Print from an iPad or iPhone with any printer using HandyPrint


There’s a few applications that allow printing from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch without an AirPrint compatible printer, but none are better than HandyPrint. HandyPrint (formerly called AirPrint Activator) is from the developers at, who also keep the app updated as new versions of iOS and Mac OSX are released.

HandyPrint is a application that runs on your Mac and allows iOS devices to print to any connected or wireless printers on your network. The application also has a handy feature that allows users to add virtual printers. After a virtual printer is added in HandyPrint, you can select the virtual printer on your iOS device. This allows for the item to be saved as a PDF or opened with an application on your Mac.

HandyPrint is easy to setup. Simply download the latest version, turn HandyPrint ON and make sure the box next to your printer is checked.


You should then be able to turn on your iOS device and print documents using AirPrint.


It’s simple to setup a virtual printer as well. To add a virtual printer for savings PDFs, just click on “Add virtual printer”, select “Save as PDF in a folder” and choose where you want the PDFs saved to. You can also add virtual printers to open the PDF or open it within an application on your Mac.


HandyPrint comes with a free trial. If you want to keep using HandyPrint after the trial expires you just need to make a donation of your choice to the developer via PayPal.

  • Lucy

    Print n share is a great app for mobile printing got it on my iPhone

  • DeanOzC3655

    Trial lasts 14days. THEN Requires a donation of more than $5 and you WILL need Internet connection for it to work. You can upgrade to the PRO version that doesn’t need Internet to work, just local WiFi and an extra $20 to buy.
    This app is very basic and not worth $25+ defiantly an attempt to cheat you out of your money. Steer clear

  • Gerry Griffiths

    Will I be able to print from my iPad Air to my Lexmark Impact S305. I have a separate laptop where I normally print from using WiFi – system is Sony Vaio Vista.