How to recover a lost or stolen iPad

iPad on grass

If you believe your iPad is lost or stolen, here are a few tips to help you recover it. If you have Find My iPad enabled on your device, you can go to from a computer or use the Find My iPhone app from another iOS device to track your iPad and find its location.

You can then choose to send a message or play a sound to help you find it or set a passcode lock to prevent anyone from accessing your personal data. If you are really serious about keeping your personal information out of the hands of a stranger, you can also remotely wipe the device to remove all of your information.

Find My iPad

Recover iPadUsing Find My iPad to locate a Wi-Fi only iPad can be a problem since the feature requires a data connection. However, you can get an email alert if the device joins a Wi-Fi network.

To get an email notification when your iPad is found;

Go to, click on the Find My iPhone icon, select your device and check the box next to “Email me when this iPad is found”.

Find My iPad / iPhone is a completely free service and I highly recommend setting it up on all of your Apple devices, but if you haven’t you may be able to use FaceTime, iMessage, Skype, etc. to call or send a message to your iPad. Of course, this would only work if the apps have already been set up on the device.

Will Apple help me with my lost or stolen device?

Apple does not have a process to track or flag lost or stolen product. However, you can use find a list of serial numbers that have been purchased or registered with your Apple ID by using My Support Profile.

To get your serial number:
1. Go to My Support Profile*.
2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
3. View your purchases in “My Products”.

Although, Apple does not track or flag stolen products, if law enforcement recovers an Apple Product they know is lost or stolen they can contact Apple Corporate Security directly to notify you using your contact information. Apple will send you an email similar to this;

Dear Steve,

You are receiving this email because a law enforcement agency has contacted Apple regarding an iPad they recently recovered.

Our records indicate the iPad was registered with Apple using this email address.

To discuss this matter, please contact the following law enforcement representative:

Detective’s name
Police Department Name and Phone Number
Case Number

We understand that your privacy is important. Please be assured that Apple has not shared any of your personal information with this third party. You may review Apple’s Privacy policy at

This concern has been documented in Apple case number *******4.

Best regards,

Apple Customer Care

Report it Stolen

Your next step will be to report the stolen device to your local law enforcement agency. Make sure you have the serial number to give to law enforcement.

You can also report your device as stolen online using websites like This is a free website that enters your item into a database that is used by pawn shops and others to track stolen property that comes into their business.

Hopefully, you will find your iPad, but if your are unable to recover it you may be able to file an insurance claim if it was stolen from your home or car. Check with your insurance agent to find out if the device was covered under your policy.

  • Bill Johnston

    I recovered my stolen iPad in the south of Spain using iCloud. It was somewhat complicated but, if you are interested, you can read how I did it on my blog:

  • Tim

    how do I return an iPad that I found? Any suggestions?

  • Phil

    You can call Apple and give them the serial number. They probably won’t give out the persons contact info, but they should send them an email letting them know it was found and provide them with your contact info.

  • Naveen

    I lost iPad with serial number – GB042HQYZ38

  • amanda

    Lost/stole black iPad DYMTHMOU1DNQV.

  • Nabila

    I lost my Ipad in Malacca, West Malaysia with serial number – DYTHN4V7DVGK

  • Zoe

    I contacted Apple about an iPad that was left behind at my place of work, and they said they would not contact the owner, and could only do so if contacted by law enforcement. Otherwise it would violate their privacy policy. So I still have this iPad, and I\’ll turn it in to at the police station when I have time, as the nearest one is quite out of my way. It\’s unfortunate that there isn\’t some other way to do it.

  • Yetta Roy

    Lost iPad. Son with autism uses this device as a communication device. Serial number DYTJH38NDFHW. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Narciso L. Rodriguez

    lost/stole ipad w/airphones MD531ZP/A IPAD MINI WIFI 16GB, color white, serial number DQTJRDDFF196

  • Zoie Marie

    Lost Ipad at Roosevelt feild mall, Macys department. Please contact me if found!

  • Jason Sorrells

    Lost white ipad. Serial # DN6GG2EMDKPJ. Please contact if found. Thank you.

  • Mel

    Found iPad on Amtrak 3/14/2013. I called Apple to have it returned to it\’s owner, but they wont help. Local police wont contact Apple either.
    I am trying to find out how to return it to no avail.

  • Phil


    If you can turn on the iPad, tap on the Setting icon, then tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the left of the screen.
    Most likely they have email setup on the iPad and you can locate their email address under Accounts. It’s going to depend on which type of email account they have, but tap on whatever account is there (iCloud, Gmail, Cox, etc.). You should see their email address. I would send an email to that address asking if they lost an iPad. They should still have a computer, or smartphone to check their email. I would let them provide details about the iPad and where they lost it to confirm they are the owner.

  • Miss Lee

    My device\’s serial number was not registered. When I tried to register it after my iPad got stolen, the system on My Support Profile told me my device\’s serial was already registered under a different Apple ID. But I only have one Apple ID and I can prove it\’s my serial number, it\’s on the invoice with my name. So why does Apple allow known stolen goods to register under a different Apple ID? Each time Apple sells an app to my thief, Apple benefits from the proceeds of the crime, it\’s called corruption.

  • Lori

    I lost my iPad at Disneyland. Using find my iPhone, located it in Miami, fl. We decided to attempt contact my mailing postcards to all the homes in that area. We received an email back asking how to return it to us. Apple advised us not to give any personal info to them, but to have them turn it in to an apple store or police department. We still have not gotten it back and it has been several weeks. Of course, the emailer has not responded again…any advice?

  • Bernardino Mendez

    Lost Ipad on American Airline plane on 5/3/13, flying from Boston to Dallas. Please contact me if found!

  • Lisa Grasmick

    My son lost his Ipad at a freinds house in Glendora, New Jersey. And they cant find it. Its a silver Ipad with a red angry bird cover. Serial# DMPGK8DQDFHW Please contact me if found!

  • Patrick Linley

    Stolen white iPad Mini
    Model: iPad Mini (GSM+CDMA)
    Color: White
    Serial Number: F4KJN1B0F19P
    Model Details: iPad2,7
    Model Type: MD545

    Software info:
    iOS Version: 6.1.3
    iOS Build Version: 10B329
    Passcode Locked: No
    Jailbroken: No
    Device ID: a80fbbee2873b92ce70bf4908ed2a35ef727794e

    Cellular info:
    Carrier: Verizon LTE_US (14.2)
    Activation State: Activated
    MLB Number: C7L244101BLF98YA2
    ECID: 3110569386954
    IMEI: 990002397308931
    IMSI: 311480045566863
    ICCID: 89148000000449581652

    Hardware info:
    Hardware Model: P107AP
    Wi-Fi MAC Address: e4:8b:7f:b1:e0:38
    Bluetooth MAC Address: e4:8b:7f:b1:e0:39
    Ethernet MAC Address: e4:8b:7f:b1:e0:3a

  • Carlene

    Lost apple ipad mini near plantation Florida. Please help. Find my iPhone doesn\’t work on wifi only iPads.

  • Christopher

    I too believe I lost my iPad or it was stolen its in a black survivor case, misplaced it sometime yesterday in oceanside in the vicinity of oceanside fire dept HQ. unable to locate using iCloud, since the iPad is not connected to any wifi if some found it please contact me. 5167798932.

    (The title lock screen home page is a picture of teaching schedule)

  • Ed Carroll

    I had my i pad, Serial Number DLXJK3PBF183, Stolen out of my house in London Ontario, Canada on May 28,2013, it was my keep sake of my dying friend that had bought it for me. Sure hoping i can find, have iPhone find on it but it seems never to come on line.I know this was sold to a pawn shop for $100.00, Thank you for any help.

  • Vic

    Lost daughter\’s iPad at the San Francisco Pier 39 on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. If found please call 415-225-1968. It is a black iPad with black leather cover.

  • LSL

    I lost my ipad at Costco NE San Jose, CA on July 6, 2013. IPAD serial number is DN6H62JGDJ8V. Sadly, whoever found it had no intention of returning.

  • Jimmy

    I lost my iPad 2 with serial number: F5RK5TCCDFHW

    Please contact me if found. I will compensate you.


  • Jimmy

    I lost my iPad 2 with serial number: F5RK5TCCDFHW towards Harold Wood in Essex UK. Please contact me on (+44 7456044402) if found. I will compensate you.


  • Antoinette Dirda

    My ipad is missing from the Valley Forge Casino and Resort in King of Prussia, Pa. I am offering a reward of $100 if found and returned. Please email me at if you located it. It is black and the serial number is: DMPJQ9RJF18Y
    Thank you

  • Jaylani

    My iPad 2 got stolen.
    iPAD2 WiFi 64gb WHITE
    MODEL A1395

  • mojdeh

    I lost my ipad please contact me @, cover is red

  • Prem Gyawali

    I have lost my iPad 2 (wifi) serial no.DN6G5QHGDFHY in Kathmandu Nepal. Can any body help me to find it?

  • NJ

    My lost/stolen ipad mini (wifi) with serial no. DLXK8JH1F197.


  • NJ

    My lost/stolen ipad mini (wifi) with serial no. DLXK8JH1F197. near San pablo, LAGUNA. Philippines

    CAN SOMEBODY help me.

  • Farhad

    Lost my new iPad 4,retina display with serial no DMPK3FKXF183
    In St. Albans .
    Reported to police.

  • A Rand

    Found ipad in waterloo. Please reply if this is yours.

  • arvind

    i lost my ipad mini at general hospital at kuala lumpur. serial no.DLXL1MDPF193

  • Dxtrman

    My iPad2 was stolen. Location: Manila, Philippines.

    Serial number: DN6H2MPZDKPJ

  • Tami Wagner



    Lost iPad on Kenya Airways KQ482 from Nairobi to Dar es salaam on 12th November 2013. The iPad in question is black in color with a black cover branded Noku, Serial number is DMPKF2TQF18Y, IMEI 99000 308 099 1264. Would appreciate any leads.

  • Greg

    I had the app on when mine went missing of course it shows up with a grey circle so I know it has not seen the web or I would have received a tracking email but my question is I had the 10 tries then disable the pad if they try to hook it up to iTunes will I get a tracking mail if it’s in reset mode? And will my message show up on the ipad or on the iTunes screen or both.
    By them trying to do this should I not get a ping with a location just by there iTunes seeing my pad?

  • Candy

    iPod classic 160GB engraved (I LOVE YOU CANDY! MARCUS) on the back,serial# 8K34509Y9ZS and iPad 4th Generation serial# DMPJMCEBF187 was stolen out of a broken-in vehicle in Nassau, Bahamas on Jan. 1, 2014. Please help:(

  • fredashearer

    Had a ipad stolen out of my house Havent been open it was a gift for my grandson for Christmas. serial number is SDYVKN2YSDFHU

  • john smith

    I lost my un opened iPad what’s the chances I can find it

  • Pina

    Mini iPad found

  • Tess

    My unopened Ipad mini was stolen on 12.01.2014 in muldersdrift. Serial number : F85LG2RCF19M please let me know if anyone finds it :(

  • Raymond Azarcon

    iPad Mini was stolen. Location: Angeles Pampanga, Philippines Serial number: DQWKC2RUF193

  • Nancy

    Lost an ipad mini on a flight from Detroit to Ft. Myers on 1/24/2014. Reward if found.

  • Nancy

    Lost a mini ipad in a grey and black belkin case on a delta flight from Detroit to Ft. Myers on 1/24/14. Reward if found.

  • Elias Edu

    I lost my IPAD in Kampala, Uganda

    IMEI 012799006004140
    Serial No. DN6G1PC2DFJ3
    ICCID 89014103254401657188
    Carrier Part No. 68104

    I need assistance in locating the IPAD. Thanks

  • Man Wong

    I found Ipad Serial # GBO36L44ETU
    email asap.

  • man wong

    I found Ipad serial no#GBO36L44ETU

  • Paps

    My house was burglarized and this iPad was stolen from the house along with several other items in Princeton, NJ. Police are investigating. The serial number is DLXH25JXDJ8R. Possession of a stolen property is a criminal offense. Contact if you come across this iPad.

  • audra007

    found ipad4g wifi serial number DMQK4TG9F182
    contact me

  • Tonya Webb

    I lost my IPad on 2/17/14 in Carrollton TX, if found please contact me AT TMW874@GMAIL.COM
    the serial number is DYTLRK6GDFHW

  • sing xiong

    stolen ipad3 white 16gb wifi, black cover. I was eating lunch and grocery shopping in present hill rd. off I-85 in Gwinnett county, Georgia. cars was broken, stolen my ipad n other stuff. ser.#DYWHTRY0DVD1
    if any found please return. email:

  • Larissa

    Stolen white 16gb ipad – serial # DMPHCHSZDKPH
    McKinney, tx please email me if you find it anywhere :-(

  • lollie

    I lost our ipad mini at chuckee cheese on feb 23,2014 in diamond bar, CA My serial no. is sf4nkk8szf193. its a black mini with blue case cover. please email me if found.

  • Sopheap

    I was burglarized 2/21/14. Dallas TX 75206. Ipad 4 32gb was one of the items taken. Serial #DMPKPTUYF183. Please email if found.

  • Prathyusha P

    I lost my IPod in India,Serial Number-CCH33Y2DT75
    please email me if found

  • Jamie MacDonald

    i found an ipad in kl with ios 7 and am trying to contact the owner but i can’t figure out there email it s***** any tips ?

  • Noneya Forevaluv AJ Biznazz

    where did u find it? city

  • Jamie MacDonald

    kuala lumpur

  • Art

    I found an ipad in Australia in February 2014. You can email me at

  • militi

    iPad DLXG28MSDJHH left on Amtrak at Union Station, Washington DC, Thursday April 20, 2014 at 1103, call/text number on screen,

  • Gizmo

    My friends iPad 2 32GB white with red case was stolen from Airdrie AB. Need any ideas on how we can track it or bring it back. Email me at It would be much appreciated.

  • airie

    dekat mana? tell me

  • dogstin

    when i locate my ipad’s apple id in itunes will the ipad holder get notified that being locate?