How To Restore or Update a Jailbroken iPad


The long awaited iOS 4.2 update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch should be released to the public any day now.

Apple recently provided developers with the golden master seed of iOS 4.2 and the public release should soon follow.

Many of you may have a jailbroken iPad and you will want to update to iOS 4.2. The software update is loaded with new features including; multitasking, folder, airprint, airplay and over 100 more new features.

To update your iPad to iOS 4.2;

    1. Plug your iPad into your computer and open iTunes.
    2. Sync your iPad.
    3. After the sync is complete, select the iPad under devices on the left of the screen.
    4. Click on update.

  1. Click agree on Apple’s legal terms and the software should start downloading. Once it’s downloaded it will install on the iPad.
  2. After the iPad reboots, you are done!

The same thing can be done to remove the jailbreak without updating the software update, by clicking restore instead of update.

iOS hackers have already been working on a jailbreak for iOS 4.2 and they could have it available on the day the new software is released or shortly after.

After a jailbreak is released for iOS 4.2 and your iPad is jailbroken again, you will need to reinstall the apps from Cydia.

  • Azyan

    Will my ipad get locked if i update it since is jailbroken.That is what happen to my iphone, it got locked when i software update it.

  • David McCall

    I down loaded the new upgrade to my jailbroken ipad and now I can’t down load apps. How can I put my ipad back to jailbroken so I can down load drafts of app I am working on.

  • Marcus Baca

    If I do this will it erase all my jailbreak data? like my packages and my installous apps? and my layout. coz im certainly not doin all that again

  • Phil


  • dan

    I just got my ipad 2 I jail broke it then I downloaded all the eps that I wanted last night apple came up with the new software update so I backed up all of my appsthen it did the update now my apps won’t go back on it and I can’t even restore it back to go back and jupiter break it again what should I do help

  • Syl

    My 10year old son tried jb my ipad, however he changed his mind and deleted the jb apps but after he tried powering down the ipad and powering up, the ipad could not be powered up and not able to be restored in itune. My son couldnt remember the name of the apps except he knew he had done something with Cydia. Any way to reset the ipad to factory setting? Pls help.. Thks.

  • V

    @syl yeah you can just go to settings>general and there will be a restore option somewhere there tap that and then tap restore all

  • SIRI

    I can’t update my jailbroken ipad 1 to iOS 5! any suggestions?

  • Phil


    You may need to edit your hosts file. See this tutorial.

    If that doesn’t help, try a different computer if you have one available. if not removing and reinstalling iTunes has done the trick for me in the past.

  • Susan

    My ipad was working fine. Now when I turn on it has all different languages and wants my password but isn\’t what it normally looked like. Do I have a virus on my ipad?