Apple’s New iPad User Guide


Apple as a new user guide with a interface designed specially for the iPad. The user guide looks very similar to the settings screen on the iPad. It covers the original iPad and the iPad 2 with the latest iOS 4.3 features.

The guide has a user agent that detects if you are on an iPad, if you are using anything other than an iPad it redirects you to a PDF.

The interface is so nice I recommend bookmarking the page and adding the icon to your home screen.

The user guide can also be download for free with iBooks or you can view the PDF on the Apple website.

Tap on the photo or the link.

  • Arron

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  • lexy20

    Regards for helping out, wonderful information.

  • Archana

    The screen is not turning and there is a lock symbol on the screen . How do I take this out

  • Phil

    If you have iOS 4.3 or later, there is an option in the setting to control the lock rotation with the small toggle switch on the side of your iPad. If you have Lock Rotation selected in Settings > General > Use Slide Switch to:, Then just slide the toggle.

    See image 1

    If you have mute selected then double tap the home button to reveal the multitasking bar and slide all the way to the left and tap the lock rotation button.

    See image 2

  • Clyde

    I just want a simple map of the screen. Where can I find iPad BASICS??????

  • Phil


    You can download the iPad user guide on your iPad in iBooks.

    Here is a link.

  • Merlin

    I cannot find my country in the game center.


    Is iPad by Apple corporation is a Von Neumann computer or not? let me know in full detail with description in paragraphs

  • Frank

    Please tell me how to make ipad hibernate after certain time without use. Thanks.

  • Linda

    How can I get my Mystery manor game from my Facebook page?

  • tina

    My ipad is stuck on iPad is disabled…Under that is says connect to itunes…. Above that the lock is locked…
    Can u help me?

  • Brenda Smith

    Don’t know how to download information on to i-Pad.

  • Iris Dobson

    I can’t set up my mail

  • Judy

    Just opened my first ipad. It is an Ipad Air. I cannot get it to connect to my Wi Fi. What to do?