How to Find Your iPad’s IP Address


Knowing your iPad’s IP address can be useful for various purposes. If you know where to look it’s very simple to find your IP address on your iPad.

So here is how to find iPad’s IP address.

    1. Go to setting iPad iP address on your iPad.


    1. Select ” WiFi ” from the sidebar.


  1. Tap on the arrow iP address next to the network name.

Now you can see your iPad’s IP address shown in the list. That’s it, you have got your iPad’s IP address.

  • Jo Nelson

    How do I send to a group mail list? The group shows in the All Contacts list and the recipients are listed correctly under “groups,” however when entered in the To: line, it ‘s not recognized.

    Also, how do I NOT send to one of the recipients?


  • Phil


    I had the same difficulty that you are experiencing with “Groups”. Of course, you can add multiple mail receipts one by one from contacts. That could be time consuming for several recipients.

    Here is a free app that solves the problem, along with not sending to one of the recipients.

    Mail Many – Wim de Nood

    I feel Apple should make this easier from the mail app, until that happens this app seems to solve the problem.



  • Tommy

    What if you are not connect to a wifi signal I have my own contract that I am paying for and everything is blank when I press the blue arrow


  • Phil

    An alternative way to find your iPad IP Address is to go to the App Store and download Internet Protocol. There are a few other free apps that will show your IP Address also. If you are not connected to the internet, download it to iTunes on your computer and sync it to your iPad.

  • Mary Sweeney

    I seem to be in a catch-22. I have an Ipad (not an Ipad2) which I just won. I have a secured wireless network. On the network site I enter the IP Address of each device with which I want to be able to access the network. I have followed the instructions above and tapped on the name of my network. None of the information is filled in. Now let me me clear. What I am looking for is the IP address of the IPad so that I can go online to my network to give permission for that device to connect to the network. When I tried to simply connect (and I knew this wouldn’t work), it asked me for a password. I assume that this meant the WEP key. I tried that but it of course would not let me connect as I haven’t entered the IP address for the device. Can anyone help me find the IP address?

  • Phil

    I believe what you are going to need is to find the password for the network. If you have access to the computer that the wireless network is on you can pull up the router and reset the password. I would like to give you better instruction on how to do that but it will depend on your router and operating system.

    If you google your router type and reset a password, you will probably find some instructions.

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