How to erase all iPad data and set it up as new


Many people are selling and giving away (to family members) their first generation iPads after purchasing the iPad 2. In this case you may want to erase the all data on it and set it up as a new device.

There are two ways to erase all the data on your iPad.


Restore and set up as new in iTunes

    1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPad.
    2. Select the iPad on the left under “Devices”.
    3. In the Summary tab, click “Restore”.
    4. Wait until iTunes has completed the restore process, when iTunes provides the Set Up Your iPad screen, choose “Set Up As a New iPad” (setting up your iPad as new will overwrite the current backup).

  1. When the restore is complete disconnect the device.
  2. Turn on the iPad and verify it is back to factory condition (all your content and settings are gone).

Erase all content and settings from the iPad

If you don’t have access to iTunes, you can completely erase your all your data from the iPad.

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Tap Reset.
    4. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

  1. Turn on the iPad and verify all the content and settings were erased.

On most iPads, this process takes less than a minute but could take longer depending on the storage capacity of your device and the amount of content. Make sure you battery is not low or connect the power before you begin.

  • Greg hahn

    I cannot get my apps to sync.

  • Phil

    Do you have “Sync Apps” checked and the apps you want synched selected?

  • PAUL

    I cannot get the apps on iTunes to load onto my iPad. I bought it used, did the resore and when it is syncing, it gets to “4/6″ then stops and NOTHING!
    Nothing imports, not contacts, music–nothing! I DO have them checked off, etc…but the screen you describe “set up as a new iPad”….never appears.
    ANY assistance is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

  • Phil

    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. If you already have the latest version, remove and reinstall iTunes on your computer. Then, try the restore again.

    Let us know how it goes.


  • celine

    hi, i tap on erase all the data and setting ..but it takes so long time … it appears an apple logo and a progress bar about 1 days … what should i do ??? anyone pls help … thanks

  • Phil

    I would try a hard reboot first, Here is how to preform a hard reboot;

    1. Hold the power and home buttons down.
    2. You will see the “swipe to turn off” screen come up… Keep Holding the Buttons.
    3. The screen will go black (turn off)… continue to hold the buttons.
    4. A white Apple logo will appear on the screen, now you can release the buttons. Let the device boot… should only take a couple minutes.

    If that does not work, you restore it in iTunes.

  • ren

    Hi i also tap on erase all the data and setting, now its been 2hours but it only appears an apple logo and a progress bar. I have the first generation Ipad. Pls. help me how to restore to orig. factory setting.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


  • Phil

    Have you tried plugging your iPad into your computer and restoring in iTunes?

  • kisky

    i press the set all bottom and every thing is gone.i cant even get the net work on.what shd i do.i have the ipad1

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  • dianna

    How can I erase all contest and settings of my iPad if I can’t remember my 4 digits password..

  • Phil


    Just restore it in iTunes, after the Restore choose to Set It Up As New.

    This will remove the password, along with all of the content. Then, you can sync your content back.


    when i use erase all the content & setting,it dosent work…i wait more than 8 hours & it has just a little data on it….please help me

  • Steve

    Iv pressed erase all and I can do anything with it all its doing theres a thing in middle going round that’s it it won’t turn on or off can any one help please it’s an iPad one thanks Steve

  • Phil

    Hold the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time for about 15 seconds or until you see the Apple logo.

  • BoogaBoo

    Magic box no work. What I do?

  • john

    I belive i bought a stolen i pad .. what so i to to reset and program new owner.

  • Lon Warner

    Some of my apps keep closing when I’m using them. How can I correct this problem?

  • Mark Franklen Ramos

    Why does my Ipad4 Wifi do not work the on and off switch?? and its continued on consuming battery even its not use… And the left side is turning into hot??

  • Tamia

    I’ve lost my iPad . I locked it with FIND MY IPHONE . I gave up on it . I bought a galaxy note . then 3 weeks later I found my iPad , but it’s still locked and I don’t have my iPhone to take it off lock mode how do I recover it

  • Aaron Wiebie

    Do you know anyway to restore your iPad without iTunes?

  • Marco

    first i deleted mi devices from icloud find my phone list then when i try to remove the account from ipad is not longer working ! ANY HELP? it says password not veryfed