Chitika are getting their numbers.

The Chitika Research team tapped our genius engineer Gui to build us a page that showed just how many iPads were out there browsing the World Wide Web. Here’s how we did it:

– We count how many new, unique iPads we see coming through the Chitika advertising network
– We multiply that by how much of the Internet we see at any given time to figure out how many iPads in total are out there
– We look at where iPad traffic is coming from by state

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