MobFire – New WinterBoard Theme for iPad


iPad Jailbreakers now have another theme to choose from.

The theme is called MobFire and it’s one of the most complete themes for the iPad. It includes a large clock and calendar on the lock screen, along with a shower of Firefox icons and a custom slider.

The home screen has several modified icons, auto icon framing, wallpaper and a shower of hearts. It also comes with several custom sounds.

Themes can be easily modified, I changed the hearts with a few Apple icons, the falling hearts can also be disabled.

To get the theme you will need to install WinterBoard from Cydia. Then, install the MobFire theme (ModMyi repo) and activate it in the WinterBoard app.

  • Penny

    Would you please advise me how to change the hearts to apple icons?
    Thank you

  • Phil

    You basically need to change the images in the mobfire folder from the hearts to any image you want. The images are located in


    I will write a detailed post on how to do this and add the Apple icons to the post in the next couple of days.

  • Kevin

    Hello, I have one quick question that I couldn’t figure out myself. Is there any possible way to get JUST the icon fade and the gold border around the iPads pre-loaded applications such as iTunes and YouTube? I really don’t like the custom icons as I have trouble finding my applications… Thanks in advance

  • Kes

    Hi been having a lot of trouble with this, every time I apply it in winter board the image is only in the top left corner of my screen…absolutely no idea how to change this, any ideas? Thanks :)