New iOS 5 features for iPad

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iOS 5 will add over 200 new features to iOS devices and it’s the most extensive software update ever for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Developers will be able to get it today and it will be released to the public around September.

Here’s the major features being added with iOS 5.

Notifications Center:
iOS 5 will allow you to access notifications in any app. New notifications appear briefly at the top of your screen, without interrupting what you’re doing. A single swipe downward will take you to the notification center. Any app can use the new notification system, and certain iOS 5 apps like Weather and Stocks will support it by default.

Notifications also now display on the lock screen, allowing you to go to the notification with just a swipe.

Multitasking Gestures for iPad:
iOS 5 includes a few new touch gestures on your iPad. You will be able to use four or five fingers to swipe up and reveal the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen, and swipe left or right to switch between apps.

Newsstand organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions into one place. Newsstand is similar to iBookstore but for magazines and newspaper app subscriptions.

Sign in once in Settings, and you can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps. Twitter will use email addresses and phone numbers from contacts to add Twitter user names and photos to your contacts. iOS 5 will allow you to Tweet photos with just a tap and even add your location.

Mobile Safari:
Safari Reader displays web articles without ads or clutter so you can read without distractions. Mobile Safari on the iPad is getting a nice new tabbed browsing interface and a Reading List functions (similar to Instapaper) allowing users to save interesting articles for later, while iCloud keeps your list updated across all your devices.

You can now format text in rich text. Format text using bold, italic, or underlined fonts, add indentations to messages, drag addresses, flag important messages and search the content of your mailbox.

You can also create folders with your free iCloud email account. Here is a link with more about the new feature.

Independence for all devices iOS:
Activate and set up your device wirelessly, right out of the box. Download free iOS software updates directly on your device. You don’t need to ever plug your iDevice into a computer at all. Welcome to the Post PC age.

Wi-Fi Sync to iTunes:
You can now sync your iDevice to iTunes through WiFi, no USB cable required.

Apple has just announced their own secure messaging platform, similar to Blackberry Messaging. You can send text, photos, videos, group messages or contacts directly between two devices, complete with delivery receipts, read receipts, typing notifications, and more. It’s all encrypted, and works through Apple’s own servers.

iOS 5 will allow you to set reminders for yourself, creating to-do lists and lists of tasks which can be associated with times, people and even locations. Since Reminders can be location based, you can get an alert as soon as you pull into the supermarket parking lot.

Enhanced Photography: You can now take photos right from the lock screen by just tapping a button and going right to the camera. Crop, rotate, enhance, and remove red-eye from the Photos app.

iCloud allows users to push new photos to all your iOS devices. So if you’re taking photos on your iPhone, iCloud automatically sends copies to your iPad.

Keyboard: Typing on the iPad in portrait mode now allows you to access a split keyboard for easy thumb typing.

System-Wide Dictionary integration. Look up a word in any app.

AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2:
AirPlay now supports video mirroring. Which means you can wirelessly and securely stream whatever’s on your iPad 2 to your HDTV via Apple TV. Everyone in the room sees exactly what’s on your iPad display up there on the big screen even when you rotate iPad from portrait to landscape or zoom in and out.

  • Andrew Counsell

    Will iOS 5 allow the creation of folders within mail while using a pop3 account?

  • Phil

    I am using iOS 5 beta 3 and have not found a way to create folders in the email app. This is not the final version but I don’t expect to see that feature added. There are a few improvements to the mail app but not much to get excited about. However, overall iOS 5 will be a significant step forward.

  • kathie smith

    Guys, how do I check what OS my ipad is running on? It is the original version ipad.

  • Phil

    You can find out what iOS your device has by going to Setting> General> and look at Version on your iPad. You can also find your current version when you open iTunes, select the device and go to the summary page.

  • Mark

    Have Apple added AirPrint for Windows support back in yet? Getting mighty tempted by Googles free offering…

  • Antonio

    Hello. Just wanted to know if the new ios5 will allow me to create folders I’m my email? I was told that it was true, but I don’t know how to do it

    Thank you

  • Phil


    You are correct about adding email folders with iOS 5. I have update a post about it here.

  • Kevin

    How do you create a new event in calenders using the lastest ipad os? The + button is gone that i used before. Thanks

  • Linda

    I downloaded the IOS5 software yesterday and somehow on my actual ipad I hit something that allowed me to set a new apple id on the ipad only…my apple id on my computer that I sync with is still the same which is the id I prefer….can you tell me is there a way to reset my ipad to its original state and then sync it with my laptop and get all my information back to where it should be?

  • Phil


    You can plug you iPad into your computer, open iTunes, right click on your iPad under devices and Restore for a Backup. You can then select a backup before you upgraded to iOS 5. This will not downgrade your software but it should return your settings and other content.

    Here is a pic that may help .


  • Regina

    Is there anyway to bookmark a page in a magazine on a newsstand. For example if you like the recipe you want the ability to bookmark the page.

  • Brenda Tilton

    I have been trying to update to iOs5 and a message popped up saying that while backing up the iPad (-50) an error occured and continuing will result in loss of all contents on this iPad. Will I be able to retrieve my contents?

  • Phil

    You should be able to restore from a backup after you update to iOS 5. If you are unable to restore from a back up you can still sync all of your content back to your iPad from iTunes. Your apps, music, photos, etc. should be stored on your computer as well.

  • Rob

    Since updating to ios 7 we have lost mirroring all software updates for apple tv are current

  • Rob

    the instructions for mirroring have now turned up on the apple support site pity they didnt put it out before