Recover Lost iPad Data


The iPhone backup extractor works for the iPad also. The application will extract files from the backups that iTunes automatically makes of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can recover SMS histories, contact lists, call histories, photographs, notes, app hiscores, debug info and other data that might otherwise be able to recover.

The registered version  can automatically convert the extracted SQLite databases into CSV format, so they can be easily imported into Excel, Outlook, or Webmail.

If you want to put the data back on the device you can load it into Outlook, iTunes, MobileMe etc. and sync the device.

You can download the Windows or Mac here.

  • Recover Data

    I really should back up my system so this does not happen again. Well I won’t need to worry about recovering it at least.

  • Karen

    How can I get my notes that I recently deleted from my ipad

  • himanshu

    i download i tunes in my new laptop and sync with i pad and i lost all my pics ,so how can i get them back?

  • Jun Na Tan

    In my Ipad, I deleted a super important note. Please teach me how to recover it back! The time limit is the end of this week! If I don’t hand it over until the end of the week, I will get killed!

  • randi

    i deleted Audionote (an app) files… I had emailed them to myself, but I didn’t realize that the notes were attached but NOT the audio (only did this for some files). So the most important part of these files is lost. When I thought that these were emailed to me with all the attachments, I then deleted my files on my iPad to create more space. Is there any way I can get back these audio files (and no; unfortunately did not sync to iTunes before I did this)? Thanks for any help!

  • Betty Liu

    Please teach me how to recover back a very important note I deleted from my iPad. BTW, I did not backup using iTune :(-

  • Phil

    Sorry but it can be very difficult if not impossible to retrieve a note once deleted. This is probably not any consolation but iCloud will automatically sync your notes to all iOS devices and you can view them in a browser on a computer. iCloud should be made available to the public within a few weeks.

  • Daniel

    I clicked “undo” in pages by a mistake, and it deleted a lot of a imporant text. Then I tried clicked undo again to get it back, and It just kep deleting more and more of my text.
    Is there anyway I can get it back? Help!

  • Lexie

    This is fantastic! I recovered my photos that I thought were gone forever. Also recovered my notes. Thank you!!

  • Joe Jewell

    I need a note deleted back, I accidently did it when I was restoring y iPad which I thought the stuff was backed up on iCloud but it said their was a corruption. Lexi seems all excited she got her crap back but where on this page did it tell her how, who’s she thanking for Christ sake? Is she high, a ditz, or is their a way to get back my note?

  • Data Recovery for Mac

    When you lost data, files, photos, videos etc., the data are still on your computer or storage. You can’t see them just because the system file is destroyed because of some reason. So you are able to recover your data.

    Before doing recovery, keep 2 things in mind:
    1. Don’t write or store more data into your computer or storage. Doing this will overwrite the lost data.
    2. Do recovery ASAP. The later a recovery is done, the more difficult the data will be found.

  • Dwight Dulnoan

    I don’t know what happened. I was editing my notes, I tapped the space bar and everything got lost. Please help.

  • Rose

    I want to ask Lexie what he did to recover photos & video, he only said ‘ fantastic’ without explaining how. Pls.

  • Kandy

    Help! Grandson deleted video taken on trip to Colorado. How do I recover this on an ipad?

  • Nancy Bartlett

    I just deleted very Important pages in my Notes. How do I get them back?

  • Sarah

    Ooooooo plz I erased all my ipaddd help me I wanna them all

  • Pam

    My children deleted an important note in my iPad how do I get it back! Help please.

  • laura price

    i caught my daughter on her ipad at 1am and when i went to take it from her she deleted the comment that was made in text now, i want to pull this comment back up please tell me how, thanks

  • ingrid

    i deleted a very important note from my ipad. please help

  • John Yeatman

    Where are the answers. How do I recover notes from I Pad?

  • Molly Hefner

    I also would like to retrieve music that i had to delete when reseting my ipad. Please note that I am a complete moron when dealing with computers or smart phones. Respond as to a four year old (with no computer experience, that is).

  • richard howe

    i have ipad 2 , and i use notes, i normally will type a note while on the road and email to my home computer to work on when i arrive back at my office. while doing this for some reason all 82 notes disappeared, how can i restore them
    thanks in advance

  • Karen Robinson

    Kids have deleted some very important notes on iPad…please can you tell me how to get them back?

  • Jack Krystek

    I had 191 notes on my IPad. I am looking for a note and in a flush there were 148 notes left. How can I recover my lost data.
    Please help.

    Thank you,

  • Benjamin

    I lost my video files in my New Ipad after I update the IOS to 6.1.3. I believe the backup wasn\’t done properly thus all my video files are lost, not the photos. They are extremely precious to me as all are of my baby boy from day he was born. It is such a heartache to know that they are actually gone! Is there any way I can get back this lost video files? Please kindly help!!! Thanks

  • Cindy

    When I put some info on Notes, I didn\”t realize that they would disappear. Thought I was storing it for future reference. Can I get any of it back? Was even dumb enough to put a couple of passwords on it!

  • Sandy

    I lost the capability to receive email on my iPad what can I do

  • Chloe

    I accesdently lost everything form my iCloud how can i get it back?

  • Eziglass

    need to find ios version of this!

  • catherine hamilton

    I deleted a note accidently and desperately need to retrieve it. I did not back it up. Is there any hope?

  • Mike

    I just went to look for some one iPhone on my iPad and I went to delt my iPad and it just delete everything on my iPad my apps my games my pictures my notes everything my mp3 songs how do I get it back on my iPad plz some one help me thanks

  • cristian

    I accidently erased all my files from Icloud after i did a restore to my ipad 2 ios7.0.4 and now instead of 15 Gb of files icloud has only 34 Mb ..please help me my mother will killin’ me! how i can restore it back without icloud? because like i sayd is empty so far…Thanks