iOS 4.2 Update for iPad Finally Arrives


Now that Apple has released the iOS 4.2 update, iPad users finally get some long over due new features. Here is a quick review of most of the new features. Multitasking / Folders – These are two of the major features with the update and they both work as expected. These features have been available since iOS 4 was released for the iPhone and iPod Touch back in June. The iPad does an excellent job of handling multiple apps despite having less RAM than its iPhone 4. Mail – Apple has included all of its mail improvements previously found in iOS 4. That includes a unified inbox, threaded messaging, and all the rest of those tweaks are now on the iPad. AirPlay – I have been using AirPlay with the new Apple TV and I’m pleased with the AirPlay function. AirPlay lets you stream digital media wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers. Apple will allow developers to use AirPlay with 3rd party apps and this could eventually add alot of functionality to Apple TV. I expect music and videos streaming apps to release updates for those apps. There is also the possibility that other type apps could be updated with AirPlay, such as web browsers, games, etc. AirPrint – I haven’t been able to get this to work with my network printer. I’m disappointed that AirPrint only works with eleven printers but Steve Jobs responded to a customers email today and stated more printers will be added soon. On This Page – Now with iOS 4.2 users can search for text while in Safari. Apple made this a little hard to find but once you know where to look, it functions as expected. While viewing a web page in Safari, type the text in the Google search bar. Then tap the text under “On This Page”. The text will be highlighted and a bar at the bottom will appear. Mute / Brightness / Orientation – Apple changed the function of the small toggle switch on the side of the iPad from a screen orientation lock to a mute button. Now, to lock the screen orientation, double tap the home button to get the multitasking pop up and go all the way to the left. You can also change the screen brightness and control music from here. Free MobileMe Service – Apple has made it’s find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch service free with the iOS 4.2 update. The MobileMe feature helps you locate your missing device and protect its data. Game Center – Game Center has made it to the iPad. There’s not much difference from iPhone version other than the larger screen size on the iPad. The Game Center app allows users to be more social with their gaming. Gamers can find friends or use auto-match to play multiplayer games against new opponents.

  • Doug

    I’ve always wanted folders for iPad.
    I downloaded 4.2 and tried to use Folders, but I must be a total dummy ’cause I can’t find any reference to folders anywhere.

    Also, when I tried to print a Pages document, my wireless printer could not be found.

    Where do I go to learn how to use the. 4.2 features?

  • Phil

    For folders, just hold your finger on on a icon until it starts wiggling, then move it on top of another icon and drop it. A folder is then created. It automatically generates a name for the folder based on the category of the first app you touched. Once the folder is created you can change the name to whatever you like.

    Thanks for your comments, I will write a more detailed page on how to use some of the new features.

  • Jo Anne

    Since I installed the update, the screen lock feature turned into a volume mute??? Am I missing something or can this be changed in the settings? (I hope).

  • Jo Anne

    Whoops. Read the whole article next time. NM.

  • Epey

    Hello Phil,
    Many thanks for posting how to create folders.
    You’re a star.

  • Phil

    The only way to change it is on a jailbroken iPad with a tweak called “No Mute”. If your iPad is jailbroken, search for no mute in Cydia and you should find it.

  • Geo

    How do you change the colour of the ribbon behind apps when you open a folder ? Standard issue is black grey colour ….

  • Dave

    After downloading 4.2 I am not able to copy and paste on the iPad. When I paste the program I am pasting into shuts down and takes me to the homepage. I have done a hard reset and also restored the iPad.