How to set up your iPad in iTunes


We have created a new tutorial explaining how to set up an iPad using iTunes. This should be helpful to anyone who is new to iTunes or someone who recently purchased an iPad. The tutorial is using iTunes 10.5b48 on a Mac but iTunes on Windows is very similar so, the tutorial should be helpful to Windows users as well.

iOS 5 will allow users to set up your iOS device without plugging it into a computer but iTunes is still the preferred way to set up and manage the content on your iDevices.

Due to the larger images require for the tutorial, we had use several pages rather than posts.

Here’s a link to “How to Set Up Your iPad in iTunes”.

  • davina

    i want to know how do you set up wirless in the ipad 2?

  • Phil


    Your iPad should detect your WiFi network and all you will have to do is enter your password (if you have set one.) By default WIFi should be turn on, on your iPad.

    If you are having trouble you can go to Settings> Wi-Fi – and make sure Wi-Fi is on and ask to join networks is on.

  • Ross

    Big enthusiast of your site, quite a few your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking towards upgrades!

  • Ross

    I can not find any instruction to move items (books, movies, etc.) FROM the IPAD to ITunes.

    Only FROM ITunes to IPAD. Help.


  • Phil

    If the books or movies were purchased from iTunes or iBooks on your iPad, they should sync back to iTunes on your computer the next time you sync your iPad.

  • Lynette

    I have an iPad with Sim card Wi Fi is on but says not connected.
    What network do I need to Join?Carrier is Telstra
    Can you help me Please