Installous 5 – How to fix “Hash Sum Mismatch” error


Hash Sum Mismatch errorMany people that have tried to update to Installous 5 have encountered the “Hash Sum Mismatch” error.

To get Installous 5 to install without the error;

  1. Uninstall Installous 4.
  2. Update any packages in Cydia that are not up to date. Open Cydia, then tap Changes–> Refresh -> Upgrade.
  3. Install Installous 5.

If for some reason you still get the Hash Sum Mismatch error;

    1. Remove any version of Installous you have and remove the Hackulous repo. To remove the repo go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit-> -> Delete.
    2. Restart your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Add the Hackulous repo again. Go to Manage-> Sources-> Edit-> Add -> Enter
  2. Now, search for and Install Installous 5.

New features added with the Installous 5.0 update;

  • Added BitTorrent download support
  • Support for iOS 5 notifications
  • Better filehost compatibility
  • Bug-fixes and optimization

If you still can’t get Installous 5 to install, you can reinstall Installous 4 by adding the repo

iHackstore repo

  • zack

    Hey is there anyway I can fix the API error I get whenever I click on the food and drink category? There is another category I think it’s the weather one both have the API error and the icon preview thing for both are missing. The rest of the categories are fine though. Any insight is appreciated thanks