Installous 5 – How to fix “Hash Sum Mismatch” error

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Hash Sum Mismatch errorMany people that have tried to update to Installous 5 have encountered the “Hash Sum Mismatch” error.

To get Installous 5 to install without the error;

  1. Uninstall Installous 4.
  2. Update any packages in Cydia that are not up to date. Open Cydia, then tap Changes–> Refresh -> Upgrade.
  3. Install Installous 5.

If for some reason you still get the Hash Sum Mismatch error;

    1. Remove any version of Installous you have and remove the Hackulous repo. To remove the repo go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit-> -> Delete.
    2. Restart your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Add the Hackulous repo again. Go to Manage-> Sources-> Edit-> Add -> Enter
  2. Now, search for and Install Installous 5.

New features added with the Installous 5.0 update;

  • Added BitTorrent download support
  • Support for iOS 5 notifications
  • Better filehost compatibility
  • Bug-fixes and optimization

If you still can’t get Installous 5 to install, you can reinstall Installous 4 by adding the repo

iHackstore repo

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