Get apps from iTunes without a credit card


Creating a iTunes account without a credit card on your computer is easy but you need to follow certain steps or you will be required to enter a credit card to create your account.

This tutorial will show you step by step how it’s done.

    1. Open iTunes, if you are signed in with another account, choose Store from the menu bar and sign out.
    2. Select the iTunes Store on the left under Store. Then, go to the App Store by clicking it at the top of the navigation bar.
    3. Find a free app to download and install. Here, we have picked iBooks but you may choose any free app you want.

Note: This MUST be done by selecting a free app or you will need a credit card to create the account.

    1. You should get a pop-up window, like the one in the photo above. Click Create New Account (circled in yellow in the photo).
    2. Click on Continue after the “Welcome to iTunes Store” screen appears.

    1. You will need to agree to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions and click Continue.
    2. Enter your email address, password, security question and answer and your birthday, then click Continue.

    1. Select “None” as your payment option. Enter your name, address and a phone number, then click “Create Apple ID.”

    1. You should then see a screen that says “Verify you Apple ID” it should tell you a verification email has been sent.

    1. Check your email and you should see one like the picture below. Click on “Verify Now.”

    1. Once you click on the link in the email, you will be prompted to sign in with your newly created Apple ID and password.

    1. Congratulations, you should now be able to download apps and other free content from iTunes.

You can continue to browse and download apps on your computer and sync them to your iOS device. You can go to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and use your new account to download free apps directly to the device.

iTunes gift cards can be purchased online and at many major retailers to purchase paid apps.

Click here to create an account from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch without a credit card.

  • Johannes Fritzsche

    There is no “none” option any more even if I choose United States as my country.
    Did Apple remove it or what?
    Yours, Johannes

  • Ryan

    Omg thank you so much!!!!!!! This worked!!!!!!’

  • Giovanny Flores

    i’m trying to make an account for my best frann apparentaly,there is no “NONE” option for her account. She needs an account & I was wondering if Apple removed it or something. Because, on my cousins iPOd, like 1 year ago.I selected NONE for his account. And for this homegirl, it doesn’t hace the option of NONE. PLEASSEEE HELP!!!

  • laza

    I’ve just bought an ipad mini 2 in India, I expected to get free apps from itunes but I couldn’t. I’ve followed every tips likewise finding the “none” credit card or creating so many appleID account but untill now it doesn’t work anyone can help me to fix this or should I do some thing like returnning the Ipad to the reseller in my country? Please help