How to Close All Background Tasks at Once on the iPad


Do you ever notice that after using your iPad for awhile, there’s a ton of apps running in the background? You can close them one by one but if you have a dozen apps open this can be a little time consuming.

While multitasking works great on the iPad, closing apps in the background will free up RAM and ensure optimum performance.

To close them all in one tap you will need to install “Remove Background” and “SBSettings” from Cydia on your jailbroken iPad, both of them are free.

If you are not familiar with SBSettings, it adds several toggles directly to the springboard on your iOS device. It also uses Activator to customize gestures for performing certain tasks.

The Remove Background tweak will also let you make exceptions for apps you don’t to close and you can choose from several gestures to close the apps in the background.

The settings for Remove Background are displayed in the iPhone screen size but it works for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

To close apps one by one;

  1. Double tap the home button to display the multitasking bar.
  2. Hold your finger on an app until they start to jiggle.
  3. Touch the red minus sign to remove the app from the background.
  • Nadine Hennessy

    I\’ve just updated to ios7 on the ipad2. But can\’t now close background apps. I have tried double clicking the home button the holding the apps to get them to jiggle then use the minus sign- but the don\’t jiggle. I have also tried swiping the app upwards but it won\’t move just opens or does nothing. Plea advise.