How to Get Apps From the App Store Without a Credit Card

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Have you ever wanted to get free apps, music, videos or iBooks from Apple without a credit card?

Maybe you’ve purchased a iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone for a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or for anyone that dosen’t have a credit card. I’m sure there are lot’s of people who purchase these devices for themselves, but don’t have a credit card.

Apple will allow you to get free content without a credit card. This can be done on a computer or any iOS device.

Here we will cover how to get free apps, music, videos and etc., without a credit card from a iPad but the same thing can be done from a iPhone or iPod Touch.

    1. Go to the App Store on your iPad and find a free app that you want. Tap on “Free” and then tap “Install App”. You should get a popup, tap “Create New Account”.

Note: You must use the App Store, not iTunes.

    1. Next, you will need to select your country and agree to the terms of service.

    1. Enter your email, password, question and answer and date of birth. After the information is entered tap next.
    2. Now you will get another screen asking for a credit card, Visa is the default, tap on Visa and scroll down to “None.” After selecting none, fill in the rest of the required information and tap next.

  1. You are almost done, Apple will send a email to the email address you provided, all you need to do is verify the email address.

Once it’s been verified, you can go to the App Store and get all the free apps you want. You will be asked to sign in to get your first app. This account will also be able to get free music, videos, iBooks, podcast, etc.

Update: Several of our readers have pointed out that the “None” option is not showing up in countries outside the USA. If you do not see this option for your country you can enter United States as your country (in step 2) and you should see it.

You can also purchase a iTunes gift card from an Apple Store, BestBuy, Walmart and several other retailers. The gift cards can be used to purchase paid content with the same account that you use to get your free content.

Another option for getting apps without a credit card is to jailbreak the device and you can get many of the paid apps for free. However, jailbreaking may void your warranty and downloading these apps illegally is not recommended.

This can also be done using iTunes on your computer. Here is a step by step tutorial. There is a Paypal payment option available on the computer version that option is missing from the iPad.

  • Mario

    I was able to download Ibooks app through Itunes in my computer, but even when i synched my IPAD several times, the Ibooks icon in my IPAD remains inactive, and i can’t even read the free Winnie the Pooh ebook that was given to me. What should i do?

  • Kelly

    THANK YOU!!!!! This did EXACTLY what I was trying to do!!!! lol

  • Deepthi


    I am signing for a new I’d and do not have a credit card.When I get to the billing page.the scroll option “none” is not available. I bought the iPad in USA.however,I am using it from India.please help.

  • Irfan

    I have a apple I’d but when I hve downlode the app the free option is not showing please help asap

  • Irfan

    Sorry priveas ignor problem is the downlode option is not show in apps store

  • kyle

    i signed up on my computer i hit the free apps and it says the account its not registered what can i do

  • Phil


    You should have received an email and confirmed the account for it to be active. If you have done that and it’s working on your computer you can sync your iPad your Apple ID should show up automatically you will just need to enter your password.

    You can also go to Setting on your iPad, then Store and enter your Apple ID.

  • Julian

    Thanks a lot for the info. Any time I get to credit card step, I see Visa, Discover, etc. But I don’t see NONE. Am I missing something?

  • Milan

    Why there is no option “non” for cards? And Im from Montenegro, and all my cards are with Montenegrian banks, and my country is not on the list, so PLEASE tell me, what can I do then.

  • Phil

    I just tried it and the “None” option is still there. It may be different in other countries but I can confirm that the None option is there in the US.

  • Maya

    IT DIDN’T HELP ! Omg it asked me for a credit card number when I put visa and then when Looked for the ‘none’ option it’s not there !! Omg please find a way to help me here !! I’m only 15 and I don’t really have a credit card

    Thank You.


  • Phil

    Can you tell me what country you are in?

  • Mark

    I will be returning my ipad2 due to this same problem of them requiring a credit card before you even decide if you want to buy anything. Totally stupid of them.

  • Phil

    I understand your frustration but I would contact Apple and see if there is another way around this. If there is please post it because others are having the same issue.

  • min

    its just that only several countries have option to not use credit card. US included. so you basically just have to create a new account (but have to change your country first! use US.) enter your email address etc.

  • Marco

    Thx 4 the help and indeed if one uses an US address and Tel Nr. One can use the App Store!

    Thx and finally happy!

  • kris

    im using my ipod in the United States but the “none” option for the credit card part isnt there any help?

  • Phil


    That is strange, I signed out of my account on my iPad and created another account. The None option is still showing up. I’m not sure why it’s not working for you.

  • Phil


    You must start creating the account by tapping on a free app. This will not work from iTunes on a iOS device, it only works from the App Store.

    You can also do this from iTunes on your computer but again you will need to select a free app from the App Store to create the account.

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  • Lyfang

    What country that i have to put?

  • Lyfang

    And I search for my country but I haven’t found it, what can I do???

  • Phil

    I would use the united states if yours it not listed because I know the none should show up using the US.

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  • Lexie

    I live in the U.S but the none option is not there for me. I’m using my ipod touch, so I chose a free app, but the none option isn’t there. Please Help :( ?

  • Phil

    It still works when I sign out and create another account. Apple also states that this can be done.

    Here is a link.

    If you can’t get this to work. The other options are;

    1. Buy a iTunes gift card to set up an account
    2. Create an account using someone else’s credit card, then you can remove the card.
    3. Contact Apple directly since they state it should work.
  • download jersey shore

    Heya i?m for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to give something again and help others such as you helped me.

  • Muthu

    I’m using an iPad 2 bought from US through Amway Corp Malaysia. I cant see any ‘none’ button in the required field. I don’t have any other options except downloading it for free. Kindly help. Tq

  • Phil


    You may have to buy a gift card if this is not working in Malaysia but
    I suggest you contact Apple directly. The number in Malaysia is 1-800 803-638.


  • Nano

    Am using an ipad2 when I install anything it says your request cannot be Processed code error 1009 I can’t install anything what should I do? Help please

  • Anna

    I have ipod touch and i cant find the none button in us country what country should i pick for it to work please heeeellllllllllllpppppppppppppppppp!!!!!

  • Harsha

    Thanks a lot.. worked like a charm :)

  • Masood

    I am not able to find out NONE field in the credit card and have tried so many times, i am in a country where i cant have credit card, i feel like being cheated by apple, i have decided to return the ipad 2.UNLESS SOMEONE HELPS ME IN NEXT FEW DAYS

  • Phil


    If the steps didn’t work for you in the post I suggest you contact Apple directly. Please, let us know how it goes.


  • Ela

    I did try everything and I still could not see the “none” selection women were helppppp me :( my parents wont let me use there credit card code numbers for my iPod touch :’( what should I do now? D:

  • Phil

    Please contact Apple directly. They also show that you should be able to do this. It works for some but not others., I think it’s depending on your location. Let us know what Apple tells you, it could be very help to others having the same issue.


  • Diane

    I just bought an IPAD2 and tried to download Skype Free without giving CC details (I am in the US). When I pulled down the CC options, none was not available. I also switched locations to the UK and got the same result. I called Apple Support and they basically told me that the information had to be supplied in order to use the App Store. Guess who is returning the IPAD tomorrow!

  • Diane

    I omitted to mention that I tried to accomplish this through the App store but did get a window that the ITUNEs account had not previously been used.

  • Phil


    Sorry to hear that, another option would be to get an iTunes gift card. They are available at several retailers (Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc.)

  • Nish

    hey,thankyou first of all for all the info..i was wondering if i could delete the previous account that i created with the visa info

  • puga1505

    Hey, does the iTunes gift card work for app store applications? i know, im a noob..

  • Annkavanagh

    This had been working for me all along but now it’s asking or payment info to update and install free apps. Not sure why.

  • Sonu nadeen

    Even though I selected USA as location the option “none” is not available in my iPod touch ! Plzz help !

  • ollie

    It says theres still none

  • Larica

    I have restarted my account and picked thE u.s but none is not there

  • ninja

    um how do you create a new account if one already exists and it doesnt show up create a new account…because for me it says sign into existing account…plzzz help

  • Fiona

    Heyy Phil. I entered my country as US but the ‘none’ option is still not available. Please help! Should I contact apple? I don’t know what the helpline number is. I live in Dubai, UAE ( United Arab Emirates)

  • John

    I live in Canada and it doesnt have the none option, what should i do?

  • hermosa787

    Still need my payment method. Already choose none but when want make a purchase it needs payment method. Huh?

  • Sam

    None of this information I read helped me…thanks a lot…..:/

  • Ummarhathaf

    Hi to Everybody. I am damn sure to say that no one can make purchase even the free items on the Apple application store without giving the valid Credit Card details.

  • leon

    It doesn’t ask me none at credit card

  • Josie

    Are you really sure? It works for me! No credit card but simply a itunes card.

  • superwil

    It actually works even without an itunes card :D

  • Leslie

    What about for a child who doesn’t have an email address? If I use mine won’t that screw up my account?

  • Phil


    You can’t use yours if you have already set up an Apple ID with it but otherwise it shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t want to use yours you can easily set up another email account with your email provider or use a different one like gmail. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a Gmail account.

  • Tiffany

    im scared that if i buy a free app they might send me an email or something

  • Tayeb Rawat

    what my email and password goin to be in app store without credit card.

  • Blade

    I don’t have the none option on my itouch

  • Blade

    Says I need to pay

  • Keven Was Here

    Umm this doesn’t work at all believe me I’ve tried , it simply doesn’t work for iPad .

  • george

    it works for me and i chose NONE and without itune cards and i can download free apps for my ipad 2 :P

  • Hannah

    When your making your account, and when it says to put your address info in to send you mail, does it really send you mail about what you purchased?

  • Dcealpha2

    It only works for ipads and maybe macs

  • rex

    DOES IT WORK ALSO ON IPHONE 4? am facing same problem like others, no option of NONE. so how can i get a free application?

  • denise rogers

    My ipod doe’snt have a none button.What do i do.its the newest version out.

  • Chip

    Unfortunately In following your directions, I was not given a choice to set up a new account so it does not work. Very frustrating to customers that we cannot control our credit card once we enter it. Apple is getting too fat and spoiled. They are the next Bank of America.

  • Ginny

    I bought 2 I pods. One of them gave me a “none” option and the other one did not. What do I do?

  • aw

    On ipod touch. i chose none but it wouldn’t let me advance, so I had to enter my credit card info to install free apps. kids misbehaved and purchase app without my permission so i went to icloud that manages or stores apps and delete my credit card info from there, now the free apps can be installed without my credit card and if they want to purchase something i’ll have to either get them a gift card or something else.

  • Iris

    How did you delete you credit card info from iCloud?

  • Nubianqueen

    I am new to apple. This has been very frustrating for me. I do not have the none option at all. I do not think I should have to enter my credit card information in order to download free apps.

  • Drake

    this is so freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    worked for me, and im estatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abbey

    seriously, Drake? seriously?!

  • Nigel

    it works on the oiphone 4s
    brill this is our works phone and now we can read our pdf manuals thankyou

  • Nigel

    sorry forgot to add iam in the UK

  • Alex

    couldn’t find the option on a 4s.

  • Vicki

    I have been reading your Q&A about having to have a credit card for download FREE apps I can’t even update the ones I’ve purchased without setting up credit card What’s going on all I want is to download some FREE apps pleaseeeee help me??????

  • Vicki

    PS. I’m from Australia and don’t have the ” none ” button

  • Felipe

    thank u

  • Mavic

    my iphone 4s do not show “non” for credit card? is there other way how to create an apple ID?

    Thanks a lot!

  • fernanda

    it keeps asking me every time i want to get a free app for my credit card and since i already put it i dont know what to do know cuz it doesnt let me do anything

  • Kay

    Believe me, it does not work for me. No none button. Very bad of apple

  • Alex

    I want apps!!!!

  • younus

    this article works. i just used and i m almost done. thanks

  • travaus williams

    Hi everyone,
    I’m 13 with an I-PHONE can I do the same thing as this? I have no bank account obiusly , can I donwloadd free apps or anything? Or can I put my phonbe into my laptop and put songs on ?

  • Michael DANIELL

    Thank you for info. I understood that “Create Account”. BUT I don’t want another new account. WHY my existing Account can’t unable “none” option on billing information while new ipad2 install.

    I strong mention that APPLE MUST BE FIX THEIR SERVER ADD a “NONE” OPTION on their Profile account. Otherwise Millions user would fedup again create account made mess databases against APPLE !! Am I right ?

    Otherwise Consumer commissioner would penalty that APPLE against protection safe their credit card when kids play. New Zealand found that very serious problem unsafe a credit card charge over $1000. Parent were shocked by kids didn’t know that games was free instead charge is crime ! WORLD would blame against APPLE was stupid idea !

  • This Is Epic
    Download some free apps, get credits and the good thing is you can get GOOD apps like CoD black ops zombies, FIFA 12, modern combat 3, Minecraft PE and MORE for FREE!!!

  • Truthful Kindness

    Bought iPad and seting up as gift. “None” is not available option on iPad or PC. Very dissappointed that FREE apps cannot be downloaded without a credit card on file. Especially even if I purchase apps with my own credit card before giving iPad as a gift, then I cannot even remove a credit card from file unless I replace it with another. This aspect of iPad use needs to be made very plain BEFORE PURCHASE!!!

  • sadarius pulliam

    I like this

  • sadarius pulliam

    Wat up

  • Patera

    Do this really works

  • basilis

    i have ipod touch 4th generation and i have jailbreak it.can you tell me how to install free games ,which i have already downloaded,on it..imagine that these games like Pes12 are too expensive to buy them normally from itunes store and I havent z credit card..please help me!!

  • Josh Pring

    great help really helped but ive bought an itunes card now i want to buy some apps that you have to pay for and it isnt coming up with the itunes card bit

  • luke

    thnx for ya help mate been trying for ages to sort this phone out (Y)

  • yaya

    if i add my adress when it asks before i downloads it to my ipad do they send me a bill to my house even if it says the app is free or something? cause im scared theyre gonna make me pay ..

  • memo

    I got ” None ” but it doesn’t work …I tried to select “none” but no any response

    Please help me

  • tufail

    i dont have a option of none plz tell me wht today i have an iphone 4s
    and 1 am 13 plz help me guys

  • BrianRM

    it worked on my itouch 4g but it says i need to verify my account before i can use it! it says that a verification email was sent! but i did not get any verification email! i was shocked! i really wanted an apple id! well i do have one but i cant sign in cuz i need to verify and that means i cant download free apps that i like! so i was going on google but nothing helped me! i was shocked again! but ill get an apple id verification email soon!

  • eve

    it realy works

  • Kencana


    I was purchased ipad 2 at Malaysia. but I cannot find “None” on my ipad 2. Please help me on this…

  • Kencana

    Update info…

    and i have change my country state to “United State” also “None” not shown in the listed. Please help me on thissss……..

  • Kencana

    Hei…its work. i must create new account with country “United State”. and i have try to edit my previous account to “United State” but “None” not shown. so i create new account and choose “United state” and “None” will shown. Thanks very helpful this forum

  • Pritha

    How to choose none? It remains visa. Um not being able to do that. Is there any other way?

  • Kencana

    @Pritha : if you already create your account with another country unless united state. you’ll cannot find “none”. thats mean you must recreate a new account with and choose country “united state”.

  • Patrick

    I kept trying my account but it says you didn’t verify
    Your apple ID

  • deepak

    when i want some apps it ask for review my apple id when review it it asks for credit card no pls help me how review without credit card

  • Grayer

    Do I need to pay for the apps if it is not free? I am trying to buy apps that need money without the credit cards. How should i pay?

  • Jodie

    this was very helpful, thank you!!!

  • Kyle

    Fuck dude it doesnt work


    Side to set up now place thank you iOS 5

  • Mamanita_87n05

    It does not work. forces u to use credit card. Option is no longer available to use iTunes gift card. Bad, lazy programming on the part of Apple staff. Disappointing and Frustrating!!

  • jake.hizon

    all you have to do is to follow instruction… the reason why it doesnt work for you because you dont listen.

    change your country to united states.
    then choose none

  • r3dDevils

    I choose US as my country and there’s still no none. Help!!!

  • Molly Hefner

    Everytime I try to buy apps or itunes it says that my info doesnt match my bank records. I have tried editing my info buy no matter what I do nothing works. Im getting very frustrated, please help.

  • Maur

    I am from USA I say USA, butit does not work it might be an updated idk but it wont work answer please!!

  • jason

    this doesn\’t hhelp.

  • Nviea Sarriha

    Everything Worked!!

    Thanks for the Article. I thought the bug had been fixed, but it has not. I used this bug a year and a half ago when I set up my account, but I thought it was fixed. I needed to set up an account for my brother, and it worked. Thank you iPad Help.

  • mel

    i\’ve bought my son an ipad2 16gb and tried the above, but when it gives the options for the card type there is no field marked none..plz help

  • Temidayo

    I am always been asked for billing options when I want to download a free app.someone pls help

  • Sharon

    Can not get apple I\’d for downloads without credit card. Apple store and iTunes are linked.

  • liggy

    is not working it doesnt have the option of NONE

  • sell laptop

    First select free App in the Store and then create ID, and you will se NONE option :)

  • Hassan Farooq

    nonE option not show please help me???????????????

  • Corden

    It works. Just keep on trying…. Be sure to have couple of email addresses.

  • PFM

    Easiest thing to do with get a Microsoft Surface or an Android. Ipad sucks for this exact reason not to mention how slow and shitty it is too boot.

  • Robert janes

    My iPad don\’t have that option of no credit card. I have to have a valid credit card to get free apps. Is there something else I can do to get around this where I can get free apps without a credit card.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    I saw my question in this review.. So why do I have to purchase apps? I just cannot understand why I can’t get any music or anything free. I’m very upset. If I’d had known you had to buy every app on this apple phone..I would have never purchased it. Apple should make sure that customers are aware of that when chosing a phone

  • Asfand

    Go to a free app and click on the free in the visa option there will be a none option

  • Blake

    It did not say create a new account

  • srikanth

    i want to buy a apps in apple store
    but i hav a free acconut and also
    i dont hav a creadit card. so plz
    give me a suggitions how to buy a pay
    apps. is there any way to buy pay apps?

  • Nan

    I set up ID correctly
    I do NOT get an option \”none\” on the credit card page.
    How do u fix this?

  • Salem

    Guys I really really need help with this….I got my new iphone5 and I live in Somalia I have done and solve all the other things but my problem is with the postcode because we don\’t have it here in somalia. So plz help me!

  • Jack

    Salem, try using a british post code. You can try SW15 5TQ

  • Stanley Tan

    Well,to me the method of download an app then only create a new apple ID.It really show a \”none\” to choose.Really Works!!!


    YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! it really works….this method works through app store

  • Sonita

    How come when I click none it doesn\’t put a check mark on it please reply back :)

  • Edgar

    Man my iPad is asking me fora credit card to download free apps I already chose United States as my country but when I have to click none on the payment option none don\’t come out please help I will appreciated thanks

  • Sasuke

    Choose Philippines

  • Geek girl

    I chose United States as my country, I answered everything and the \’None\’ option wasn\’t there. It\’s just Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover. My mom bought me an iPad mini last week as a birthday gift. Now, I don\’t have any new apps.

  • Geek girl

    Hi again! Actually, IT DID Work! You just have to go to the page where you are about to install the free app then select the Create New ID option. It\’s actually there.

  • Thomas okong\’o

    Can we get things that are do I review my apple I\’d without a credit card when I am in Kenya?

  • Aisha

    I thank you sooo much it really helped me

  • Urgent

    I wanna None option & im a existing user

  • ben roberts

    To get the “None” option for payment, it seems you have to keep trying again and again starting over from the beginning. Finally, after the session expired while looking for solutions and reading the many frustrated posts on this forum, the None button showed up. Thanks Apple for such a confusing, frustrating, and infuriating experience. I am in the U.S. and the “None” option button did not show up the first time I tried to fill out the application for iTunes stores. Hope this helps and good luck. Shame, shame on Apple.

  • Anees

    I followed all instruction as you said. Even though I am not able to download any free application. Let me know whats wrong?

  • Daish

    I do not know how to check my email please help

  • Ray

    I made a new Apple ID, but the verification mail never comes. What’s wrong?

  • Ray

    Somebody tell me why Apple never sends the verification mail for the new ID I made….



  • Yvonne

    I have changed to US but there is no ‘None’ instead only Discover appeared……………..What do we do next???????????????

  • ashstar.leader


  • Sorrel

    Same it happens with me
    iPad help is fucking bad :-(

  • Mahmood Safdari

    i have ipad air.. I followed the guide and i saw the “none” and i selected that and it works!

  • Mahmood Safdari

    Use a VPN then give it a try. it might work..mine worked by using VPN

  • Allpeople Allpeopleareone

    to stop verification required when installing free apps
    1. go to iTune & App Store
    2. tap on Appl ID (it is in blue) when it opens
    3. tap on view Apple ID
    4. Sign in to iTune Store window opens
    5. put your password
    6. select payment information
    7. select None, a check mark in blue confirming your action
    8. tap on done (in blue) on top right corner
    9. apple will send you an email confirming this, do not do any thing
    10. Vola no more verification required

  • Donaldfromnairobi

    This works.Tried it on my iphone 4s and worked.Try with age below 18 years.Thnx

  • Justin Cook
  • ron

    plz help me i dont huv none opt

  • Ron Allen

    Tape shit out of the none botton!Like your thumping the little pricks in the head!

  • Meanu Normia

    A few years ago I have create an apple id by filling incorrect credit card details but these days this trick is not working. But I am using the same apple id till now :)

  • Damon

    I dont have the “none” option
    when I’m in payment method
    Pls help me!!!

  • nooremaz

    there is no ‘none’ option how can i get a new apstore account?