iPad Email Help – Setting Up and Troubleshooting Mail

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One of the key of features of the iPad is email and being able to use your email on the device is almost essential. Setting up your email can be pretty much seamless for some but many of the questions I get are related to email issues, here are some tips that you may find helpful.

The Simple Way to Setup Email

The simplest way to setup your email on the iPad is to sync your email accounts from your desktop computer with iTunes. iTunes will sync your email information if you check a few boxes with your iPad plugged into your computer.

    1. Plug in the iPad and open iTunes (iTunes will probably open automatically)
    2. Click on the iPad on the left of the screen, under devices in iTunes.
    3. Next, select info, you should see a screen like the one below.

  1. Check, Sync Mail Accounts and check the accounts you wish to add to your iPad.

You do not need to select mail accounts under advanced as in the photo but this option can be used if you have changed the email setting on your iPad and want to go back to the same email setting as on your computer.

Setting Up Email Accounts on the iPad

Setting up email accounts from the iPad is fairly easy. You just need to know all your email account information. You will need the email address, password, account type (POP,IMAP), incoming mail server (pop.example.com), outgoing mail server (smtp.examle.com) and the port number.

To add a email account tap Settings, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” tap Add Account. then select the type of account you would like to add and enter all your email information.

I have created a list of popular email server names and setting. This information can also be provided by your email service provider. It is best to use SSL when setting up email accounts, especially on mobile devices such as, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Managing Emails Accounts

You can add multiple email accounts and once the email accounts are on the iPad it’s easy to manage the accounts.

Stop using an Account: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” choose an account, then turn Account off.

If an account is off, iPad doesn’t display the account and doesn’t send or check email from or sync other information with that account, until you turn it back on.

Delete an account from iPad: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” choose an account, then scroll down and tap Delete Account.

Deleting an account means you can no longer access the account on iPad. All email and the contacts, calendar, and bookmark information synced with the account are removed from iPad.

Delete Messages Automatically: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” choose an account, then select advanced and then select Remove. The default is set on never. You can also choose from one day, one week or after one month.

Email Options

There are several options for you to customize you email app with, these options are accessible by going to settings, “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

  • Push emails or Fetch at intervals
  • Choose the number of messages shown on iPad (25, 50, 75, 100, 200)
  • Set how many lines of each message are previewed
  • Select a minimum font size
  • Set whether iPad shows To and Cc labels  (To or Cc next to each message in a list indicates whether the message was sent directly to you or you received a copy)
  • Set whether iPad confirms that you want to delete a message
  • Set whether iPad automatically loads remote images
  • Set whether iPad sends you a copy of every message you send ( Always Bcc Myself on or of)
  • Customize or remove signature to your messages
  • Set the default email account

Email Troubleshooting

Email Attachments Won’t Open

The file type may not be supported. iPad supports the following types of email attachments:

  • .doc – Microsoft Word
  • .docx – Microsoft Word (XML)
  • .htm – Webpage
  • .html – Webpage
  • .key – Keynote
  • .numbers – Numbers
  • .pages – Pages
  • .pdf –   Preview, Adobe Acrobat
  • .ppt – Microsoft PowerPoint
  • .pptx – Microsoft PowerPoint (XML)
  • .rtf – Rich Text Format
  • .txt – Text
  • .vcf – Contact Information
  • .xls – Microsoft Excel
  • .xlsx -Microsoft Excel (XML)


Why can’t I receive emails from my iPad?

  • If you have just set up the account verify that all your email account information is correct. If you need any help with finding the information to enter contact your email provider. Here is a list with most email settings and links to help pages of popular email service providers.
  • Make sure you have a data connection (Wi-Fi or 3g).
  • Turn iPad off, and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then drag the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
  • If you use one or more computers to check the same email account, it may create a lock-out. For more information, go to this support page.

Why can’t I send emails from my iPad?

  • After you have verified that all your email account information is correct, go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, tap on your email account, tap on the Outgoing Mail Server, tap on the Primary Server, enter your user name and password where it says Optional.
  • Make sure you have a data connection (Wi-Fi or 3g).
  • Turn iPad off, and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then drag the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

Here is another article with more detailed email troubleshooting information.

How can I create email folders on the iPad?

Creating email folders is currently not available on the iPad. However, there are a couple of other good options but they involve webmail or changing to IMAP mail. Here is some more detailed information.

Thanks for all your comments and questions. I have started a new topic in the forum for email issues. That will allow the comment on the home page and increase the visibility of the question.

  • Kylie

    My email keeps crashing when I open it – is there a certain amount of memory space req’d so it can function ? I topped up the iPad with music in spare space so am curious… Will try and do a bit of deleting and test but any other info appreciated!

  • Chris

    I opened an attachment from an email (safe source) via document to go. The doc opened but it just lock all other functions in my Mail. I cannot close the doc or access my Mail other account, all tap functions are off. If this pro has crash, what should I be doing next to reset the Mail pro? I noticed it all impacted other programs where the keyboard will not auto pop up…

    Thanks for any help as I am working away from home and have no access to link the unit to my iTunes to reset the unit.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    If you have already restarted it and that didn’t clear it up, you can try to reset all the settings. This will not erase any data but it will alphabetize your icons. To reset it go to settings, general, reset, reset all settings.

    Another option would be to create another email account with all your same info as the one that is giving you problems, then delete the account with the issues. This will delete all the emails from that account on your ipad. If you don’t have any other emails you want saved, then that might be the way to go. Make sure you have all the email account information before you delete the old one.

  • Leigh s. Davidson

    how do I delete a movie rental that I hit the button twice trying to rent it? Also, what is the “thumbnail” on the movie page?

  • كازينو

    Hi guys, tried loading this blog through Google RSS reader and got a strange error message, any ideas what could be the issue?

  • كازينو

    Nevermind, works now!

  • Joe

    I cannot get my Mail to open on my iPad.
    Has worked Ok since I bought new a few months ago. Now got 30 emails in ‘Mail’ when I hit the icon mail very briefly opens then closes before I can access anything. Seems to close immedietly after it scans for new mail.

    Help would be appreciated.!!!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    It sounds like it may be an email causing the problem. If you have already tried a reset and you have reset all the setting, you may need to delete the email account.
    This will delete all the emails on the iPad but you may still have them on your computer. Before you delete the account make sure you have all your account information so, you can create the account again.

    This is kinda a last resort but if the mail app won’t stay open for you to delete emails, it may be the easiest solution.

  • Paula Mischer

    When I open some attachments, it tells me to right click with the mouse. How do I right click?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    I haven’t seen that message before, what type of file are you trying to open?

  • JGM

    I need to upload a pdf as an attachment for an email that I would like to send over the iPad…. how do I transfer this file from my MacBookPro to my iPad and then attach it to an email…. I don’t have internet on the mac… only on the Ipad…. otherwise I will just have sent myself an email from the mac with the document included…

    Thanks a lot…


  • Betty

    how do I edit a contact?

  • Terry

    My email application no longer reorients to landscape or profile as I rotate the device. It will reorient when I go to create a new email. Beyond that it stays in last postition. It just started this today. Has anyone run into this issue?


  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    I haven’t seen that issue, have you tried turning it off and restarting it?

    Sometimes that will clear up issues, kinda like rebooting your computer.

  • Chuck

    How can I move the App. Icon from one page to another. (Re-arrange Apps)

  • AMTeng

    I need to set up folders for my email, but can’t figure out how to add folders within Mail. Is it possible?

  • Rob

    When I press “Reply” to emails, screen prepares a blank page but no longer offers keyboard however much I prompt it. It only offers keyboard if I touch address box. Result: unable to return emails

  • Janice

    I can put e-mails into my folders on yahoo mail while using my iPad but can’t retreave anything from those folders from my iPad. Is this possible?

  • Kjo

    I want to make a folder. Right now I only have inbox, sent and trash. How do I add more folders?

  • Lisa

    I accidentally deleted a outgoing email before it was sent. Is there a way to retrieve it?

  • Karen

    I cannot get my e-mails deleted! I tried individually deleting them, deleting select ones (through edit) and deleting them and then deleting them from Trash. They go away momentarily in my in basket, but then reappear! What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.


    I am trying to download a catalog from a secure website. Once I click download, the file will open. Then I am trying to save it as an icon on my desktop but it will not allow me to save it at all… Any ideas on how to get this to save?

  • Valerie

    I have set up e-mail on my iPad, but I cannot figure out how to go between e-mail accounts. When I open e-mail via the icon, I only get the first account I put in, and I have 2 or 3 others in the settings. Help, please?

  • Deb

    How do I add more folders to my email box?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    I don’t know of a way to add folders to mail on the iPad but you can do it with webmail, such as, Gmail or Yahoo.

  • Shannon

    I’m trying to set up a hotmail account on a new iPad and it keeps telling me that it can’t connect without SSL. It asks if I want to try and set it up without SSL and I tell it no. Then it offers up a screen of with POP and IMAP at the top and all the information filled in under POP. If I click save it says, “This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to save?” If I say edit it doesn’t let me do anything different. How am I supposed to make it work? Where do I turn on SSL?

  • Leslie

    we just set up mail on our ipad and now our other email clients (blackberry and Outlook) are receiving mail stored on the server over and over…. is there a setting we some how missed when setting up the ipad?

  • Sally

    Thank you. Problem solved in one easy step once I had read your advice carefully.

  • Rich

    Is password protecting your iPad the only way to insure that your email account won’t to accessed by any other uses of my iPad?

    Turning it on and off is not secure and private

  • Viv

    I used to be able to look into all my folders including my sent folder until I updated. I can only access my inbox now but I want to look in my sent box how do I do this?

  • Hai

    Who can I sync iPad calendar with my gmail calendar.

  • Helen

    I just clicked on my email outbid by mistake and now I can’t close and return to my in box what should I do

  • michelle

    help someone (a child) has sent a message to my ipad. they searched for it and had it locked. problem is i do not know the password to unlock my ipad and no one seems to know what i am talking about. pls help very frustrated!!!!!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    If your iPad is locked and you don’t know the password, you will need to plug it into your computer, open iTunes and restore the iPad.

  • Sally

    I only have an In box – no Trash or Sent. I cannot delete – I get a message cannot move to Trash and all messages are still there next time I open Mail. I have set deleted messages to be removed after one day, but that does not help as it does not ever allow me to move messages to my (non existent) Trash box. Any suggestions?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    There’s a response on the forum.


  • Sally

    Viv – try syncing your Mail. My problem, which seems variation of yours, was solved by deleting the account and re-doing it via sync rather than Manuel set up of email account.

  • ANDY

    how do i block a sender from my i pad? e mail

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    You can block senders from Yahoo mail and set filters in Gmail that will send emails directly to the trash.

    You can also add other email account to Gmail and Yahoo. You may be able to block some senders from whatever mail service provider you use.

  • John Carnell

    Can I set up junk mail so I don’t receive everything?


  • Scott

    Hopefully, someone can help me. I was about 3/4 of the way thru typing a rather detailed email and, having forgotten my battery on my iPad was running low, it eventually lost its power and shut off. I then plugged in the charger and after a few minutes it revolted, but I was not able to locate my unfinished email. Is there any way I can retrieve this or do I have to start over from scratch retyping this long email?
    Thanks in advice for any advice or help.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    If you can’t find it under drafts then you will probably have to start over. There’s not a auto save feature.

  • martha

    where are the answers to the above questions—-esp karen’s about deleting email?????

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    There seems to be a bug with iOS 4.2 that causes the emails to reappear after they are deleted.

    You can try to delete the email account and add it again (make sure you have all your account info before you delete it).

    If that doesn’t solve your problem do a restore in iTunes and that should clear any bugs with the software.

  • Jeanna

    I will be in an app and the system just decides to close down. It isnt a certain app it is several. I will be cruising along and the screen goes black and ends up on the main screen. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Sook Wellard

    Thank you for spreading the following great subject material on your web-site. I discovered it on the internet. I may check back again once you post much more aricles.

  • veronica

    My mail lists (No sender) (no subject) 12/31/69 over and over again. I can’t delete any of them. Any ideas?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    If you have already tried restarting your iPad and still can’t delete the email, you can try setting up a new email account on your iPad with the same settings as the one that has the problem deleting the email.

    After you have the new one set up you can turn off the old one. Once you have confirmed the new one is working correctly, then you can delete the old account (this should delete those emails also).


  • Nicole

    My email account is showing 739 emails. When I try to delete them it uploads even older ones from the server. I have it set to only show 25 emails and to delete after a week! But nothing is working! I can’t get rid of them. When I do try to delete them one at a time it gets stuck and will sometimes shut down and reload hundreds of the old emails I have just deleted, one at a time! Please help!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    The easiest way to fix this will be to turn off this email account under settings. Create this mail account again on the iPad. Once you have confirmed the new account is working correctly, delete the old one.

  • Helen

    You have to clear the emails off your primary computer -perhaps your laptop or desk top.As long as it’s still on those then it will automatically reload to the iPad

  • John Deviny

    How do I add addresses to my ipad email contacts?

  • jeff

    I can receive emails but are unable to send emails?

  • RC

    How can I delete a message and have the next email message selected be below the deleted one. Currently, if I skip an email on top (or sent more recently) then delete an email below it, the computer jumps to the email above it–I want it to go down (or to an older email).

  • Dusty Demmer

    Why does my email on my iPad and my Iphone delete my emails without me actually deleting them myself?

  • Ed

    My Mac, my brother’s Mac and my friend’s iPad won’t send attachments most of the time – photos, etc. All that appears at the receiving end are small colored boxes. Often these are just JPG’s too. How can that be changed?

  • Marty watkins

    My iPad is translating my outgoing Mail from engoman to italian. I am in Italy, but i don’t speak italian ñor do my corresponsales. Heló ¡

  • cathy

    ok i’m really confused and frustrated. we had problems with our xbox live, and they fixed it for us. but now the internet wifi on the ipad is not working,and keeps asking for a cisco password, never seen cisco before on our ipad. and of course don’t know the password, so now can not access the web. can you explain what is goin on?

  • neetsdunne

    This keeps happening to me – often before I have finished the message I’m in the middle of writing.
    Infuriating. So I would be glad to hear a solution.

  • Kate

    How do i empty the trash folder in email on ipad?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    When you are in the mail and have the trash folder open, you can tap edit, then select each email and tap delete at the bottom. You can also swipe your finger on the email preview (on the left of the screen), then tap delete.

    There is not a way to empty all contents at once like on a desktop computer. Apple probably deliberately left this feature out to prevent people from accidentally deleting wanted emails. I hope they will add it in the future, it would be a real time saver.

  • Ross

    When I try to send email it says the sender address was rejected by the server why is this?

  • Jo Nelson

    Trying to send email to a group – getting “invalid address” message.
    What am I doing wrong? Need quick response for message to send today. Please?

  • iPad frustrated

    I can’t open email attachments with my iPad. I’ve noticed several other people have posted this same issue looking for an answer or direction but no one responds. Does this mean there is no answer? Did I make a mistake buying an apple? My iPad is cool and all but being able to open email and view attachments is pretty basic, right? Please help.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    What type of attachments are not opening for you?

  • iPad frustrated

    I don’t know what kind of attachment. When I click it to open it I get a message that says “mail cannot open this file”.

  • iPad frustrated

    I just checked again. It says “mail can not open this attachment”.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    The mail app should open all of the following attachment extensions;
    .doc .docx .htm .html .key .numbers .pages .pdf .ppt .pptx .rtf .txt.vcf .xls .xlsx.

    However, there are some attachments that can’t be opened in the mail app. You should be able to see the name of the attachment, even if it won’t open.

    If you know what type of attachment it is, chances are there’s an app for it. If you have a compatible app, you can hold your finger on the app and it will ask you if you want to open it with the app.

  • Paperboy40

    In the upper right of my emails it places a picture of me that needs to be changed. How is that done?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    You can change the photo in the Contacts app on you iPad. Open the Contact app and select the contact with the image you wish to change, then tap “Edit”. Tap “Edit” on the image, then you have the options several options to change the image.

    Here is a better explanation in the forum because I can’t add images in the comments.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    You probably just need to add your user name and password to the SMTP (outgoing server). The setting say this is optional but this should resolve your problem.

    To add it go to Setting> Mail, Contact, Calendars> Select Your Account> SMTP, under Outgoing Mail Server> Primary Server> enter User Name and Password

  • Anne

    I am also having the same issue Dusty mentioned in March. When I delete news emails the iPad randomly deletes old one from my mailbox as well. They disappear and are not in my trash folder either. Pleased help. I can’t find an answer anywhere!

  • Jessica


    I haven’t experienced the problem you are having but you may want to check a couple of settings.

    If you go to the settings of your email account on you iPad there is an advance tab there. Under Deleted Messages you can select Never. Also, select Never under delete from server.

    If that doesn’t help let me know what type of mail account you are using?

  • richard

    i just recently bought a 2nd gen ipad touch. i have been trying to create an email address so that i can purchase from itunes. a new window pops up to verify on instructions to check this account but i get nothing(reply)

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    The easiest way to get your email set up is to sync it with iTunes and select your email accounts from your computer. That will add all of your email information for you. If you haven’t already done this, plug your iPad into your computer, open iTunes, select your iPad under “Devices”, select info, then check Sync Mail Accounts and check the accounts you wish to have on your iPad.

    Also if you are having trouble setting up your iTunes account here is a post that may help.

  • Amy Schumacher

    When I click on my Mail app it brings it up and then IMMEDIATELY x’s out of the application. I am not able to even view any mail-old or new.

    This is the only app that I am having difficulty with.

  • Sally

    I use my iPad for work emails connecting through webmail, I can read and send emails but it shows attachments as a line of writing and I am unable to click on it to open it. What can I do?

  • Tiffany

    Hi this morning I applied for a job via my iPad for the first time. I wrote a cover letter/email and attached my resume via pages as a word document. After I sent it I went into sent messages to fwd to a friend. And it came up completely blank. No body– which was my cover letter that was really good and now I have to write it all over:(
    And also no attachment. What did I do wrong? And yes I powered down to see if that would help. And the receiver did contact me to say the email was completely blank….so upset

  • Lesley Adams

    My mom is getting gross junk mail on her iPad. It doesn’t appear on her computer, because the sender is blocked. How can we block the sender on her iPad, or in some other way made sure she doesn’t get such things in her inbox?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    There is not a spam filter with the mail app on the iPad and there won’t be one with the iOS 5 update. Gmail may be your best option. You can import other contacts and emails to Gmail. Here is a post explaining more about Gmail on the ipad.

  • Shelly

    I have the first version of the iPad. I’ve had it since December 2010 and it’s worked great, but all of a sudden, when I read an email and then hit delete, it deletes not only the highlighted email, but also the one below it, essentially deleting two emails at a time. It’s very frustrating, as each time, I then have to go into the Trash file to retrieve the email that was not intended to delete. How do I fix this problem and why did it start happening suddenly?

  • Martina

    I used to be able to email photos direct from the photo album on my IPad but now it won’t send them. heeeeeelp, please.

  • Stumped

    Hi my iPad keeps deleting my messages once the screen lock is activated. Is there anyway to rectify this. I have checked the settings and everything seems to be fine. ‘never automatic delete’ is set as standard. Please assist as I am wanting to store my emails on my iPad as a back up. Also I have set it so that it displays 200 messages before it starts deleting messages. Confirm deletion is also set.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    It may be that the files are to large. Try copy and pasting just one image and see if it will send it. Also, if you have another email account with a different service provider you can try sending with that account to see if it makes a difference.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    It sound like your settings are correct. There are 2 places you can select to never select emails automatically. One is for emails already deleted (in your trash folder).

    Here is an image of advanced mail settings.

    Are the emails going to your trash folder are being deleted completely? What email provider are you using?



  • Stumped

    They get deleted permanently. Sometimes whilst I am reading them swell. That happened yesterday

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Sounds like you have a bug. I would turn off the mail account with the issue. Go to Setting> Mail, Contacts, Calendars,> Accounts (select your account)> Account (turn off).

    Now set up a new account. You should still be at accounts, tap Add Account, then select the type of account you have or if it’s not there tap other. Enter your name, address, password and description. Most accounts are recognized automatically. If yours is not, you will need to enter additional information.

    After the new account is set up check to see if you still have the same issue. The default settings do not delete emails automatically.

    If this does not work I recommend doing a restore in iTunes. If you have to restore it you will need to Set Up As New after the restore. If you restore from a back up the problem may return.

    Let us know how it goes.


  • Melinda

    Im trying to delete my email account on the ipad and see the easy directions online, however, my account is grayed out and i cant click on it.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Do you have Restrictions enabled on your iPad?

    They will be grayed out if that is the case.

    To disable restrictions go to Setting> General> Restrictions> enter your password and Disable Restrictions.

  • Ann Duncan

    I have been trying to watch the TOUR Guide. Videos. The video runs for. About 2 to 5 seconds and quits. When you press the arrow it goes for another few seconds and quits. Is there a selling we can change to watch the tour guides without stopping. I am a new iPad owner and need all the help I can get. Please advise.
    Thank you.

  • Stumped

    Hi Phil,
    Thanx I think I sorted the problem out. My outlook on my laptop was set not to leave a copy on the mail server. So it has been sorted thanx. Was the only place i did not check.

  • Alan mann

    We are having trouble getting emails to stay deleted. Some, not all, keep coming back. We use roadrunner which I hear is a big problem. I have restored the iPad and reloaded everything. Problem persists especially with junk emails. Problem is worse on my wife’s ipad2 where she has two email accounts.

    Any ideas would be helpful. Any software downloads to help us??


  • julie


    i cannot open the mail, contacts,calenders area in settings. i want to delete an email account. any idea how to get this to work or how otherwise to delete an email account

  • tammy

    how do you close out an open email on the ipad2?
    I’ve just been hitting the home button but as soon as I click on the mail icon that email is still on the screen :( HELP PLEASE

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    While in the email app on the iPad, you can just tap another on the left of the screen to go to a different email. If you want to delete one, just slide your finger on the email preview on the left and tap delete. You can also tap edit and delete them.

    If you want to go back to other inboxes or the trash folder, tap the mailbox arrow on the top left of the screen.

  • tammy

    Thanks Phil, That’s what I’ve been doing I just wasn’t sure if there was a way to completely close out the last open email before hitting the home button! I figured out how to close apps just not the emails :) Thanks again!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    You can also but the email account in iTunes by deselecting the account and syncing your iPad. You still may have an issue with opening your email settings on your ipad. I would try restarting to see if that clears it up.

  • Rhod

    Help please.
    Wevhave an ipad1.
    It has been ok but now one page ofvthe apps loaded and previously working do not respond.
    The apps list saysvthey are not there, but the symbols all exist. They cannot be deleted by the usual means!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    You may need to remove the apps in iTunes and sync your iPad. If that doesn’t resolve the problem a Restore will.
    Here is more information on both.
    Managing apps in iTunes

    Restoring iPad in iTunes

  • Joan s

    How can I use an IP address an my incoming mail server ? My IPad is asking for something in the format of xxx.xxx.com but I need to use an IP address.

  • Joan Strug

    Can I use an IP address for the incoming mail server on my IPAD ? It is asking for the server to be in the format xxx.xxx.com, but I need to use an IP address.
    Thank you,

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    I’m not sure how that can be done that’s probably a good question for a Apple Genius. Here is there contact info. I would love to know if there is a way to use a iP address for your mail server.


  • Debora

    My daughter loaded a photo of herself and now it appears on every one of my outgoing email. How do I get it off? It does not appear when emails are sent from MacBook.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    To remove the photo go to the Contacts app on your iPad. Select the name of the contact the has the unwanted photo, tap Edit on the bottom left corner, tap Edit on the photo. Here you can delete the photo or choose a different photo. You should see the change in emails.


  • Ryan

    Is there any way to add my company’s logo to my email signature on my Ipad?

  • Michele

    I need to send an attachment in email. How can i do that?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    That’s a good question but I am not aware of a way automatically add the logo to your signature every time you send an email from that account on your iPad.

    However, you can save your logo as a photo and paste in the email next to your signature. I tried to paste a photo into the setting for the signature section but that didn’t work (with iOS 5 beta 4). I saved a photo in my signature on a Mac and tried to sync it but that didn’t work either.

    There are a few apps may do this but I haven’t seen one that I can recommend.

  • Sandy

    On my macbook pro, I can remove a contact from prior recipient list when addressing an email. Can I do that on ipad emails.

  • Heather

    Can u please tell me how to forward an email to another address?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Just tap on the arrow at the top of the toolbar while viewing the email you want to forward.

    Click here for a screenshot.

  • Lucy Gardner

    My emails will not delete what am I not doing? Also, how do I make the IPAD stop making a capital in my email address which has Rochester in it?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    I assume your email account was working and you started having trouble deleting some emails?

    This does happen occasionally. The simplest way is to remove then add the email account again to get rid of the problem email. This will also delete all of the emails in that account from your iPad. You can go to Setting-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> select the email account and turn it off. Create your new account and after you confirm the new one is working, you can delete the old one.

    You can go to Setting-> General-> Keyboard -> and turn off Auto-Capitalization or you can deselect the shift key before you start typing your email address.
    You can also go to the Contacts app and change the email address there to lower case.


  • gary

    Hi, my emails dont even load up on the screen i just get a blank white screen and the only clickable button is the create new email (the other 3 icons are visible but not active to press)

    however it does detect that i have new emails with the number in red on the icon on the home screen.

    can you please help me to get the mail working?


  • Pat

    When I reply to an email from my iPad, what appears in the “from” section is a “<". How do I have it be my name and/or email address? Thanks.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    I don’t think you can right now, it’s just going to be whatever address that received the email. That is changed with iOS 5, you will a way to add or change your email address.

    Here is a screenshot.

  • Krista

    Can anyone help me? I’m getting two of every email sent to me???

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Is it a MobileMe account?

  • Marie MacNeil

    Hi I seem to have the same problem as Gary, I click on the mail icon and the page is completely blank ( it does tell me how many emails I have on the icon). I went into Setting and clicked on Mail and it freezes…. I neglected to say that when I go into the mail icon that that freezes as well. Both instances I have to completely shut off the ipad2 and wait and turn it back on….please help.

  • Dimon

    Debora asked a clever question and Phil gave a stupid answer. So I repead a question again. If I send an email attachement from photo album or GoodReader why email hangs in outbox forever and never sent to the destination? All the email settings are correct and there is no problem to send email from the email directly, but if you use other apps e.g. to send photo you stuck big time. What the story Apple?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Occasionally, you may get a bug with your iPad software. You may want to try a restore in iTunes and see if that will clear up the issue.

  • http://ipadhelp.com/ipad-help/ipad-email-help/ Donna

    How do I 1) forward an email or compose an email to multiple contacts without adding each individually…in PC I just hold the control key and can add multiple contacts but on ipad2 there are no supplemental keys. 2) How do i erase all of the previous addresses when I forward and email other than just using the backspace button…on PC can copy/delete.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    There is a couple of ways to do this, the easiest way is with an app. Here is a post about group mail on the iPad.

  • Johnson

    My e-mail does not seem to `re-orient` itself no matter which way I turn the device. My other screens will change their orientation, but not mail. Any suggestions on how I change that?

  • Ian

    Help! My e mail page has frozen. How do I free it up?

  • http://ipadhelp.com/ipad-help/ipad-email-help/ June

    How can I lock my email account? Now anyone who is using my ipad will be able to read my emails.

  • Weasel


    My boss has been travelling with his IPAD (as he always does) – however, on his return today, the last 2 years of emails are missing and all that remains is 1 week of emails. How can I get the old emails back and where did they go?



  • Weasel

    Okay… just gone into mail settings and chanted it to show 200 messages.. but all his emails used to show up before, how can I just set this to limitless?


  • Alanb

    Sorry! Not a comment but a couple of questions:
    How to send a bunch of pics by e mail on my I pad2?
    How to copy and paste in my e mail?


  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    I answered your question in the forum so I could add some pictures.




  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    You may want to check you email settings.

    Go to Settings-> Mail, Calendars, Contacts-> tap you account-> Advanced-> check and see if Deleted Messages/ Remove is set to Never. Also set Delete from server to Never.

    You can show up to 1000 messages by going to Settings-> Mail, Calendars, Contacts-> Show -> select 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000


  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    That’s a great question and you make a good point about other people viewing your email.

    You best bet may be to go to Setting-> General-> Passcode Lock-> and Turn Passcode On. This will require a passcode before anyone can use your iPad.

    iOS also has Restrictions but the only restriction for email is changing settings not viewing emails. I think it would be a good idea to enable a restriction for viewing emails but that doesn’t seem to be an option right now.


  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Ian & Johnson,

    I believe if you try a hard reboot it will clear up your problems.

    To preform a hard reboot;

    1. Hold the power and home buttons down

    2. You will see the “swipe to turn off” screen come up… Keep Holding the Buttons.

    3. The screen will go black (turn off)… continue to hold the buttons.

    4. A white Apple logo will appear on the screen, now you can release the buttons. Let the device boot… should only take a couple minutes.

    If this does not resolve your problem, you can restore the device in iTunes. A restore reinstalls the latest iOS software and usually clears up any bugs.

  • Andrea

    Hi, an email toolbar just appeared at the top of my ipad home screen. I want to remove it, was not able to figure out how, checked settings and visited many forums.

    Do you know how to control this? Thanks–

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Have you tried rebooting your iPad?

    1. Hold the power and home buttons down

    2. You will see the “swipe to turn off” screen come up… Keep Holding the Buttons.

    3. The screen will go black (turn off)… continue to hold the buttons.

    4. A white Apple logo will appear on the screen, now you can release the buttons. Let the device boot… should only take a couple minutes.

  • Andrea

    Hi Phil. I rebooted, it did not get rid of toolbar. THanks–

  • Andrea

    Update: Sorry, I misdiagnosed this, the “taskbar” was part of the image used for wallpaper [cringe]– the horror. Thanks again!

  • Sengu

    Hi, i have installed iunarchive to open rar mail attachments. Despite that, on tapping the attached file i do not see the open in option, which i see with other attachments. I am also not able to download the attachment. What to do?

  • Deb

    Hi…I have two email accounts on my ipad2, and I want the FROM field to show my default email address, but for some reason, it shows that it is coming from my secondary. I get email from both accts…anyone kmow how to change that? I do not want my comcast email to show up, because when people reply to that one, emails seem to disappear on comcast servers. Thanks!

  • George

    When I open email I see my messages listed on the right side of the screen and my contacts listed on the left side. How do I remove the Contacts page, so that I only see messages?

  • Anita

    On both the ipad 1 and ipad2, I set the Show under the mail settings to more than 25, but only 25 messages will show. How do I get the 200 messages to show up. Thanks

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Go to Settings-> Mail,Contacts, Calendars-> Under Mail set Show to 200 Recent Messages.


  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    I think you are referring to the email previews on the left. When you rotate your iPad in portrait mode the left column on the left disappears and you get a full screen of just the email. You can tap the up and down arrows to go different emails.



  • ken d

    my emails all say “this message cannot be displayed because of the way it is formatted. Ask sender to send it again using a different format or email program. what should i do……

  • Fran

    Help. I have 2 email accts set up on my iPad that worked fine til a day ago. Suddenly it won’t download to one of the inboxes (or rather it is struggling to do so). It still downloads the bulk too! It even says it wants to download 11 emails, aargh!

  • Karen

    Hi, I’m trying to help an elderly Aunt who has owned an iPad for a few months and is now having trouble viewing her email messages. Seems to be similar to the problem previously reported by Gary and Marie. She sees that she has 4 unread messages, clicks on the mail icon and then the page is completely blank (except for a few icons at the top right – curved arrow & trashcan). She clicks on the icons but nothing happens. She lives in another state, otherwise I would drive over and see if I could do more to help her. Any ideas? Does she need to reboot? Thanks!

  • Maureen

    I am losing emails seemingly forever! What is the square box like thing with an arrow pointing into it on the top toolbar? How do I get them back? Please help urgently.

  • Emily

    My mom can view images on her email acct on her iPad 1, but I can’t open them on my iPad 2. The emails don’t even show the images, but I can see the images on my phone email so I know she is attaching them. How is she able to see them on iPad but I cannot? Thanks.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Go to Setting-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars,-> Load Remote Images and make sure it’s turned on.

  • Emily

    Thanks for a speedy reponse. Load remote images was already on, so I cut it off and back on. Any other ideas in case cutting it off and on didn’t fix it? Thanks again!

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    If that didn’t work I would try to reboot, if a reboot doesn’t resolve the issue I would remove then add the email account.


  • Michael Blancia

    How do you setup Mail on an iPad where by I can choose the name to display on outgoing messages?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    You will need to open the Contacts app and edit the name with the email address you want to change. It will change in your emails as well.


  • Michael Blancia

    Thanks Phil,

    What i meant was my own account – i have a gmail account as michaelblancia@gmail.com, but I want my outgoing messages to read mblancia@sswgpl.com.au in the ‘From:’ part of the email message, which is my work email.

    I have my work emails cc to my gmail account so when i receive some work emails I would like to reply accordingly and keep it professional. I know how to do it on my HTC andriod phone, but i can’t seem to work it out with iPad mail???

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    When you create, reply or forward an email you can tap the from line and you should get some options to select from other email accounts on your iPad. However, you cannot edit the line and type any address, only select other ones that are already on the iPad.

  • Elle

    I have repeated issues with email on my iPad. It keeps “checking for mail” but doesn’t download. It will finally show I have mail but can’t see it. So frustrating. I’ve done all the suggested fixes and have wi-fi connection. Never an issue with my iPhone. Just the iPad.

  • Halim

    my mail totally hang and blank. the rest is ok. now when I open my mail box and is blank and totally not function if I tap on it. while the rest is ok. please help

  • Joe

    Does anyone know how to attach a photo to an email. I can only
    Do it by going into photos and selecting a photo to email. This means I can only send one photo per email. I can’t find a wat to attach a photo to an email I have started composing

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    You can copy and paste photos to an email. If you go to the photo and tap the arrow at the top right, you will see an option to copy the photo. You can then go to the email you are creating, hold your finger in the body of the email and tap paste. You can add multiple photos but if the file size is to large your mail server may not allow you to send the email.

  • Don Simpson

    How do I get rid of the left mailbox navigation panel so that I can see the email message full screen? Also how do I get the messages to also delete from my GMail account when I delete them from the iPad?

  • Keegan

    My email shuts down on me two seconds after I touch the icon. I get to the comcast email page and then shut down back to the normal iPad screen

  • Marla

    How can I Chang font and font size and color for mail accounts on my iPad 2!

  • Mary

    Hi why can’t my iPad open •.docx – Microsoft Word (XML) files?
    It says ‘Office Open XML word processing doument’ and it doesn’t load anymore.
    Please help

  • Brian Gilbert

    Don Simpson asks how to get rid of the navigation panel on the left hand side. It disappears on my ipad2 when I rotate the iPad to portrait.

  • Brian Gilbert

    Download the User Manual free to your eBooks folder. You can then read it of course but if you tap the screen there is a search button. So when faced with problems such as how to take a screenshot you can search for the word and usually find it.

  • Laura

    Having problems scrolling when replying or compose an e-mail.
    Ipad only displays so many lines above the keyboard and can’t scroll up or down beyond the limit?
    Any ideas?

  • Pingback: iPad Email Help – Setting Up and Troubleshooting Mail

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    Tap the Return button several times at the end of your email, then scroll back up to finish typing.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Unfortunately, the mail app on the iPad will not let you change the font, the color or the size. iOS 5 will add a few new features to the mail app like, bullets, bold and underline, but there still wont be any options to change fonts or colors.

    However, there are some apps that will do what you are asking.

    Here’s a free one that does what you are asking.


  • Angie

    How do I edit email addresses without actually sending an email while editing it?

  • Kathy

    I’m having the same problem as Halim – mail program is frozen – just a blank page with headings at the top. Not ability to navigate – touching icons gets no response.
    Any ideas? Is there a way to reboot?

  • Kathy

    Never mind. I went back and read some of the older questions and answers – did the reboot and that solved it.

  • M

    Searched user guide but can’t figure out what the icon (fior filing) on the top right of my email page means that looks like a box with an arrow pointing down into it. It’s sometimes located in the same place as the trash can. Accidentally I’ve put email in there but don’t know how to retrieve them now.

  • Anna

    iPad mail tutorials and tips: Can’t Send Email on iPad How to Send Email on iPad

  • Hulk

    How do you take your email off of your iPad?

  • Hulk

    How do you take your email off of your iPad if it’s for school and they take it back at the end of the year and you don’t want people emailing in your account?

  • bn

    I have upgraded my iPad2 to iOS5. I cannot open any PDF, .doc or .docx document. I have tried opening the PDFs in Adobe Reader and Pages or Dropbox but they won’t open.

    What seems to be happening is that Mail is having difficulty downloading the attachment. I had a 4MB PDF attachment and when I tapped on the icon it began to download, which took several minutes. I saw the byte size change from 0 to 4MB. Then I tapped on it again to open the file but the byte size dropped immediately to 0 again and the file won’t open. I tried opening in Adobe Reader but got the error “The document is empty (size 0KB)” . I have gone through several cycles of downloading the file and seining the seesaw from 0 to 4MB and back again. Just won’t open the file.

    Same problem when I tried opening Word documents in Pages or Dropbox. Also, I reproduced this issue with my colleague’s iPad (version 1, iOS4, Pages).

    Just to ascertain there’s nothing wrong with the file attachments, I downloaded the same PDF in Outlook, placed it in my Dropbox, and opened it in the iPad without any problem.

    So, my conclusion is that the Mail app in iPad is unable to handle PDF and Word attachments.

  • dinuaed

    i get e mail message message 385 times sender …none.
    details…as follows.BEGIN:VCARD VERSOcN:3.0 F N:gilssc N:;gislessc;;;
    EMAIL:TYPE=internet:giles@windstream.net REV:2011-10-
    19T15:13:00Z UID:6a1a11f3-a807-4971-9a18-c090b4007dEND68:186734






  • dinu

    please respond to my above question.

    i get this unwants e mail 375 at a time …?

    why ??

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil


    I haven’t experience this problem but if it’s only one email having the issue the problem may not be on your end. You can go to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> tap on the Account-> Advanced (at the bottom)-> set Delete from server to “When removed from inbox” and remove the messages.

    You can also remove the mail account then recreate it if there are to many messages to delete. That would get rid of all the messages.

  • Van

    My mail on ipad hung after opening and and closing an attachment. Previous times I had no problems reading attachments. the option to open attachment in pdf lite or dropbox is permanently displayed. have had my email account removed, but that display is still permanently there. Is there anything I can do?

  • Melissa

    May mail loads perfectly on my ipad, but then My mail keeps disappearing once I’ve checked it on my laptop. All the messages load of laptop and nothing is left on iPad. Please help. I didn’t have this problem with iPad but not I’m having it with ipad2

  • J maddren

    Why are my emails disappearing from my inbox?

    I receive emails but they don’t stay there

  • ks

    Does anyone know how to do this. I have an IPOD that has emails saved in the mail that we want to print from the ipod. Do to some issues I don’t want to go into we can’t access that email anymore so I can just log onto a computer and print them or forward them. is there way to print from the mail program or a way to save them into another format or back them up to a computer.


  • Sandy

    Please explain how I add an iTunes song to an email I’m sending out. Thanks.

  • http://www.macroltd.com Rocky

    Does anyone know how to activate hyperlinks in received emails? Whenever I open an email with hyperlinks, I tap, it responds with a flash of a highlight, then nothing happens. I can not find any place on the apple website that addresses this issue. HELP, please!

  • Melissa

    Still trying to find out why my emails keep disappearing from my inbox. This is really frustrating.

  • David

    I’m having the same problem as Jane back in July: we set up the first Gmail account on our new iPad2 with no problems, and Mail shows the e-mails for that account; we added a second Gmail account, but not only can we not see that account’s e-mails, when we open Settings -> Mails, Contacts, Calendars, nothing appears and it shows the Home screen straight away. I’ve tried rebooting (with just the power button and with both power + home buttons) and resetting the settings, but same thing. We only use webmail on our home PC, so in iTunes there’s no tickbox for “Sync Mail Accounts” nor is there any values in the drop down box. Feeling very stuck! Should I book time with an Apple Genius?

  • Webe

    Don- go to settings- mail etc- gmail account- archive on/off
    Just figured it out don’t know if u ever got ur response

  • lucille

    How come my iPad2 goes blank now and then!!! ie now,
    I can’t open anything, black screen!!

  • syed sohail

    How can i set up my e-mail account so the e-mail can only be accessed by typing password rather than automatic access to my e-mail accounts bu opening my ipad 2?

  • david

    the function where e mails i send from my ipad are automatically cc’d back to me has stopped working – any ideas

  • Ricky

    I am trying to email some pictures from my ipad…I go into photos, options and then choose my pictures, then click on share…the email option is there but won’t let me choose it, I can only choose ‘print’ or ‘message’…can anyone help?

  • Selena

    Please help, I was filming and it said to delete things because I ran out of room, I did. Then it started to get really slow, now I can only view my photos in photos, not camera and it won’t let me take more photos or videos. I’m very worried and couldn’t afford a protection plan thing.please help me.

  • susan

    mi IPAD does not open. I turn it on and it is written ENTER PASSCODE. Never had a passcode. What must I do?????

  • Andy

    How can I clean up an email to forward by deleting all the previous address and people. I can’t believe that I can only do that one name at a time!

  • Kim

    Why do I keep getting emails with a blue bullet point on left that say no sender and no content and I can’t find any way to delete them. When I click on them the screen that opens is grayed out

  • Marco

    Hi guys, eveytime I try to send an e-mail or open the mail,contacts,calender icon on my definitions panel, my ipad takes me back to the main menu…i have already restored to factory settings and nothing works. any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Paul

    Help, I can not open the mail in settings when I press it, the screen just goes back to home page , why ?

  • Paul

    I’m having the same problem as David back in October but i set up the first Hotmail account on our new iPad2 with no problems, and Mail shows the e-mails for that account; when we open Settings -> Mails, Contacts, Calendars, nothing appears and it shows the Home screen straight away. I’ve tried rebooting (with just the power button and with both power + home buttons) and resetting the settings, but same thing. Would like to set up another account but can’t also can’t turn this one off now.

  • Michael

    Each time I try to do a long reply using my ipad 2, my device shuts down after about 20min and I lose all that I have typed within the body of my email reply. How do I get the ipad to stop shutting down mid email?

  • Tom

    I added my gmail to the email app on my ipad2 and i cant remove it. It doesn’t show up on the settings>mail section of the settings menu. That area is greyed out, but when i select the mail icon my gmail pops up. This is a problem for me since i’m not the only one using this ipad. Any suggestions?

  • Helen Scott-Orr

    My iPad emails seem to have frozen on the screen -I can open individual emails from the inbox but they only occupy the bottom right hand segment of the screen and cannot be read or manipulated, except to file them. Where do I go to unfreeze them?

  • Eva Minti

    I have a problem with the tap ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’. Every time I press that tap it does not open and and it goes directly to the first page of the iPad. I have already reboot and restored the iPad2 (16GB) but the problem is still there!
    Could anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Julie Locke

    I am having exactly the same problem as Eva – Please help!

  • Carol

    I am having the same problem as Helen and have tried evrything to correct it. Please help

  • Elana

    When someone sends me photos as an attachment, the photos appears as part of the message. Is there something to stop this from happening, since I need to send the photos again as an attachment.


  • louann saltel

    please send”andysgal@yahoo.com”email to my”i pad”. I`m missing some remaining e mail.

  • Georgiana

    I set up my email wrong and It is just stuck on that..how do i reset it or delete that accoutn and add a new one?

  • Linda

    My email seems to have frozen and all I get is a blank page…everything else seems to be functioning properly.

  • EJW

    I had a functioning hotmail account that was hacked. I changed the password and can receive email but can’t send or fwd. I checked all of the info in the settings, but nothing has worked. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Garrett

    when I read an email I’d like it to fade so I know I’ve read it. How do I do that?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    I don’t know of a way to get the email to fade but there is a small dot to the left of the email that disappears after it’s been read.

  • Corine

    When I send someone an email from my iPad they cannot reply. I don’t receive it.
    It sends it to another email name?

  • Tim McDonald

    I am not getting my emails all of the sudden it says my email or password is wrong

  • Kirk Martin

    How do I check older emails without scrolling through every one and waiting until it pulls them up every time????

  • Henry Rosenblum

    I have an iPad, that my family will use. However I don’t want them to have access my email accounts. Is there a way I can password protect accessing my email from my iPad?

  • Martha

    Cannot receive emails. I was getting them until about two weeks ago. What have I done now!

  • Stuart glover

    When I reply to or forward an email on my iPad with an attachment, the attachment does not stay attached. How can I ensure that the attachment stays?

  • Karen

    Recently i had to change my password on hotmail in order to sign in and ever since then, I have been able to sign in but then cannot open emails. When I tap on the message nothing happens, neither can I mark an email to delete or move to another folder. (I also had michael’s problem- lost a long email reply). Any help?? Thank you!

  • Corrine

    I keep getting a message saying that I cannot open my pop3account because it it in use on another device and it it not

  • mark

    I have my email (POP3) linked to my home pc and to my ipad. i recieve one 4 out of 5 emails. why does it do this? really frustrating as call people awaiting an email and realise it has come up on my poc not on my ipad. Should it not duplicate every email?

  • Dixen

    On gmail I don’t know how to add pictures and other websites don’t help me

  • Di

    Is there a way to delete the emails from your PC when you pick them up on your ipad, without having to go back and do it manually?

  • Nick

    I can’t send e-mail any yahoo address and it’s costing me money. Anybody have an answer for this problem.

  • kengel

    Dropped e-mails using 3G. I have discovered that many emails sent from my ipad never went through. They aren’t in my send box or my outbox and I never received a message saying that the emails were not delivered.

  • June

    I get the first part of the email but cannot get the full email. There is no content

  • Monik shah

    Every time I try to download the attached image with email it turns out black and not able to see it properly please guide me to avoid this problem.

  • Monty burck

    When I click on mail on the home page and add a email that’s incorrect, there is no delete button.

  • Martin

    I want to know how many of them are using OutlookReflex on their ipad? i want a feedback before purchasing it.

  • Tom

    How do I get a photo that was sent to me as an email attachment into my photo album .

  • Jenny Willingter

    I can’t scroll down my mail on my iPhone – the tool bar that lets you go up and down to other emails disappeared. How do I get it back?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Just hold your finger on the image for a few seconds and tap save.

  • Jim

    I would like to send emails to multiple names in my contact list. Now I need to pick one at time which takes a lot of time. Is there a way in which I can pick one group that containsthe name I want?

  • sarah

    how can i get my pc my laptop and my ipad and iphone to delete on each one when i press delete. I have to delete the same email on each device separtely

  • Brendon

    I have recently started receiving blank emails, more than 10, with no subject nor content. The problem is that I am unable to delete them. I tap the edit button and there is no selection dot available. Any ideas?

  • tammy

    My iPad will not let me add another email account. I have four accounts. I thought maybe it was bc there might be a limit, but my iPhone has the same four accts and I can add it there. The whole area on my iPad where you would add an acct is not highlighted and you can not select anything in that section. Can anyone help?

  • Linda

    My yahoo mail not showing any pic,just showing ? On the space that supposed to be a pictures( only happened in my iPad). Pls help..it’s getting annoying me

  • http://Maryshop.com Margaret Roy

    Emails from the above website stay locked in my email. How do I delete them?

  • j. a . g

    I hate apple. This sucks. I bought my ipad 2 on Dec.2……Everything working fine until now. All of a sudden I am unable to send emails.cannot send mail , check settings, etc. OF course it waits until I am 2 lousy weeks past my 90 day free help. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of these people . I have’t a CLUE what to do. Nor does it make sense that it was working fine until now.

    No help from apple. Got kicked to the curb side. Anyone have this problem?

  • Tonya

    I am losing the body of my emails. Any suggestions?

  • Shiva

    It’s 2 days that I can’t see emails message” body text”. I can see 2 lines of the message under email description but the entire mail is blank. I also don’t have the option of login on the bottom of the mailbox! What should I do?

  • John R

    Ipad won’t open email attachments that have blue “Q” sort of icon. When I tap it, it just keeps showing “loading” forever but never opens.

  • Mark McLamb

    It’s 2 days that I can’t see emails message” body text”. I can see 2 lines of the message under email description but the entire mail is blank. I also don’t have the option of login on the bottom of the mailbox! What should I do?

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Have you tried resetting your iPad?

    Press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear – It’s the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    It sounds like it’s a QuickTime video. Normally you can watch QuickTime movies sent as an attachment in mail. However, it all depends on how that specific QuickTime was coded. H.264 coded films should play.

    You could always convert it to iPhone/iPad using QuickTime on you Mac or pc or download an app that will play videos that are not supported but the default video app.

  • Vyacheslav Shakirov

    All settings (logins, passwords, accounts) are correct, but I have problems with iMessage. Messages doesn’t send correctly. Messages marked on my iPad as “didn’t sended”, were received by addressee at the same time normally . Some messages sended to me, i receive after some time (from 10 min to 3 days). Please help me resolve this problem.


  • Danny McWilliams

    When writing an email from my iPad, how do I attach a picture or file to go with the email. I cannot find an “Attach” tab.

  • Judy

    When I have responded to someone not in my contacts, their email address goes automatically in my create email drop down menu. In other words, if I click TO: and let’s say the letter a, my drop down list will include all those previous addresses. They are not in my regular contact list, but it is annoying to find them ALL in the compose drop down list. How can I delete these?

  • Damian Fay

    Old deleted and trashed e mails keep coming back. I am informed there are over 10 thousand e mails in my account, dating back for years. Every time I open my e mails another 50 or so appear. Frustrating. Please help a.s.a.p.

  • David Ray

    Ipad email out box unable to send email to server. Receiving email. Can send out email from computer on same server but not via ipad

  • Paula

    I have a email that I went to send but it stuck on the the iPad screen . I go to delet or send , and I hear it Bo bing like its sent but it remains on the screen . I cant get it to go away . When I was in SE ASIA a person g
    Helped me when it happened a couple of months back but I don’t know how they solved it for me that time HELP????

  • Scotty

    After opening a message from my hotmail account, I cannot close the message. When another message is selected,it does not poem. Although, I can delete other messages, I just can’t view them.

  • Douglas Nelson

    I am receiving two e mails instead of one every time an add or message comes in, how do I correct this.

  • Paula

    Hotmail message frozen on iPad 2 cannot get rid of it

  • Daniel Cohen

    How do you set up a reminder for an email being sent on an Ipad? I am new to Ipad, I am used to setting this up on Outlook or in Zimbra, but have not been able to figure out how to do it on an Ipad. Please help.

  • Bill

    I used to hear a sound when receiving emails etc.
    This has stopped.
    How domI restore the sounds.
    Tried resetting. Did not help.
    Not sure what my settings should be.

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    Did you try going to Settings-> General-> Sounds-> and making sure New Mail and Sent Mail have sounds set?

  • is

    What does “mark” and “hide” do/mean?

  • is

    what does “mark” and “hide” mean or do?

  • Alvaro neves

    I received a strange email on my ipad which i cannot open or delete. When i select it it freezes the email and then closes the app. How can i remove this inbox message?

  • Anneke

    I have lost my out mail, sent and drafts boxes which now means that I can not send any messages. When I compose a message it just disappears. Can anyone help me?

  • Jackie

    Anyone know how long a set message stays in iPad

  • Cheryl

    Please tell me how to turn off the bulk mail in my e-mail on my IPAD2. I have had over 900 emails in it that was junk

  • Bob

    Several people have access to my iPad. How can I lock my hotmail acct. without locking them out of the I pad?

  • Edna Chaufournier


  • Carol Vincent

    As of the past two days, the icons are bouncing when I turn on the ipad. There is a slight delay when typing, the letters don’t have the space in between, a period appears frequently, wrong letters appear…very frustrating. What to do? This computer is 7 months old.

  • Sarah archer

    I have forgotten my password to set up email account I don’t know how to find it.

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    I had been browsing for recommendations for my very own blog and located ur post, “iPad Email Help | iPad Help”,
    do you mind if perhaps I really work with many of your own points?
    With thanks ,Bryce

  • George hall

    I just started getting bulk emails and I want them to stop Help!!!!!

  • Joe

    When I receive multiple page email, I can not scroll to second and third page, how can I fix this?

  • L. Canning

    I don\’t have a dictation switch in my keyboard settings.

  • Gary Stanullwich

    Unfortunately, most reader of these web-pages are getting incorrect information. On IOS devices, if you set up e-mail on ipads or iphones, you will NOT be able to receive your e-mail on you Desktop. That\’s just the way IOS devices work. Either you keep your receiving your e-mail on your Desktop OR your IOS device. One or the other. With IOS devices you can\’t receive e-mail both ways.

  • G fees

    Why do I get messages on my I pad that say my iPad has not been backed up for 4 weeks? I always shut it off , plug it in when I charge it. ????? That is supposed to back it up according to the message. what am I missing here?

  • susan

    My iPad does not keep my sent messages. Other ipads keep their sent mail. How do I set that up?

  • Pat

    For some reason all my yahoo emails are going to both yahoo and gmail. I am using my iPad2. it just happened after mymyahoo account was hacked. I deleted both accounts and set up yahoo only. Then got the gmail app, and it is still happening. I have to delete two email accounts since both have the same emails. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  • B Martin

    How do I add a profile photo onto my outgoing emails in Hotmail?

  • nmira004

    My ipad does not appear to attach the automated signature \’Sent from my iPad\’ or any new signature that I introduce?

  • http://www.techmantras.us/Support/Software/Intuit.aspx deepu

    Quite help full to resolve my problem,how to set up e-mail account on i-pad.


  • http://MMVL.biz Martin Lashley

    My email is stuck loading. Need to fix

  • darrell

    how do I unlock hyperlinks in email so they will open in a browers when I tap on them on my ipad and iphone?

  • Oma

    Hi ,I cannot open folders like sent on my iPad 2.when I tap on a folder the mail I am viewing goes into the folder.i have tried pressing down on the folder for a longer time but nothing happens .pls help

  • JR

    How to attach a file in my email?

  • Lyli

    How can I forward an email received to Facebook?

  • Mari

    Since I updated to IOS7, I get a window that pops up when I try to get my email…..it reads \”Cannot get mail, the mail server mobile.charter.net is not responding\”.
    My husband is able to get his mail plus I have another account that doesn\’t seem to have a problem. Mine is the only one. I have gone into mail settings and they are all set up exactly the same…..any insight?

  • Emily

    As of this week I can no longer obtain my drafts from my email account. This began when I did the update for iOS.

  • Vicki

    Why can\’t I reply to an email on my laptop that was sent from the I pad?

  • Lorraine Ross

    Before I even unlock my ipad some of my Yahoo emails appear on my screen. How can I stop this from happening?

  • Marjorie Thomas

    How do I get my email to go to my iPad only? I have a desktop with Windows Vista. Sometimes my email is on the ipad but sometimes it is on the computer only. I have to check both. I am going to be away for several months and need it all to go to the ipad to make sure I get them all.

  • Mary Kloempken Banks

    When I open email, there is a red box above the email icon with 1248 emails flagged…what can I do to get rid of those flagged?

  • Jan Gordon

    I have received two emails that look legit but have no content. When I try to delete them, the iPad freezes and they don’t delete. I can’t eve move them to junk. iPad just freezes. Help!

  • http://Mailapp Jude Hartley

    Receiving 2 of same email every time. How can I correct this

  • Ranigirl

    I have to send daily reports for work, each heading in bold and underlined to make each section clear and distinct. However once sent, the headings changes to all same font. No underline and no bold. How can I fix this?

  • Dianne

    On my ipad under “mail, contacts, calendar” the SHOW button under Mail is gone. Also on my iPhone too. Suggestions??

  • Kathryn

    I have just updated our operating system on our mainframe computer. Since then all emails are being downloaded onto our iPad rather than just those not downloaded from the server. Can I now just get the latest ones downloaded onto iPad as I do not need llmon the iPad as we’ll as mainframe computer.

  • Bethel

    I opened “Mail” on my iPad an our ago. Opened as normal. I opened it 1/2 hour ago. “Mail” does not come up but a list of “iCloud, AOL, Google… or Other”. Confused. I clicked “Other” but it is still a mystery to me. So I can’t get into my mail. I am using a desktop computer, and Firefox, to access my emails now.

  • Marylou

    Hi , i have not recieved any new emails since Tuesday (it is now Friday). I must have changed somenthing in my settings? Should I have it on push or fetch or manual to recieve my emails. I have had no problems for years now all of a sudden I am not recieving my emails. I think I must have changed somehthing in my settings. Helpppppp

    Thank you

  • María Greer

    Hello, my email works fine sending and receiving, but when I want to go to link from a message, nothing happens. Any ideas?

  • William

    My email icon shows 172 when I only have 1. How do I sort this?

  • William

    My iPad Air mail icon shows 172 when in fact there is only 1 in the inbox. How do I fix this?

  • johninmaryland

    Do these ever get answered? My email page has also frozen tho everything else, apps, safari, etc., works fine. How do I fix this?

  • AnavelGato
  • Linda

    I want to be able to search for emails within specific accounts and files that I have set up on my iPad. I am familiar with the search function in the Mailbox, but I can find one within the specific accounts. Can this be done?

  • Madden Michele

    I’m sending out resumes and the only option when attaching is to attach from camera roll. I’m not sure how to get my resume into my photos….

  • Roy Hughes

    Amazingly frustrating. Suddenly I am told that my password is incorrect. It wasn’t yesterday and nothing has changed. Followed instructions– E mail says”you have successfully changed your password. 10 minutes later having done nothing to offend the infernal machine I am told “your password is wrong. What do I do.. Open a vein or what ?