Enable multitasking gestures on iPad 1 without jailbreaking


Apple didn’t initially advertise multitasking gesture as being an iPad 2 exclusive feature but they have updated the pages that describe multitasking gestures and it doesn’t appear they will add the gestures to the first generation iPad.

The gestures can be enabled using a tethered jailbreak but there are many people that do not want to install a jailbreak on their iPad, much less a tethered jailbreak.

Fortunately, a modmyi forum member modified the code of redsn0w 0.9.9b5 to enable the multitasking gestures without installing the jailbreak. The modified versions of redsn0w also turns on AirPlay Mirroring on the 1st generation iPad (with the use of an AV cable.)

This method will work both Mac and Windows users, just download the appropriate file for your operating system.

Here is how to active multitasking gestures without jailbreaking your iPad.

    1. You probably have already upgraded to iOS 5 in iTunes but if you haven’t done so, go ahead and update your iPad’s software to iOS 5.
    2. Download the modified redsn0w file for Mac
      Download the modified redsn0w file for Windows
    3. Plug your iPad into your computer and turn off your iPad (slide to power off).
    4. Double click on the redsn0w folder you downloaded and double click on redsn0w to open it.
    5. Click “Jailbreak” Jailbreak and install Cydia (don’t worry you are not jailbreaking.)redsn0w1 How to jailbreak your iPad with iOS 5
    6. Your iPad should be plugged in and off, if it is click next to proceed.
    7. Redsn0w will guide you through the steps to put your iPad in DFU mode. This version of redsn0w was a little slow with the timing. If you have trouble entering DFU mode, follow these steps by using your own timing and not the on screen directions.

1. Hold the power button for 3 seconds.
2. Without releasing the Power button, also hold the Home button for 10 seconds.
3. Without releasing the Home button, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button until redsn0w recognizes your iPad is in DFU mode (5-15 seconds).
redsn0w2.5 How to jailbreak your iPad with iOS 5

    1. After your iPad is in DFU mode, you should see the screen below. Cydia is selected by default you will need to uncheck Cydia and check Enable multitask gestures.

    1. Your iPad should start displaying some scrolling text while the gestures are being turned on. Redsn0w will let you know that the rest of the process will take place on your device.

redsn0w3 How to jailbreak your iPad with iOS 5

  1. When the process is complete, the gestures should be turned on. If you go to Settings on your iPad you should see a toggle switch for Multitasking Gestures.

Now you get to take advantage of a great feature Apple left out without having to install a jailbreak.

  • Matthew Smith

    Exactly what I did. I felt good about finding a loophole, then I realized other people already found it. Oh well. Great tip!

  • chris d.

    Thanks so much for that hint! It works great after I’ve done. Apple, you should feel intense shame!

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  • Frank

    Works perfect, thanks!!!!

  • SoSa

    thanks really :))
    its work :))

  • Phil

    I’m not familiar with jailbreaking (even if this isn’t a real one). Is this procedure reversible? If so, how?

  • Phil

    …and: Does this procedure only work with iOS 5 or can I use it also on iOS 4.3.5? I haven’t decided to upgrade yet…

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Any jailbreak is completely reversible by restoring your device in iTunes. I don’t think this version of redsn0w is compatible with iOS 4.3.5. I could give you a link to a version that is compatible with your current software but it would install the jailbreak.

  • Tiago Rospirski

    Cara parabens!Otimo!!

  • Martin

    Thank you so much!!! it worked perfectly for me. im so happy now!! thank you!

  • Dave

    Bravo! Worked as said !

    For a few moments after upgrading to ios5, I felt betrayed by Apple – having allowed iPad1 owners to test drive multitouch gestures and then take it away from formal release.

    Hope Apple will come around on this issue and spare iPad1 owners agony of going through this kind of patching. iPad1 owners are the people who took the leap of faith in buying iPad when the world doubted it’s relevance.

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  • Marcel van der broek

    If you have installed the gestures with this procedure, can you still install updates with the gestures if Apple decides to put the gestures in next update?

  • Bg man

    Thank you! Work:)

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  • jazs

    are you sure that it doesn’t require jailbraking? or it doesn’t jailbrake my iPad?

  • Tom

    It worked great and the multi touch gestures are active but how about AirPlay mirroring? I have a 2nd gen Apple TV updated just after iOS 5 was released and when I go to the multi task tray and swipe left to switch AirPlay to th ATV there is no option for mirroring?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    It doesn’t install Cydia or cause any issues with the current tethered jailbreak (needing a computer to reboot or iBooks crashing.)

    It uses a jailbreak tool to active the gestures and turn on AirPlay Mirroring with installing the jailbreak. I can confirm both versions work as described.

    I am not certain if Apple would void your warranty due to the gestures being enabled but it is completely reversible by preforming a Restore in iTunes.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    The AirPlay icon should display if you are on the same wireless network as your Apple TV and if your ATV has the latest software with AirPlay turned on. However, It will not mirror wirelessly. You will need an AV cable to mirror from your iPad to your TV

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    You can update or restore your iPad in iTunes at anytime but if Apple does not include the updates you will lose your gestures enabled by this modification.

    You will then need a jailbreak or a different modification compatible with the new software to enable the gestures again. Unless you save your SHSH blobs and downgrade back to iOS 5.

  • Ipad 1 owner

    I was VERY Skeptical about this but I just did it and it works on New IOS 5 Perfectly fine for my ipad 1. Thanks

  • Lucas

    Deu certo! (it worked!) – thx!

  • Ipadowner4ever

    Subject line states it all. It works perfectly! While the process can lead you to suspect that you are physically jail breaking the iPad, you really are not. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the operation and once it’s completed, all the MTG’s are there.

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks a million for offering this option to us…… Apple should learn from you my friend!

  • jazs

    i already enable multi touch.. is this multitouch gesture will be permanent?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    The gestures will remain until you install the next iOS update in iTunes on your iPad.

  • Kristoffer

    Thank you so much for this! I tried an earlier version of this which caused safari and the mail app to crash. But this one works perfectly!

  • adi

    It worked just great! Thank you so much!

  • b

    Worked great and easy to do! And psyched that I have full mirroring now via VGA or HDMI too.

    Thank you!

  • allan jensen

    Don’t forget that this update, in addition to multi-touch, gives screen mirroring which is a cool feature.

  • Michael Kitchen

    I have tried several times to download the .zip file. This produces a file of only a few Kb in size which will not expand to give the full redsn0w folder required for the next step.

    I have been using Speed Download as I always do. Any suggestions?

  • Christoph

    Everything worked just fine. Thanks so much. It it the first time that I “modded” any of my iOS devices, but multitasking gestures was a feature that I had been desperately waiting for. I was so deeply disappointed that Apple banned this feature from the first generation iPads.

  • Bob Barker

    Awesome! It worked! Thanks, redsn0w!! Suck it, Apple!

  • http://www.hideipvpn.pl galtom

    Worked great for me! Thanks… but…
    at the moment I am experiencing problems with App Store. Can not connect, can not do updates, deleted software keeps coming back reinstalling itself.
    Anyone else has these problems after procedure?

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  • ken

    i enable the multi gestures but how to delete it from my device?

  • kim

    It works.. but if i want to disable it from my device or i want it completely deleted to my device? is there’s a way to delete it?

  • Sandy Santra

    Worked great for a week! Now Safari no longer works; it won’t even launch!

  • RS

    THANK YOU!! I was also very skeptical, but felt so betrayed by apple I just had to try it. Thank you again!!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Have you tried rebooting your iPad to clear the issue with Safari. It may not be related to the gestures being enabled.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    If you want to delete the gestures that were enabled, just Restore your iPad in iTunes,

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Just Restore your iPad in iTunes to completely remove the enabled gestures. You can also turn them off in Settings on the iPad.

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  • Thromordyn

    I keep getting something about iTunes IPSWs instead of the multitask gestures option.

    3 seconds power, 10 seconds power and home, 5-15 seconds home

    Following my iPod’s Stopwatch, press/release accurate to 0.1 seconds.
    Multiple attempts, no success.

  • Thromordyn

    There really should be an edit button…

    Re-read the description on ‘Pwned DFU’. Do I have to install another thing, or is something just broken right now?

  • Thromordyn

    My apologies, all. I didn’t follow the Step 5 properly… *headdesk*

    It’s all working now. Thanks much!

  • Michael Kitchen

    Still cannot download the program that will unzip. Gives me a 3Kb file. What is the magic solution?

  • Thromordyn

    @Michael What is “Speed Download”? A DL accelerator? Given the size of the ZIP, that sort of thing shouldn’t be necessary.

    I can get both options (Win/Mac) just fine. [10.6.8, FF 7.0.1]

    Any errors in a log somewhere?

  • bello

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!
    This is just cool, you are the MAN.

    It just worked perfect, I am impressed by the simple process involved. Thanks once again.

  • timtam

    Thank you very much. Works great as instructed!

  • Agus

    Thanks a million sir! This is what I’m searching for since the release of iOS5. It sucks to know that Apple withdraw the multi touch gesture ability from original iPad when it can run without problem since iOS 4.3.

    Apple, please consider your customer, don’t betray them…

  • Sunnyday

    It works great! Thx for yr excellent job! Besides, Apple is on the way for iOS 5.0.1 beta …… @_#

  • Philip

    Brilliant…thank you!!
    Is there a way to get back the facility to rotate pictures in the Photos application? – this is something else that was taken away from iPad 1 with the ios 5 upgrade.

  • Joe

    Brilliant! Really works!

  • Bruce

    Worked like a charm! Thanks, I really was missing my iPad gestures.

  • Ellis

    Anyone know how to undo this change? Now I can’t install iOS 5.0.1 (I get an error message). Is there a way to undo it without restore my iPad?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    I received the error when updating on the iPad over the air but was able to update the software in iTunes without Restoring.

  • http://dickling.blogspot.com Dick Ling


    I enabled the Multitasking Gestures, I think, on my iPad1, connected a HEMI cable to TV and here are what had happened.

    No real mirroring, I can draw from a painting app, I’m a cartoonist, the screen would show the drawing with my pen/line strokes shown in rel time, none of the commends, which shown on the iPad, would shown so no real mirroring except the making of the painting was in real time.

    Went to a news clip, selected a video,YouTube would play just fine but none of the other info which shown on the iPad was shown.

    Went to camearoll where I stored my drawings, no images were shown on TV until I switched the mode to slideshow then all my saved drawings would be shown continually.

    Can only play Angry Bird on iPad not on TV but the sound came from the TV just fine.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Ad

    After downloading,it still does not show any mirroring mode on/off.If I play it,only sound comes out.No image.Please help….