Print from iPad / iPhone without AirPrint

If your printer doesn’t support AirPrint, you may be able to print from your iPad, iPhone or iPad touch with the assistance of an app. All of the major printer manufactures have Free apps that let you print from your iOS device over a WiFi network with selected printers. This will not be as seamless as AirPrint but you may find it adequate, especially if you only occasionally print from your iOS device.

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Before downloading the app, click or tap “+ Show Supported Printers” to verify your printer is supported.

If your printer is not supported you can find a complete list of printers that support AirPrint and some great deals here.

HP ePrint Home & Biz

Print without AirPrintThe HP ePrint app enables you to print Word, Excel, Powerpoint, web pages, photos, PDF and text files from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The app has a lot of printing options and supports many HP printer models even though your printer may not support AirPlay.

Get the HP ePrint app Free at the App Store.

Brother iPrint &S can

Brother AirPrint PrintersThe Brother iPrint & Scan app enables you to print photos, web pages, PDFs and print from the clipboard. You can also save scanned images to your photo album, to iCloud, or send them in an E-mail on you iDevice. This can all be done using a local wireless network without a computer being on.

Get the Brother iPrint app Free at the App Store.

Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint allows iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to print wirelessly to Epson printers. This includes photos, webpages and files including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents.

Get the Epson iPrint app Free at the App Store.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

Canon Without AirPrint The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app provides an easy way to print over your Wi-Fi network from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to select Canon printers. In addition to printing photos, you can also print PDFs and scan documents to be sent to your iDevice.

Get the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app Free at the App Store.

Lexmark Mobile Printing

Lexmark iPad PrintingWith the Lexmark Mobile Printing app, you can send documents and images to a Lexmark printer over your home or business wireless network without the need of a computer. The app supports printing PDFs, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF images.

Get the Lexmark Mobile Printing app Free at the App Store.

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  • Tim

    This is good info I’m tired of hassling with AirPrint. I’m going to try the app and let you know how it works.

  • James Kift

    Hi I am new to the ipad3 I have a kodak 5220 wireless print
    I would like to put it on my iPad but having a hard time need help thanks James

  • David

    This is the coolest printing iphone app. I’ve been using it for a month and it works excellent.

  • Harry

    I have a cannon printer and tried the app but cannot “detect printer” Any help would be nice thanks!

  • Loraine

    I have a kodak esp 3250 all in one printer but i dont know how to print from my ipad2

  • Linda Dodich

    I have a iPad 2 and am trying to connect my iPad with my printer I have no Internet connection other than the sim card in my IPad how can I get them to work together please help

  • David

    I went to the HP site…the photosmart c4700 series is not supported. I’ll have to look some more :(

  • Dale Smith

    I have a Cannon mx330 is there anything that is comparable for this printer with my new IPad ?

  • Sharon

    I have a kodak hero 7.1 printer and want to know how I can print from my ipad 3

  • Sara

    Our business have used both PrintnShare Pro and WritePDF to print to non airprint printers; their developers says these apps print to any printer (so I guess AirPrint as well) which I have found to be true across our offices anyway. I personally don’t want to fork out for new printers with higher cartridge costs. Our sales staff use WritePDF for its ability to instantly quote, PDF and print and email the quotes onsite and our trainers use PrintnShare Pro as it has multi user support (so one trainer doesn’t read other trainers email etc) as the iPad itself doesn’t offer this function.

  • Sharon

    Am trying to print for my ipad3 and I’ve found an app to help print photos but I also want to print documents and emails,is there another app that can help me do this?

  • Kedubob

    When all else fails, orbyou just do not want or cannot afford a new printer, try hooking old printer to laptop running google chrome. Then use this link to print from iPad to any old printer ( as long as old printer is hooked to pc or Mac).

    I have a Brother 8500 from 2002 that I bought for $10 in 2007, I add toner to same drum since then. Over the weekend I hooked it up to old dell laptop with broken screen, that I was too lazy to throw out. Installed latest chrome and used link above, and I print from iPad.

  • Dan Fuchs

    Wow, I have been looking for a solution for some time. Glad I hit this site. Loaded the Brother app and it worked likable a charm. Fabulous. Very happy. Brother MFC-490CW

  • Jay

    Help! I downloaded the hp app and it works for email, photos, and the internet, but how do i print an excel, word, .pdf from my ipad?

  • Thomas Chung

    Brother iPrint & Scan works great with my Brother MFC-8690DW
    Now, I can print from my iPhone 4 (iOS 6) via wireless!
    Thank you so much!

  • Nanda

    Hi Jay,

    I installed the HP App but you need to go the app first and then print from mail etc……….can’t see the printer from Safari or mail……more over I can’t open the gmails from this App window either……..didn’t work for me…..did you face these problems ?

  • D. Johnson

    I have an old,old,old hp 3310 all in one. It took 5 mins to set up and works great printing from my gmail accounts but having a problem adding my roadrunner account to the app.

  • b.powell

    just downloaded canon easy print app to use my iphone 4s with my canon pixma mg4150 and it worked a treat..thanks for the help!!


    Anyone know how I can add my HP all in one C4780 Printer to my ipad? I’m going blind looking it up on google!! Thanks! *-*

  • spc

    Ever since Jobbs kicked the bucket, logic at apple went out the window. Who puts out a mass market device without broad and common printing capabilities???

  • Ovianao

    Love your innacurate marketing. Since when would you not consider Dell a major printer manufacturer? If you’re going to make a bold statement, at least make sure it’s true… I rap!

  • Gregory

    Thanks, i was wondering why mine wasn’t working and then I checked the list of Supported Printers and mine wasn’t listed…time to upgrade printers i guess.

  • Janet

    How do I set my ipad3 so it can print I have a hp officejet 45000 wireless please help

  • Tasha

    I have now been trying for hours to load an app/AirPrint to my IPad. I have a kodak 5220 wireless and this does not appear anywhere on any list. What can I do?

  • John Roberts

    We are all mugs for buying apple products! They screw you at the checkout & at every opportunity after. I have an epson wireless printer. guess what apple will not allow me to use it for printing, they even stopped a bit of software in their upgrades that allowed us conned fools to print. I won\’t buy an apple cloud ready printer cause sure as hell apple has got a cut out of that for being compliant. Even if you run windows or Linux buy the cloud supported printer & your proably paying a fair & just world it would be a criminal offence, shame on you apple for screwing your customers.

  • Matthew

    Nothing works better than FingerPrint from Collobos Software. Installs on your PC or Mac and turns almost any printer into an AirPrint printer. Check it out.

  • minnie

    Thanks for the info about printer manufacturers providing a free app that then lets you print from Apple ios to a non-airprint printer. I\’ve just downloaded the one from Canon and lo! I have printed from that to my iPad mini straightaway. No fuss.
    Thanks very much!

  • Gordon

    I have a Canon 5150 connected by USB cable to Time Capsule which provides wifi network and can print wirelessly from my MacBook Air. My iPad 4 connects to Internet via this wifi network. How can I print from iPad on this system?

  • Gordon

    My Time Capsule acts as my wireless router. Connected to the Time Capsule is my Canon MG 5150 by USB cable. I can print wirelessly from my MacBook Air without problems. My iPad 4 connects though the Time Capsule wifi but cannot print. What can be done to fix this?

  • Andy

    I wanted to print from my iPad 3 so I bought a Canon PIXMA MG3220 printer which has the AirPrint app but it sounds really complicated to set up. I can\’t seem to figure out how to set up an access point on my router to get the printer and my iPad to speak to each other. And obviously the USB port is no help since I have an iPad.

    What does the community recommend?
    Thanks much

  • tanyab

    if you haven\’t got any of this makes you can download a printing app like printdirect

  • Greg Moyle

    I have a Samsung wireless laser printer CLP-315W. can I get it to airprint?

  • Teribus

    Mac books, I pads and I phones suddenly stopped”seeing” my Epson Stylus SX 600 FW . As far as I can determine this happened after update to IOS 7.0.3. I Epson I print and had no problems since it was first installed some years ago. Co- incidence? I’m inclined to think its Apples way of converting users to Apple products. That said can anyone suggest a solution?

  • johnson dell

    For Brother Printer Tech Support Contact us 1-800-935-0537