Can’t Send Emails on iPad – Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some steps to take if you are unable to send emails from your iPad.

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Turn iPad off and then on again

To turn the iPad off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears, then drag the slider.
Give it a minute to shut down, then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

In Settings, turn on other SMTP servers

    1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and under Accounts, tap the account from which you’re trying to send email:

    1. Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and tap the box that says SMTP:

  1. Turn on all other SMTP Servers.

Add additional information to SMTP servers

Start with the primary SMTP server, make sure all the correct information is entered, even the optional information. The optional username and password may be required here if SSL is turned on.

Add your email account on iPad instead of syncing your mail settings from your computer

    1. In iTunes, select iPad in the source list on the left, under Devices.
    2. Select the Info tab.
    3. If selected, deselect Sync Mail Accounts.

    1. Click Apply.
    2. Disconnect iPad after it has finished syncing.
    3. On the iPad, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and under accounts, tap Add Account.

    1. Next select the type of email account and follow the instructions. When you enter your email address, iPad will look up your service provider’s settings for you. If the iPad can’t find your service provider’s settings, you can enter them directly or contact your email service provider for the settings.

If None of These Steps Work

I recommend using a free Gmail account, add your other email addresses to the Gmail account, then add the Gmail account to your iPad.

There are other advantages to doing this, such as, a unified inbox, folders and being able to view email from Safari.

  • Adab

    Have checked all settings but iPad consistently stalls when trying to send messages to two addresses in particular and this ocks all outgoing messages

    Any ideas

  • John Watts

    Can only send mail when connected to my wyfi, any other wyfi it just holds then in my outbox. I do not have a card installed yet, it’s a 32g with wyfi & 3G. Receives all mail OK.

    Help please!!!!

  • Carol

    Email from Pages will not send…sudden change today. How do I fix this?

  • Marian Rochester

    My e.mail has stalled, nothing I try will move it on. Any suggestions please.

  • Phil

    If you are having trouble sending but can receive emails check you SMTP settings.
    On your iPad go to Settings> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”> Your mail account> SMTP> “Primary Server”. Make sure your primary server is on, all your information is correct and enter your User Name and Password even though is says Optional.

  • Marian Rochester

    Than you for help.Turning off, leaving and turning on fixed problem.

  • Ingrid

    Perhaps you have solved your problem by now, but I also had the problem that I could not send e-mails from Pages (or any other apps), though Mail worked fine. After reading these comments I think that the problem was that I had changed my e-mail password (I use Yahoo. I changed the password to get into Yahoo mail) but I had set up my mail on my iPad long before that and so it had the wrong password. Once I went into settings, selected “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and then selected my account and then put in my new password, I was able to e-mail from Pages. Hope this does the trick for you.

  • vanessa

    I can recieve emails but not send. The primary server says
    which is on. then if I click on that acc I am unable to edit anything, only ‘Done ‘ is high lighted.

    When you say add other smtp servers, what am i to put in?

  • Phil

    The “Other SMTP Severs” are SMTP servers form other email accounts. You really shouldn’t need to edit though. The Yahoo setting are automatically added when you create an account on your iPad. Try turning the account off in settings and recreate the account on your iPad.

    If that works then delete the old yahoo account that doesn’t send emails.

  • Betty

    Could receive mail on IPad but could not send! After reading so many solutions and trying them, I finally found a very simple solution that worked in seconds! I went to settings for ICloud, mail, etc. and after bringing up my email account, I selected “delete account”. Then, I selected “add account”. Only had to feed in my name, email address, my web site ( and email account password. Pushed the Done button and my mail is working great! I can now send as well as receive!!

  • Debra

    I tried all of the suggestions. I have an iPhone that works perfectly well sending and receiving emails. I did. Ot try the deleting the iCloud email since that one is working on my iPad I have 4 email accounts and two are working on iPad All 4 are working on iPhone

  • Kay Brekke

    Ican not send emails

  • Jessye roux

    Something comes up when I try to e mail, go to the outbox, see if i’m a real person.

  • Peter Buchanan

    I have read this thread and other postings referring to the inability of an iPad to send emails to SMTP services provided by hosting companies. I have contacted my ISP and implemented their recommendations, I’ve also followed the advice I’ve found on the web. Is there something fundermentally wrong in the iPad implementation of SMTP mail?

  • Ann

    I have a domain hosted email. I can receive and send email, but when I try to delete email (put them in the trash can), I get a popup telling me that it cannot send the email to the trash. How do I fix this?

  • Shilpa

    My iPad 1 sends put emails. But I just got an iPad 3 And it won’t send out any mails. Mine is a domain hosted email. When I try to send out any mails it says “the email has not been sent because the server does not allow relaying.” any help? Thank you.

  • Morgy46

    Many thanks it was a great help email working again.

  • Susan

    I changed my aol account password. Having same problem where I can’t send emails…went to change mail settings under SMTP on iPad… all greyed out and locked…can’t accessSMTP or delete mail account…..Wtf.

  • Stacey

    Enta the passsword for the “CalDAV account” is the error MSG I get each time I try to check my yahoomail on my iPad and iPhone , it just stopped working on my device for two days now, and sometimes it says that no password is being provided, and that I should go to account setting. pls I need help to rectify this now, it’s driving me crazy

  • Tpn

    Thanks very much Phil for the tip- sending emails from iPad and iPhone with new ios6 works perfectly now

  • Nathan G2G

    Yes, the steps worked perfectly. Thanks for the valuable solution.

  • Moira Manley

    Thanks to Betty I fixed the problem in seconds. I tried so many things for 2 days. Just deleted the account and started from scratch.


    I was so frustrated…

  • Amy

    Followed all these steps, still can’t send emails. So this is completely unhelpful.

  • JoAnne Wilkin

    I cannot send emails or post messages on my IPad

  • yo


  • Susan Hauck

    I\’ve tried all of the things you suggest & nothing seems to work. I can go to a website & reply to something there but can\’t send emails or reply to them.

  • Caroline

    For the past two days my iPhone and iPad have not been able to send or receive my Yahoo email messages. Yahoo works perfectly fine on an ordinary laptop. On iPhone or iPad it either repeatedly asks for my email passwork or says ‘Yahoo! Server Unavailable’. I have tried deleting my email account and reloading it again to be told ‘Yahoo! Server Unavailable’. I have also switched off and rebooted both items without success. I have now booked a £25 plus tax call through Apple as at the end of my tether! So somebody please please help!!!


    Thanks Betty I followed your suggested procedure and now my ipad
    andiphone is working again!

  • Jo

    Thanks for this. Completing the optional info for the smtp server worked.

  • Don Manelli

    The problem is not with the users it is with the iPad and iPhone. I have the latest model of each and the latest version of iOS Email problems continue making both devices marginally useful despite their not insignificant cost. Sending emails worked for awhile but now cannot be done. Re-entered all settings but no use. Will replace the iPhone with the new Samsung and the iPad is really only useful as a web surfer. Apple needs to get real or they will go the way of Xerox.

  • Xuan dat

    One more solution for who may concern about sending email on ipad : change the Sim card to other carrier ! I tried many options but only that worked! Have fun!

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  • Mughal

    it helps perfectly. great
    thanks for the support.

  • Sherrie

    AT&T outgoing mail stuck in outbox through Safari on the iPad. Any suggestions?

  • Dan

    Same issue, cannot send but can receive messages. Never had this problem? Very annoying…

  • Arnold Lachner

    After many months of working well, both of our iPads are not able to send emails. Email service on our laptops is working fine, all of them on the same wifi. We have hotmail accounts.

  • Lisa

    Same thing for me i was emailing fine this morning- at about 11:30-12pm AEST it decided it would not allow me to send anymore- :-/

  • Lisa

    Also have tried everything suggested … Have resorted to just going onto but it doesn\’t help when i need to email pictures on a friday afternoon to my real estate agent before the weekend but cannot access my camera roll from the outlook site :-(

  • Keith

    Same problem here, mail just stopped sending, I have 7 emails stuck in the outbox! Any help would be great, I have tried all of the above to no avail….

  • Lilly

    My email says I have 2500+ flagged accts when I try to open it says no messages found! how can I fix this?..

  • Chris K.

    I also have a problem sending emails to a POP3 account. I tracked down the issue to a wrong command sent by IOS7. My server gets the following:

    Command unrecognized: \”AIL FROM:\” (email obscured).

    Clearly, the \”M\” in the MAIL is missing.I think this is looking like a IOS7 bug.

  • lacey

    i gave up on the default Mail app and use altamail for more control and options over my email accounts

  • Cheryl

    I had the same problem with my Yahoo small business email address on my ipad. Could receive email, but could not send. As stated before – I filled in the \”Optional\” information for the SMTP server – started working immediately. Thanks for the help!

  • Ann Chase

    God Bless Betty for sharing her success on getting her outgoing emails up and running!!
    Worked like a charm!


  • Alson

    iPad can’t reply to received e-mails.

  • Tina Williams

    I had the same problem: iPad made appropriate swooshing sound but sent emails were lost. I finally managed to correct the problem by setting up a gmail account and successfully sent mail to my Hotmail and iCloud accounts. When I then returned to said accounts, I was able to send emails again. No idea what caused it but relieved that I’m back in econtact once more. Thanks for the troubleshooting tips!

  • Brendalee

    I have four separate email accounts. For some reason on one of my accounts, which is the Gmail account, email addresses don’t show up for people that I have listed in my address book. All the other accounts work fine. What could possibly be the problem.h

  • olivia

    So I finally have been able to restore sending emails to 2 out of my 3 email services after the iOS7 upgrade, except the most important, my business one. It uses a APN which I have set up, but each time I re-boot it is required to be re-installed and still can’t send email. I’m at my wits end with this iPad – iPhone is fine with the corporate mail. HELP!

  • Larry

    On my new iPad air I receive emails ok but every time I send emails I get a incorrect password message.

  • Dan

    on desktop –e-mail says 960 unopened , but all e-mail has been eleted.
    can not get rid of the red numbers…

  • Gail

    Can you help please. I have the ipad air and unlike my previous ipad I cant extend the message history on incoming emails. In settings under “mail” there is no ‘show’ where it allows you to change from 50 messages. This is so frustrating as I often have to search for mail from previous months.
    Is there a way of correcting this and extending the history of incoming emails. Thanks

  • Emily

    I can only send email from home. I do receive email from other wifi but cannot reply or send unless I am home on my wifi.

  • The Sandfly

    THANKYOU SO MUCH! you’ve saved my sanity!

  • taufik hidayat

    deleting email free get about setting

  • Apple user

    Both my husband and I couldn’t send emails, but could receive them, from our Apple devices (phones, iPads or computers) after changing our passwords on Comcast. After reading many threads, likely this one, we found the issue and fixed it. Don’t know if it’s a Comcast or Apple issue but calling Comcast tech support was not helpful. So I thought I would comment here so that it comes to the top and helps others. Thank you to the original poster, you saved us a lot of frustration and time!

    It appears that when we changed our passwords at Comcast, the settings on our devices for email changed the password for incoming email server (which it should) but saved the old password on the outgoing server, thus blocking outgoing emails. It was a simple fix to go into settings / email / select the comcast acct / scroll to outgoing mail server / select / select primary server / “x”, erase or back space over the old password which appears as dots / and then enter in the new password. Fixed. :-)

  • Colleen Walker

    thank you so much! this exactly our problem! We’ve been trying so many things to fix it… finally fixed!

  • peteinny

    That fixed it! Who said APPLE stuff was intuitive?????????

  • NF

    Every time i download a new IOS, my non apple account(email)goes slightly haywire. The main problem i encounter is the password. Make sure your passwords for both your email and SERVER are correct. I was receiving emails fine after the download, but could not send, forward etc.. Once I reentered the password in the server portion of the settings, all worked fine. Drove me nuts!!!

  • Adrian Bates

    I suddenly can’t send replies to emails that I used to reply to. I have 7 stuck in the outbox! Have opened all STMP accounts as you are instructed to do, but still the same.
    Can anyone help?

  • Rondarae

    Fixed :-) Thank you so much – it has been driving me crazy and like your email said no help from comcast – now I can send email on my I-pad again :-)

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  • Trudy Kaylor

    I cant send email it says “mailbox size limit exceeded” the size is 100MB…help

  • Trudy Kaylor

    I have a lot of work email with large attachments

  • Wister

    You saved me from going crazy(er). Thanks very much.