New features for iOS 5 iPad music app


We have been discovering several new features while using iOS 5 beta on the iPad. Here we will cover the new iOS 5 music app on the iPad.

The first thing you will notice is a new icon and a new look for the music app. There’s also a new Store button on the bottom left of the screen. It’s basically a link that opens the iTunes music app for browsing and purchasing new music, videos, etc.

With iOS 5, users can delete music directly from the music app on the device. Just swipe on a song and a delete box will pop up. This will only work for individual songs, you can’t delete an entire album at once but it’s so fast it would only takes a few seconds to delete an album.

Another nice feature of the music app is you can swipe left or right on the album art to skip between tracks. This feature doesn’t work from the lock screen, but the lock screen does have the arrows to go back and or skip a track.

The one thing the iPad music app is missing is Cover Flow, but it’s still an exceptional music app.

  • Al

    Wow, at last a delete song feature! But will it be on the iphone 4 as well???

  • Phil

    I’m not sure. I haven’t tested the beta version on my iPhone but lets hope it will be there when iOS 5 is released.

  • Joe

    The Music app on the iPad is total garbage. The interface changes I can live with, but a lot of basic functionality has been removed from the iPad version that still exists on both the iPod and iPhone versions, mostly related to audiobooks and podcasts. A small list of functionality that no loger exists on iPad (but are still on iPod and iPhone):
    * Lyrics
    * Rewind 30 Seconds function
    * Chaptering
    * Variable playback speed
    * Get more episodes of the same podcast

    Why on earth would these functions be removed only from the iPad Music app?

  • GodzillaMor

    Had I but known just how dreadful this iOS 5 Music app was I would never have downgraded my iPad. And the worst of it is I can’t go back. If you value the functionality of iPod/Music on your iPad and you haven’t changed to iOS 5 yet: please don’t. It stinks!
    There are several changes for the worse but my main gripe is the dumping of all my 700 carefully organised music videos into the even worse app called Video. I can still play them as audio tracks in Music but even the most mentally deranged Apple designer must have thought there was a reason they are categorised as music VIDEOS. I don’t want them muddled into alphabetical order. I want them in playlists so I can find them by category or artist or genre or album. iOS 5 sucks.

  • Fm

    I agree – the changes to how audiobooks are now handled stinks. I wish I had never changed to iOS 5. I miss the chaptering and I miss being able to have books arranged by author. it also doesn’t move from Part 1 to Part 2 anymore- you have to manually select part 2 to continue the story.
    I am sorry to read that I can’t go back to the previous iOS – I would. I do not like the upgrade.

  • Ruby

    I concur. Showing the cover art for every playlist is a complete waste of time and space. It takes quite a long time to load the graphical interpretation of my playlists, whereas in the previous version, there was very little delay.

    Creating playlists on the fly still sucks because you can’t search your own playlists while making a new playlist.

    Users who are curious… I’d suggest backing up your ipad backup to a separate location before you upgrade, that way you can always restore and reset back to your old OS. I have an old version hanging around just in case I can’t take it.

    Send feedback to Apple about specifically what sucks for you. Get them to fix it.

  • brad

    Music App for Ipad Sucks!

  • Hal

    The new music app is so out of character from Apple. The user interface is a disaster. One can “made-do” with it but that’s what so out of character. I have not even tried to find my books. It should all be (apple) easy but whack-it’s a surprise.

    I pray they are working full time to restore the old interface on the next soon update.

    Now I have to go back and see how I can get my books.

  • Strikeout

    This app is complete bunked garbage. The problems that are in this initial release seem to be more than the beta version, and it’s as if apple put the wrong version in their release. There is a smell of stench and it is the new iPad Music app which is emanating that stench. Stick with iOS 4 if you want a good music player and a system that doesn’t drain your battery in a few hours.

    Nice Apple. Destroy a perfectly good player for this garbage.

  • Andy

    WTF!!!! This app is the most worse thing I ever saw on the iPad. It completely stinks! Even worse, it looks like a software “designed” by microsoft. It’s so worse I could puke. I refuse to use this piece of shit!!!! I’m glad I still have my iPhone and the music app isn’t crippled. – yet :-( what the hell was apple thinking???

  • Ian

    I agree with everything above! Also the home share feature has gone missing, I could access my music library on my home mac and play and control it via my iPad, it was a great service – but more! What is Apple doing?

  • Stephen Coughlin

    I am very taken back by the Music app as it relates to audio books and podcasts. The loss of chaptering is annoying but the loss of the “rewind 30 seconds” functionality is crippling – virtually defeating the usability of the of the iPad for that purpose. As I most often play audio books while driving, the loss of the “rewind 30 seconds” function cripples its usability. It is no problem to just touch the iPad for 30 second rewind, but really not possible to “rewind” any other way as scroll bar is too small for an adult man and not practical (and from a driving perspective too dangerous). I can’t use iPad for audio books – a lost functionality that had I known, I would not have upgraded.

  • B Gustavsson

    Holy crap, but what complete and utter bullshit the new music player is. Completely unusable. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such useless shit made by Apple. Very weird. Before 5.0 the music player was kind of decent, why break it?

    I really hope they will fix it for the next update.

    But in the meantime – can anyone recommend a music player app to replace it with? Otherwise I’ll have to dust off my old Zune, even that is better than this…

  • Edie

    Very PISSED that I lost the iPod function on my iPad!!!!! Now I can’t play my audiobooks or create Movie playlists. Apple, why have you downgraded? Please fix this IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  • Que

    I hate the New Ipod app…CORRECTION I EFFING HATE IT!!!!!! I wish they would make it function like the old one so I could use home sharing. I can’t chose different libraries. Its like their forcing us to buy apple tv for this function. but I can home share with any computer in my house with out it. It should be the same on the ipad. I love apple products and I’m in the process of becoming all apple. Buttttttt…I’d have to sat that if this app was a prostitute, It’d would make millions…Because it sucks that much!!!

  • Mark Murphy

    the new music app for the iPad in iOS5 is COMPLETE CRAP!!
    I am shocked and stunned the Apple could produce something so bad.
    I can no longer see my star ratings next to the songs
    The look and feel is so terrible
    It takes me 5 minutes to find the song that is currently playing.
    It is so un-intuitive
    Every single aspect of it sucks. PLEASE go back to the old interface.
    Thank you.

  • Peter Morris

    The new Music app is my first major disappointment with Apple products.

    It is so bad that I no longer play music on my iPad!

  • Joe Grundner

    Agree with all above. This has to be the worst app Apple ever put out. Not only is the interface crappy, it sometimes won’t load and you have to close it completely. I really hate it. They give us the awesome Imatch, then screw it up by giving us an app that is useless.

  • Jim jones

    Just Upgraded iOS 5 , thought the music app had some how malfunctioned and then found out that’s it !

  • Jeff Roberts

    It’s all been said above in many eloquent ways. Give us back our functionality, Apple! Don’t ever remove things we like off OUR iPads!

  • Lee

    Agreed for the reasons stated above, total garbage from Apple, if you listen to podcasts as I do you will be very unhappy with it.

  • Chris

    I wish I could make it work right it sucks

  • Paul

    Wow, really disappointed. I use my iPad hooked to my stereo while we have company. You ruined my new years eve and my podcasts are miserable to find. Why the hell do I need a two inch album art icon. Soooooo slowwwww

  • Becky

    Finally, I now know it is not just my iPad! I have had nothing but problems with the music app since the upgrade. Have had to restore it multiple times because of music lock-ups, etc. Genius doesn’t work properly and I hate, hate, hate the new look. Sure hope they fix it.

  • Brave Brick

    I am not at all pleased with the music app on the iPad. I can not stand the organization of the the playlists. It takes so much more time to find the playlist that I want to play cause I have to weed through the stupid album artwork. I want to view Playlists by name only using a simple list!!!!!

  • Justin

    I really miss the old iPod music app. It is just typical of apple to force us to use their new music incarnation, without any choice! I believe at the very least apple should release the old iPod app as a downloadable, standalone option.
    Come on apple I dare you to redeem yourself!

  • lozza

    Apple, what the hell are you doing with my music? IOS 5 sucks on the Ipad, this is a huge step back. The functionality is not there anymore. sort it out or let people roll back to the previous version. Not impressed, other tablets are creeping ahead of you….

  • Yana

    Please, bring back old version of music app. iPad
    Previous was so well programs down stabilities and now I can’t setup on the go or playlist in one hits.
    Upgrading the systems not always the best functtional or malfunctional.

  • Jaime

    Wow, the Music App is the worst app I’ve ever seen. To force iPad users to use that absolute crap when Apple had a perfectly functional iPod type app beggars belief!
    When I buy an expensive piece of (Apple) hardware from a gaggle of goddamned Apple cheerleaders spouting what a Nirvana Apple is, I expect utter f-ups like the Music App to be fixed immediately. It’s bloody August and that absolute shit app is STILL being flogged on iPad owners!!!
    One word Apple…..Galaxy. You’ve ignored your software and customers complaints about same for WAY too long and have an abysmal reputation in that area. Music is just the latest whiff of the rot. Didn’t you tools learn ANYTHING in the 80s when PCs and Windows nearly flogged you to death?
    Keep this up and you’ll be pounded into humility by Samsung et al. very quickly. Your arrogance is misguided.

  • http://IPadHelp Patrick Doyle

    I Was Really Enjoying My Music On Ipad Until I Changed To This New One ios5 Now The whole Look Of My Music Is Gone Its Blank And Terrible Also Now I Can’t Delete Albums Or Tracks I Used To Just Hold Down An Album And An X Would Come Up For Delete And Swipe Right To Delete A Track Now I Cant Find How To delete Anything. Give Us Back The Old System

  • http://IPadHelp Patrick Doyle

    Sorry My Comment Above Mentions The Wrong Upgrade I Had ios5 Now I Have ios7 Which Is The One Im Complaining About.