How To Enable AirPrint for Windows and Use Any Printer

airprint for windows
Update 10/15/2011:

It appears this tweak is no longer working after users upgrade to iOS 5. We have found an alternative solution that will work with iOS 5 and Windows.

AirPrint is a major feature of the iOS 4.2 upgrade but is limited to only eleven printers.

Now thanks to a simple tweak from, Windows users can use AirPrint with any printer on the same Wi-Fi network as their iPad.

    1. First, ensure your printer is in a working state on your Windows PC.
    2. Make sure you have iTunes or Bonjour Printer Services installed.
    3. Download the AirPrint Installer from here. Sorry, at the request of Apple the AirPrint download was taken down.
    4. Run the program and you should see this screen.

    1. Ensure Service Startup is “Auto” and set a password or check “Allow Blank Password”.
    2. Click “Install AirPrint Service”.
    3. Share your printer.

Open “Printers” in the Control Panel, right click on the printer and click “Printer Properties. Click the sharing tab and share the printer.

    1. Make sure any firewall software is set to allow AirPrint.
    2. Now attempt to printer a document/photo from iOS device.

  1. Your printer should show up when you tap on the AirPrint icon. When you tap on the printer, you should get a pop up asking for your username and password, it will be whatever you entered in the AirPrint Installer.

*If your having problems with the iOS device discovering your printer, try rebooting your PC or restart the Bonjour & AirPrint service by going to Start > Run > (type) services (Click OK) > Right Click “Bonjour Service” > Click Restart. (do the same for AirPrint Service).

Cancel Printing or Check Status

If you would like to check the status of the print job or cancel it, double-click the home button, tap the Print Center icon, then select a print job or tap Cancel Printing.

AirPrint on a Mac

Enabling AirPrint on a Mac is simple, here is a step by step guide.

  • Artie

    hey, did you happen to try this whenever the ipad is on a diffrent ip address range than the ethernet network? my school district utilizes a diffrent network alltoguether than what the thernet network is, does this allow cross network ability?

  • Artie

    i meant to say the ipad is on our wireless network and the printer in on ethernet, both have diffrent network ranges.

  • Phil

    I don’t think it will work. They both need to be on the same wifi network.

  • Artie

    thanks for responding so quick, i figured as much but school administrators dont like logic, so im attempting to do this to a laptop that connects to the same network. maybe i can use an old laptop as a sort of print server. /shrug, thanks again

  • Dan Cole

    This is a great tip!!

  • Hope C

    Unable to download the AirPrint Installer even after reinstalling iTunes and Bonjour Print Services–
    Where do I find the AirPrint Installer program? It is not acknowledged in iTunes.

  • Phil

    The link has been updated, you should be able to download the airprint installer in step 3. Unfortunately, it’s not a direct link to the file. You will have to wait 60 seconds and put up with some advertising.

    Let me know in the comments if anyone is unable to download the file.

  • Dave F

    I entered the code several times. Each time it went to the next screen and a failure notice said ” Safari cannot install”. Huh?

  • Dave F

    Me again: I should have added I recently updated to ios4.2 and this has also caused problems with “Print Magic” app. I wanted AirPrint to simplify things and it’s caused more problems! No wonder us “AARPers” have cyberphobia!

  • Phil

    Thanks for letting me know about the link, it should work now. If anyone is unable to download the file let me know in the comments.

  • backlinks

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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  • Alan

    AirPrint/Bonjour service stops responding after a few minutes on Win 7/32bit with iPhone 4 4.02.

    Printer is available and works fine for a couple of minutes, then it is no longer found on the iPhone. A restart of Bonjour and/or AirPrint service gets it functioning again, but does not last.

    I have seen this same problem posted on several sites but no one comes up with the answer why the services stop responding and need a restart to get going again even though they are set to automatic and show to be started.

  • Alan


    Once I enabled the guest account and restarted the service, it works perfect.

  • EricS

    Works for me now.
    Things I had to do to make it work on Windows 7 Home Prem 64bit.
    1. Enabled Guest Account
    2. Changed the airprint.exe file compatibility mode to “Windows Xp SP3″ for all users.
    3. Restarted my router

  • Tom H

    Windows XP and HP Photosmart 2570–it worked! Totally cool.

  • Dave F

    Phil: Still can’t down load. Message says Safari can’t open this file!

  • Phil


    I just clicked on the link in step 3 and I was able to download the file. I was having some problem with my server a few hours ago. Please try the download again and let me know if you have any problems.

  • jay

    Install AirPort Service and Auto windows are both gray.
    How can they be activated?

  • Phil


    Click on “Remove Airprint Service”, I had to click it two times to get it to work. The first time I got a pop up box, closed the box and clicked it again and it removed it. Once it’s removed, you can click install again. I did this a couple of times and every time I had to click remove twice but it worked.

    Here’s an image.

    Let us know how it goes.


  • jay

    it worked. Thanks,

  • Mel

    seems to be all working…except….no prints are coming through??? The ipad says it has sent it to the printer. Check the status on the P and nothing is pending for the printer? any suggestions please….excited to be setting this up!!! Thanks

  • Ray

    Safari cannot Download…..msg 3 times, even after lengthy wait time.

  • Phil

    I just checked the link in Safari and I was able to download it on MediaFire.

  • Tanner

    how would i do this with a laptop?

  • Ken

    I am stumped. Have installed and uninstalled the program a few times. Am trying to use it with an iPad2. Everytime I get to the printer command it asks me for my id and password for the printer. Cannot satisfy its request for the right user name and password. What do I need to do to get synced with the right credentials to proceed?

  • Phil


    You can check “Allow Blank Password”, your user name should show up in the box on your PC. It will be the name of the person’s pc, my name automatically showed up there.

    When you are asked for your username and password on your iPad (or other ios device) enter the same name that showed up in the airpint box on your pc and don’t enter a password. It should work.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Ken

    I tried again using the “Allow Blank Password” option. Problem is that the screen pops up on the iPad saying that the Username and password for the specific printer is needed. The user name is mine, but what the printer password is I can’t figure out; particularly since I don’t ever remember giving it one! Oh well, this would have been great if it had worked. Thanks for the assistance.

  • Ken

    Kept at it and finally got the connection established between the iPad and my printers. Tried all the passwords in my system and finally found the one the iPad was looking for – would never have guessed the one that worked. Thanks again for providing the key to making my iPad productive by allowing it to print documents from “Pages”.

  • Phil

    Glad to hear you go it working, sorry for the aggravation.

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  • Viksit

    It worked in first attempt with no issues! Thanks a ton!.

  • Yogi

    I can’t get it to work… when choosing “Select Printer” on my iPad 2, it goes to “Looking for Printers” and then returns the message “No Printers Found.” I have the printer shared and can print to it fine from other computers on the network. I have disabled the firewall completely to rule that out as a problem. I have installed Bonjour Print Services and the AirPrint services and have them both running. However, the iPad refuses to see the shared printer. Any suggestions?

  • Yogi

    Update: I installed AirPrint services on a laptop that has iTunes installed and it worked fine. I only have the Bonjour installed on my main desktop and don’t really want to have to install full iTunes on it just to get AirPrint to work.

  • Yogi

    Update 2: I went ahead and installed the full iTunes including Bonjour on my desktop, but the shared printers from it still don’t show up on the iPad. The shared printer from my laptop does show on the iPad. The desktop is plugged in using Ethernet rather than connecting using wireless, but it is on the same network. I don’t see how that would be the cause of the problem, but I will go ahead and try connecting the desktop using wireless to see if that does anything.

  • Michel

    Works fantastic, first time!

    Tks a million!

  • Karen

    Am I downloading the AirPrint Installer to my PC or to my iPad2? If I am downloading to my PC, do I then have to sync my iPad?

  • Phil

    To your PC, no need to sync.

  • audrey

    attempted download. down load ok, Ipad2 shows printer found. When I choose printer, the printer makes sounds….but does not actually print the photo

  • Frazer

    I have followed the instructions, my iPad finds the shared printer, but when I print my pc throws up an error saying “Not enough empty space on your hard disk.”. There is over 500gb free. What does this error really mean? Windows 7 64bit pc sharing a brother mfp over wifi. As I say, iPad finds printer and is printing to it ok, except for this error on the pc. Thx

  • Jenny

    I have tried all different ways and I cannot get the ipad2 to accept any passwords. I have set it to allow blank password but on my ipad2 it still asks for a password and refuses to accept anybpassword that I can ever recall using.

  • Phil


    I think it uses the password for your WiFi router but It should allow a blank password. After you saved the blank password setting, you may want to try rebooting your iPad. If it still doesn’t work try rebooting your computer.
    Let us know how it goes.


  • Phil

    Sounds like it may be an issue with your printer. Have you confirmed that your printer is working correctly?

  • Frazer

    Yes, absolutely nothing wrong with printer and prints normally from anything else on the pc.

  • Ramzi Kudera

    It used to work with me but since I installed the iOS 5 Beta, it stops working any workaround will be highly appreciated.

  • Rob A

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You guys rock!!! It worked right after I rebooted my desktop pc after installation. I made note of some of the problems people had – regarding the username & password & had NO problems at ALL. We have an Ipad2 & our desktop is a 10yr old Dell (used for home network).

    Hope this continues to work after the new Apple IOS5 comes out next month…?

    Thanks a BUNCH!!

  • Randall

    Step 6 says: Click “Install AirPrint Service”. On my PC this button is grayed out. It appears to be grayed out in example above. I verified all the settings previous to step 6, what do I do now?

  • Phil


    Click on “Remove Airprint Service”, I had to click it two times to get it to work. The first time I got a pop up box, closed the box and clicked it again and it removed it. Once it’s removed, you can click install again. I did this a couple of times and every time I had to click remove twice but it worked.

  • Randall


    I tried that. Still no go. Is there anything that I need to do to the iPad? It can’t seem to find the printer, which is a Canon MP620.

  • Phil

    There is nothing you need to do on the iPad other then try to print a document and let the iPad find your printer. If you have already removed and reinstalled it and that didn’t work you may want to change the compatibly of Airprint Installer to run using XP.

    If you are not familiar with changing the compatibly of a program the is more information here.


  • Gordon

    Brilliant – I just installed it on my XP computer and within a few minutes I have printed to my Samsung laser from my iPad, my iPhone 3GS (iOS4) and my wife’s iPhone4. Thanks :-)

  • Troy

    Got it to work after running the AirPrint program AS AN ADMINISTRATOR.

    My iPad now sees my shared printers with lock symbols and when I select to print I get a indefinite spinning wheel. Any suggestions?

  • Riki

    Thank you! It works perfectly – tried for two days and i finally worked when I downloaded the auto installer. Thanks also to all the yutube videos.

  • John

    Troy, I had the same issue with the indefinite spinning wheel. I restarted my PC (xp) and tried again. This time I got a window telling me my firewall software was blocking Airprint. I told to allow it and it worked. Same is probably happening to you.

  • Regan

    I got this to work before perfectly. I then had to have my computer rebuilt and I now get an error when I try to run the airprint install file. I have itunes and bonjour installed. The error is. “…failed to initailize properly error (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate.”

    Thoughts? I tried to run the program (Run as) as an admin but that didn’t work either.

    Thank you

  • Phil

    I googled the error and it appears you need the .net framework.

    If you are receiving this error message, you need to install the .NET framework from:

  • Geoff Dawe

    Just downloaded and installed to PC running WXP. Restarted as suggested now able to print to HP PSC 1450 with no problem from iPad2.

  • Regan

    Thanks Phil. Installing .NET framework worked and let me install airprint.exe. However, when I select printer, “No Printers Found.” I re-booted, Canon printer is ‘shared’, firewall exceptions made. On the installer I have selected Windows User Account for AirPrint authorization. I don’t think that’s the issue though, something else is fishy.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Phil


    You may want to removed airprint service, then change the compatibility of the program to run as Windows XP and try the setup again.

  • serge

    download link is broken

  • Carolyn

    When I go to my iTouch App the printers show up. I activate the “print” link and it says “Printing to (my printer).” “Sending to printer”, then the page closes after a few seconds and nothing prints. I have another App “Epson iPrint” which works well on documents stored on my device. Originally the Air Print was working and after the first printing it no longer worked. I tried different configurations from “My Account”, “Air Print” and “Guest” accounts but it still does not work. I am working from Windows XP.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  • Carolyn


    It was broken but I have since used it to download.

  • Dickie

    I am also having a problem getting this app to print, I installed it as listed and the ipad sees the printer, i choose the printer, put in the user name and password, the ipad acts like it sends the selected item to rint, but nothing ever prints.

  • Keith

    This worked great until I installed IOS 5.0. Anyone else have problems?

  • Zmaaran

    Yep, same. Apple has killed every AirPrint workaround with iOS 5 and it seems it’s intentional. Wouldn’t have updated if I’d known. I was prepared to let the lack of flash and usb slide, but this is the last straw. Its hard to believe they would begrudge their customers the simple wish to print on a device of their own choosing. No more apple products from here on for me.

  • Richard

    Same here…everything worked fine till I upgrated to iOS5…my iPad2 cannot find my printer anymore. I didn’t use the print functionality a lot…once in a while to print an email…not possible anymore…this sucks!

  • Keith

    I found a utility you can purchase that will work – it has a free trial

  • Guy

    Fingerprint is the way to go works first time took less than 2 mins to install and set up

  • iPad thing

    the prints taken from fingerprint are of poor quality, i wish the system in this thread worked :-( it doesnt..

  • prashanth

    Did all the above only to read the last line of the post telling me it doesnt work with i0S 5 :)…. anywayz all i can say is the posts are right. It doesn’t seem to be working!! I am running Windows 7, installed Bonjour as administrator and installed the airprint software as administrator,didnt work. Re-installed in compatibility mode of windows XP- doesnt work. Anybody with some advice? I am running zone alarm and check that the program has all access for outbound calls. I would run a port scan on my machine just to see what services are up!

  • eppie

    Installed AirPrint Installer but iPad doesn’t recognize my printer. I tried doing the installation as an admisitrator but don’t know how to do this. When I click on the “install as” button, only my windows name shows up or I can add another users name. Any suggestions?

  • Michael

    I guess iOS 5 messed this up for me and I don’t have admin access on my PC either. I did find Print n Share Pro on iTunes.
    It worked straight out of the box to all of my non-AirPrint printers and works even when my PC is off. Some sort of magic going on there.
    Not quite what I expected as you do have to use the Apps own email and web browser clients but in my opinion they are much better as I can save and attach files.

  • Carl

    Downloaded and installed fingerprint, everything worked great until my Vista machine downloaded and installed updates last night.. Attempted the reinstall of airprint and fingerprint, still doesn’t work..
    Bought the package from collogos and have my Sn but now don’t find a way to activate the Fingerprint with the SN….. Have no idea what happened when the OS updated in the middle of the night.

  • Carl

    Update: Don’t know how long it will last, but I uninstalled Fingerprint and Airprint and renamed the folders. Then, after rebooting did a clean install of both programs. Finger print now operating from my iPad 2. Will see how long it holds up.

  • NoRemorse

    Hi, my experience:
    collobos firgerprint installed on SRV2003 std,
    network Xerox 6280DN,
    no problem!
    Added different network printers: again no problems!
    i’m really happy now!!

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  • hi tech

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  • Dewald

    Thanks so much for this post!

    This seems to be working for me and I can see the printer from my iPad…. Only my Canon MF8050Cn gives error ‘No paper LTR’.

    Anyone get this too?

  • max

    Sorry… I made everything as the tuto says but i still can’t see my printer….

  • Alex

    It worked first time.

    Well worth it app

  • Susan Fulks

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I almost cried when photo printed out! Instructions are great!

  • haris dean

    So, which app you guys were talking about that really give AirPrint to work charmingly?

  • John

    helpful article, thanks for sharing

  • Martin Connolly

    I got this to work fine with my Samsung CLP-300 laser printer. Note that if you have a third-party firewall – you’ll need to open TCP port 631 (Internet Printing Protocol) for this to work. Also check that this port isn’t blocked or forwarded elswhere by your router.

  • Carl Guastaferro

    I can’t get Airprint to see my printer. I’m running an iPad2 ios5. Very frustrating!

  • dee

    Unable to find the Sharing tab within my printer properties

    HP 4500 series G510. Any suggestions?


    I am installing this on Vista SP2, I can see the printer from myiPhone ios5.1 but I cannot print. I click on the printer and it just spins and stops spinning, no username or password comes up to enter… I have disabled username and password and put it on guest any ideas?

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  • Yahya Nana

    Hi Thanks for the info. however after downloading the application (AirPrint) and running it The first screen appears but I am unable to install it because the the install button is inactive.
    Please advise.


  • Ethan Power

    Dennis tells us how to print from iPad 2 without having to make other complicated connections through your computer. Knowing how to print from an ipad 2 is a very useful tool.

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  • website

    Weird , your site turns up with a black hue to it, what shade is the primary color on your site?

  • Maiko

    Should the ipad be jailbroken?

  • William

    Check out FingerPrint by Collobos. It does this and more. No special printers, no special iOS apps. Best iOS printing solution out there.

  • Lena

    i went for a 3rd party app in the end – myself and my dad use the same app on our devices and have a pc and mac, the app is by eurosmartz print n share

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