AirPrint for Windows and iOS 5

I know it’s frustrating for iPad and iPhone users to have AirPrint on their device but not be able to use it. While some people may have a printer that supports AirPrint many do not. That leaves us with third party solutions to allow people to utilize the printing feature on iOS devices.

Not long after Apple released the AirPrint feature, developers starred coming up with software or tweaks that would allow AirPlay to work on printers that does not support AirPlay. The options have been some what limited, especially for Windows users.

Up until the release of iOS 5 there was a free download called AirPrint Installer that would allow iOS users to print wirelessly with printers that are not officially supported. As some of our readers pointed out the tweak no longer works after upgrading to iOS 5.

Since we know just about everyone wants to upgrade to the latest software, we have found another solution. The software is called FingerPrint from Collobos Software.

It does not require you to jailbreak your iPad, in fact you don’t need to install anything on your iPad. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. FingerPrint for Max OS X is $7.99 and FingerPrint for Windows is $9.99, they both have a free trial.

While it’s not a free solution, there are some advantages over AirPrint Installer. First, the set up is a breeze. After you download the software, it’s a typical Windows setup where the install wizard guides you through the installation. It took me less than 5 minutes to download and install the software. After the installation was complete my printers showed up when I selected to print using AirPrint on my iPad. I would call the setup pretty much seamless.

Another advantage over AirPrint Installer is the “Open on My PC” feature. When you select this option as a printer, instead of printing the document it just opens it on your PC.

Unlike AirPrint Installer, FringerPrint also appears to have customer support from the developer. So, if you have any trouble with it working you can send questions directly to the company who made the software.

I highly recommend to install the free trial so make sure it works before you make the purchase.

View this Post for more AirPrint options on a Mac.

  • Liz Levey

    I just tried fingerprint, using IOS 5, and it works beautifully. It prints quickly, which is important to me because I earlier had a trial with Printopia and it seemed as if printing was very sluggish from both ipad and MacBook Pro. I bought the software, basically after a 10 minute trial. I also hace PrintCentral Pro, which I bought when I first bought my ipad, but using airprint is a much smoother operation, I think. Liz

  • tinkererguy

    Excellent and very timely post, you seemed to be first to solve the iOS 5.0 problem! I wrote up my own success stories using it with a USB attached-Epson photo printer, and 3 networked Brother printers, at:

  • Jim Kestermann

    I recently upgraded to IOS5 and lost my airprint capablity on my Iphone4. This solution works great. Installation is simple. Just download the executable from the Collobos website and install on your computer. No need to mess with any settings on the Iphone itself. The printers automatically show on the Iphone. I highly recommend this product.

  • Jan S.

    Thanks for this very helpful tool. Came just in time and works like a charme on Windows Server 2008 R2 and OKI MFC.

  • Mary

    Thanks for the post, what a lifesaver. Almost panicked when I saw all the printers disappear after the upgrade. Downloaded the trial and purchased in five minutes. The only issue I am having is an inability to turn certain printers off so they don’t show up in airprint. Many thanks!

  • Daryl McMasters

    I installed FingerPrint and as advertised, it works extreamly well and has many options. Not as advertised, on my W7 computer, you can not minimize it or run it in the background, so it sits there staring at you until some decides to close it. Then you open up your i-somthing and you can’t print until you go back to the computer and start the program back up. AirPrint was much easier and more dependable. Also, contacted FingerPrint tech support last week and haven’t heard back yet.

  • chuck

    Interesting App, but doesn’t run as a service (AirPrint ran as a service). As a result, a user must be logged onto the PC in order for Finger Print to work. Not quite there yet.

  • Jonnathan Kutz


    Highlight the printer you want and click the space bar. It turns the printer off from showing in the list. I don’t know why i thought to try this, but it works.

  • John

    Nice, but…
    Now everyone in my office can print to my screen….
    This really needs a way limit user access so i can select just my devices to broadcast available printers to.

  • Chris

    Trial edition worked well.

    Note it does not run as a service. I emailed the devs, they said they are working on this as a future feature.

    Also note that (on windows) this app shares ALL printers, including the annoying crap that always seems to be there like Fax, send to One Note, and so on.

  • Paul

    I contacted FingerPrint support this morning asking if they were considering making FingerPrint a Windows Service. I got an immediate reply, “Yes we are working on it now.”.

  • Moon, Suk-Bae

    Really nice tool which I sought after upgrading to the iOS5. However, when I tried to print after selecting my printer which is under the same wi-fi network, an error message came out stating “Some errors are occurred during printing this document”. Is this because the Fingerprint I have installed is Trial version? Do I have to buy the license to make the Fingerprint to work for real??


  • libies

    FingerPrint doesn’t work as windows service!!!!

  • Arnie

    The fact that it won’t work as a service, and that I have to manually start FingerPrint every time I boot up my computer, is keeping me from buying it.

    I hope the developers will change the way their program works very soon.

  • Brian Turrisi

    I am having the same issue with the free trail download. It recognizes the printers just fine but you get an error when you actually try to print something.
    Not sure how to troubleshoot.

  • Matt

    So I’m not sure if I understand. Am I able to print from my iPhone without having my PC turned on??? Thanks

  • Phil

    I looks like that is the case. iOS 5 caused issues with almost every other way to enable AirPrint. As soon as there are better options available I will update the post.

  • Takeshi

    @Matt: Nope. FingerPrint runs on your PC which must be on.

  • Gary

    Very disappointed. FingerPrint worked perfect for the first few times. Now, although the printers show up on the iPod, nothing prints. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Made sure the fire wall is not blocking. Even added the UPC and TCP ports.

    Any suggestions?

  • Tom

    I have never had software downloaded and operational in less than 4 minutes. Awesome! I highly recommend fingerprint.

  • Derek

    Just tried the trial of Fingerprint. after losing Airprint for Windows to iOS5. So easy to install and set up and worked first time through my XP machine and connected Canon MP510 printer. I didn’t hesitate to purchase license. A great product, highly recommended.

  • Mdb28

    If you want to print from an iPad this what you want (unless you have an AirPrint printer)…

    The apps you put on the iPad from the app store do not fit the bill! The don’t work the way you think they will…

    This is app you put on your computer…not on the iPad…mine happens to be win7…

    once you install it…your printer is available in the iPad apps…just the way you want it…no cutting no pasting…no opening in a different window…

    For example if you want to print a word doc that is an email Attachment…open the attachment in the viewer…hit the icon in the upper right…choose print…and your printer is there….

    Easy…precisely how you’d expect it to be….

  • JImjs

    Installed FingerPrint. Worked perfectly. IT now runs as a process on Win XP. Good solution for AirPrint.

  • Luigi01

    how do you manage to start the new FingerPrint version as a process? Do you need a helper program like RunAsSvc? Thanks!

  • Lokki

    Works perfectly on iPad and Windows XP. Shows the 3 printers I have on the network (an HP, an HP Laser, and a Brother printer-copier-fax. Easy to download and install. In short, hassle free. I’m rather pleased for $10 I managed to solve a major annoyance with the iPad.

  • JeanPierre

    It works fine! We tested with W7 & WS2008 Standar edition
    Something to recall .. Printers to use with fingerprint have to be installed locally on the server or Workstation and not being mapped printers from other server or workstation.

    It works fast from ipads 2 and iphones 3GS & 4

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  • Soren

    Now all we need is a functioning tool to make AirPrint available on a Windows server, with control of user rights etc.

    Having a Windows AD setup with several large multifunctioning scanners/printers around the Campus + printing from IPads with Ios5 = no way, worked like a charm prior to Ios5….

  • Neil

    Doesn’t seem to work on 64bit Windows 7. Emailed the developer but got no response. So not a usable solution for me.

  • Joachim Schmidt

    this solution does its job perfectly and is far better than all other iOS printing apps for windows attached printers. After very smooth installation ran it on my 64bit windows. All my installed local and remote printers showed up in printing dialog on my ipad. Printing is done very quickly – sofar i’m not seeing any problems with it.

  • Judith Mazza

    It worked fine until I rebooted my iPad then all of the printer options disappeared and I’ve not been able to get them back. I would love for it to work.

    I have a 64 bit Win 7 desktop.

  • kad

    vous pouvez utiliser l’application Eprint dispo sur l’appstore en version d’évaluation compatible avec toute imprimante reliée en ethernet sur votre routeur adsl pour ceux qui ne possèdent pas d’imprimante airprint … il suffit juste de renseigner l’ip de votre machine …Enjoy

  • Roger

    Worked first day I installed it on my Vista computer
    Next day not working.
    I even rebooted the computer and still not working.
    Good thing I did not buy the first day.

  • Roger

    I found the next day that if printing does not work on my iPad I have to restart the iPad to find printers

  • Guimon

    I was able to make Airprint work with IOS 5 !!! here is what you need to do :

    First , if you had installed Airprint before and if the Airprint Service is still in your Service list ( you can check by running the command: services.msc ) you need to unregister it .

    to do so type at the command Prompt ( Make sure your run the command line as an administrator ) :

    sc.exe delete Airprint

    Now we are going to re-register the Airprint service but with a slight different Command option:

    At the command line type the following 2 commands:

    sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

    sc.exe start Airprint

    at this point , you should now be able to see a list of your shared printers from your IOS 5 Device !

    If you don’t see any lock icon next to your printer name, then you’re good to go !

    If you see a lock icon next to the printer name, make sure you enable the guest account in windows

    Once you enable the guest account , restart the Airprint service and Voila ! you now can print from your IOS 5 Device !

    Want to thank Takelei for finding the solution to this issue !


  • Guimon Appreciator

    Guimon, AWESOME, dude! That worked!

  • Vincent Clement


    Is that a comma or period after “tcp”?

    Also is there a space between -R and _ipp?

  • Michael

    Unfortunatelly I’m not able to get it working (tried with Vista, Win7 and XP). The “Lock” icon still remain although the Windows Guest account is enabled. If I click the printer no logon prompt or something else is coming up. Access to file shares with the TIOD app to the Windows PC is working well. Any idea about this?

    Best regards, Michael

  • Another Guimon Appreciator

    Many Many Thanks Guimon!
    Now the only thing that is needed for me is get this working without the Guest Account… A login like it was there in iOS4 would be awesome to have… Maybe later.
    Thanks for the awesome setting discovery! ^^

    @ Vincent: comma and yes a space.
    @ Michael: For me the lock was gone after enabling Guest account. Maybe you should check the sharing options of your printer and reboot the machine?

  • Jeff

    Trying to follow the instructions from Guimon and get the following message.Can anyone help? Thanks.

    C:\Windows\system32>sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files\Airprint\airprint.exe -R_ipp._tcp,_universal -s depends- “Bonjour Service” start= auto
    Creates a service entry in the registry and Service Database.
    sc create [service name] [binPath= ] …

    NOTE: The option name includes the equal sign.
    A space is required between the equal sign and the value.
    (default = own)
    (default = demand)
    (default = normal)
    (default = LocalSystem)

  • Paul in WI

    I bought my wife an iPad, and want to be able to print on our wireless Epson Workforce. Our home network has two computers: a desktop PC hardwired to the router, and a wireless laptop PC. I loaded/installed Fingerprint on the desktop, and the iPad doesn’t see it. I loaded/installed Fingerprint on the laptop, and the iPad recognizes it and can print through it. Both PCs are running XP.

    Does the PC that is hosting Fingerprint for the iPad have to be connected to the network ‘wirelessly?’ The laptop is failing and will be decommissioned soon, leaving only the hardwired desktop and the iPad. Do I have to shove a wireless NIC into my desktop? …or is Fingerprint simply not going to work in this environment?


    Paul in Wisconsin

  • Luigi

    Here the correct syntax to get airprint working for iOS5:
    sc.exe create AirPrint binpath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

  • Dave

    My trial and error discovered …needed additional escaped quotes because pathname included spaces and exact character used for quotes was important.

    This did not work…wrong type of quotes…
    sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “\“C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe\” -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

    This works…notice the different type of quotes…
    sc create AirPrint binPath= “\”C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe\” -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

    Hope this helps

  • Ribhu

    This worked for me !!

    I’m running Windows 7 32-bit, and have a Brother printer attached to my PC through a USB cable. I have an iPad 1 and my daughter has an iPad 2. We had Airprint installed on this PC and printing was working for both of us before we upgraded to iOS5 and then the printers just stopped showing.

    Here’s what I did (with some edits from process posted by Guimon):

    1. Went to ‘control panel –> user accounts’ and enabled (turn on) the Guest account.

    2. Started ‘cmd’ – remember to Run as Administrator (see Guimon’s post on how to do this)

    3. Deleted the Airprint service — sc.exe delete Airprint

    4. Reboot windows – I needed this step to allow the service to be removed from memory.

    5. Restart ‘cmd’ as Administrator. Don’t forget the Administrator part, it’s important.

    6. Created the service again — sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “D:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

    7. Started the service — sc.exe start Airprint

    Make sure the path of your AirPrint folder is correct in Step 6. I have my Program Files on the D drive, but it’s also common to have this folder on C drive, so please make sure to check once. If you create the service with an incorrect location it will accept the ‘create’ in Step 6 but won’t ‘start’ the service in Step 7. In that case, just ‘delete’ the service (sc.exe delete AirPrint //doesn’t require a restart so you should be able to recover fairly quickly if you do make this error) and ‘create’ and ‘start’ again with the right folder location.

    Went off without a hitch. Now I can see printers listed on my iPad and ran a test print. Prints just like it used to before upgrading to iOS5!

    Thanks, Guimon!

  • Sheep

    I’m getting the same error as Jeff. I was thinking that since my airprint is stored in a different path (Program Files (x86)) since I’m using Windows 7 64-bit, that was the problem, but I changed the command to include the “(x86)” and that still didn’t fix the issue. Help anyone?

  • Jeff

    Luigi, I copied and pasted your exact text and am still getting the same message (see below). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Jeff

    C:\Windows\system32>sc.exe create AirPrint binpath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\
    irprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto
    Creates a service entry in the registry and Service Database.
    sc create [service name] [binPath= ] …

    NOTE: The option name includes the equal sign.
    A space is required between the equal sign and the value.
    (default = own)
    (default = demand)
    (default = normal)
    (default = LocalSystem)


  • PUK

    @Jeff :
    Your command :
    C:\Windows\system32>sc.exe create AirPrint binpath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\
    irprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

    ==> irprint.exe -R ==> It’s missing an “a” for “airprint.exe -R”.

  • Pete

    Trialled and paid on the same day, great program but really need the service though, I’m running it on a Windows Home server and don’t want it to be logged on all the time.

  • Jeff


    Thanks, the “a” was there, just got lost in my cut and paste. So I’m pretty sure I have the correct command, just keep getting the message response shown above.


  • David

    I too had an issue with Win7 x64, but then I figured out the problem was copy/paste. You need to watch those smart quote characters – they look correct, but they feed garbage into the command. I used the following:

    C:\Windows\system32\sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files (x86)\AirPrint\airprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto DisplayName= “Apple AirPrint for Windows”

  • David

    Even that one I just posted converted to smart quotes. I suggest typing the command instead of copy/paste or you can paste to notepad, fix the quotes, and copy/paste from there to cmd.

  • Jeff

    Partial success Thanks to David’s note regarding the smart quotes, I made those changes and the command worked. However, when I typed in the 2nd command (sc.exe start AirPrint), I get a not found or access is denied message. When I go directly to services.msc, I find thevairprintbservice, butbwhen I try to start it, I get a error saying that the system could not find the file specified. Any ideas?

  • Vincent Clement

    You do not have to turn on Guest Account to remove the lock on any shared printer. This should work with any User Account that uses a password. I don’t know if it will work for a User Account that has no password (you could try deleting the Password and Confirm Password boxes and leaving them blank).

    In Windows Vista Home Premium (SP2):

    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services


    Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Services

    Double-Click AirPrint

    Click the Log On tab

    Click on This Account button

    Type in the name account “.\NAME OF USER ACCOUNT” without the quotes but with the period and backslash into the blank box.

    If you don’t know the name of your account, select User Accounts in Control Panel or click on Browse beside the box. Click on Advanced then Find Now. Highlight the main account you use on your computer. Click OK and then Click OK again.

    You should be back on the Log On tab. Delete the dots in the Password box and type in the password you use to log in into your User Account. Repeat in the Confirm Password box.

    Click Apply.

    Stop the AirPrint service.

    Restart the AirPrint service.

    The lock should disappear on your iOS device. You may have to reboot the iOS device for the lock to disappear.

    Tried this on an iPod Touch 4G, iPad and iPad 2 and all see the shared printer and print without problems. I even get warnings about out of paper or out of ink on my iOS devices.

    I hope my instructions are clear and correct – I had to keep returning back to the AirPrint service screen to figure out the next step. Post a comment with any corrections or improvements or questions or discussion.

    I can’t speak to the security implications of allowing a service to log on as a user account. From the info I found online, logging as a user account, does give the service access to the network. Also, if you change your User Account password, you will have to change the password in the AirPrint service.

  • Vincent Clement

    I stand corrected. Above procedure stopped work this morning. Interestingly enough the printer in iOS had both a checkmark AND a padlock beside it. I really don’t want to enable the guest account. Leave it to Apple to make something that could be useful a complete pain in the butt.

  • Leland Hendrix

    Hey guys–”AirPrint Activator” DOES WORK with iOS 5.

    @Vincent Clement–the problem with that guest account thing is a windows and “FingerPrint” problem, not Apple’s. Plus, they never opened AirPrint “officially” to work with anything but AirPrint enabled printers, in part to eliminate hassle just like this.

    BUT–I have enough printers and didn’t want to buy another ink guzzling machine that had AirPrint officially built in.

    So, I’m using AirPrint Activator, version 2.1b2, from and it works perfectly! It lets me use any printer in my home, both wireless printers that connect directly to my SO/HO network, as well as printers attached by cable to any of my computers on my home network.

    AirPrint Activator, still free. And working with my iPhone 4S, iPod touch, and iPad 2–all running iOS 5

  • Leland Hendrix

    Please ignore my last comment… I came across this late at night without fully noticing the AirPrint **FOR WINDOWS** was what’s described as not working with iOS 5. I knew that I’d previously had to update my AirPrint Activator version to make my iMac happy, and in my sleepy state thought that maybe people wo found this old article now would need to know they just needed a new version…so, my heart was in the right place, by my sleepy head is not. LOL!!

  • Joan North

    I just downloaded FingerPrint to my desktop computer running XP. The printer connected to the computer is an old HP1315. It is not a wireless printer nor is it an AirPrint printer. After I downloaded FingerPrint, which is a free trial, I went back to the family room and tried a printing from my iPad 1. Never would believe it would print but it did. I am just thrilled because even though my printer is old I really like it. I guess I should say I have a router and my laptop has wireless connection to my husbands HP6500 printer if this makes any difference.

  • Jean-Steve

    I tried it and WoW… I like that. Also, the fact that you can send your document to print directly in PDF inside your Dropbox account, is awesome! I recommend it for any iDevice User.

  • Jean-Steve

    There is a trick for setuping your dropbox folder. First of all, don’t forget to create a specific folder inside your Dropbox folder. This folder will be used for the document repository. If your Dropbox Folder is not on your C: Drive, you just have to edit the registry key. Unfortunately, the FingerPrint Software allow you to see only your C Drive. But when you go inside your registry, you can enter the path you want. And it does work.

  • Martyn

    Yes – I can confirm FingerPrint for Windows works on Win32bit version of Windows 7. Exactly what I want!

  • tf


  • David

    I could not get it to work the longest time and then found this made the changes to the service and it worked.

    Basically they change the service.

    At the command line type the following 2 commands:

    sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -R _ipp._tcp,_universal -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto

    sc.exe start Airprint

  • Steve Barth

    Thank you for letting me know about FingerPrint. I gave up on trying to get AirPrint Collaborator to work. FingerPrint is so simple to install and what a convenience. We have iPhone 4S’s & iPad connected to a Windows 7 Ultimate 64b PC shared HP LJ 1320. I did not want to buy another HP printer just for AirPrint. FingerPrint was by far the easiest install. The best $10 bucks I have ever spent! Thanks again for the info.

  • A mills-McEwan

    Using the listed commands worked fine without needing to purchase Fingerprint. Thank you for sharing

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  • Tricia

    I have and iPad 2 with iOS5. and after searching around I found this site and as a result downloaded Fingerprint to my iMac. My printer is a HP Photosmart C6180 A-i-O which was not recognised by Air Print. With Fingerprint I can see it but when I ask it to print it keeps trying to print from my 6 x 4 Photo tray. Is there a way to change this? I couldn’t find any Help on the Fingerprint site.
    I would appreciate any help you can give me.

  • tinkereguy

    Collobos FingerPrint for Windows is now available as a service!
    Back on Oct 15, 2011, this article appeared i, it appears to be the first mention of a solution for iOS 5.0.

    That same day, I recorded video of my simple tests, and posted a summary of my good experience with this gem.

    I have now received new news from Collobos, announced Jan 30, 2011, they’ve added FingerPrint for Windows installing as a service!

    Thought you might want to know, and for now, it’s still just $10 for FingerPrint for Windows.

  • SteveCocks

    AirPrint and ios5

    Thank you for all your comments on using airprint with ios5. I have managed to set up at home on windows 7 32 bit and print to my printer from iPad2 and Iphone4.

    Does anyone know how to enable the service on windows server 2003? Following instuctions from this page i can see printers from my idevices but all have padlocks? Can anyone help?

  • Jerry

    Fingerprint works as advertised on my Windows 7 PC and Canon MX860 printer win an iPad 2. It allows me to select duplex mode and also warns me that ink levels are low. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out, though, is how to print in greyscale. The printer default is set to greyscale, but the iPad only prints in color.

  • James

    AWESOME! I’ve wasted a bunch money on stupid apps. Didn’t even think about installing a $10 program on my desktop. Outstanding. Thank you for blogging about it… so I could find this link in the search engines. I installed the free version, verified everything printed and immediately purchased the licensed version. THANK YOU!

  • Tom McElvy

    Some words of warning about FingerPrint. I purchased it, installed it. Worked fine for a few days. now, it does not run. othing changed on the network, and when I double click on the software, there is a message saying Connecting to FingerPrint Service. Now, why in the world would it need to connect to ANY service? I have sent them a support request, their response was to reboot my systems (Did that already) When I pressed for an answer regarding why it needs to connect to their server, their response was they will give me a refund. Obviously, they have NOT told everyone everything we need to know about their software. They may be making copies of what we print on their systems, so beware of what you print using this! More as it happens

  • Blesie

    I’m thrilled! It worked right away after installing! Thanks!

  • Doug

    If you need to print a picture or a part of a document or web page you may wish to look up the app PrintBack by Xerox. Allows you to print by sending via email to a pc without being near the pc. If you travel then print it and you will have it when you get home, works great and inset it to hold my jobs until I get back home.

  • George

    @Tom McElvy

    I initially had the same issue with “Connecting to FingerPrint Service” and assumed the same thing. But it’s not trying to connect to their servers. The issue was that there’s a Windows Service called “FingerPrint Service” that wasn’t started.

    Going into your Windows Services you should be able to start it…

    Then FingerPrint worked perfectly for me.

  • Anthony A

    @ George
    After intalling the FingerPrint Software and opeing it up thats all I get is the message “Connecting to FingerPrint Service” with a green search bar. Any chance you can help me find the Windows Services area you are talking about??


  • Phil


    You can Open the Start Menu, in the search line, type services.msc and press Enter.

    This should pull up services installed on your computer. Here you can start or disable the Fingerprint service. I think this is what George is referring to.

  • Mike M

    I just installed this software on a Windows 7 64 bit computer using an HP 8500 all in one printer. It worked like a charm with my iphone 4 running iOS 5.1.

    This software is ready for the newest available software for both my pc and my iphone and I give it two thumbs up.

    Installed in a minuted and just worked immediately. It opens on the computer in a PDF viewer, automatically connected to my dropbox to where I can now print anything from m y iphone and it shows up as a pdf in a folder in my dropbox.

    Buy it.

  • David

    I have version It worked initially, but then started saying “Connecting to FingerPrint service. . .”

    I followed others advice and went into the services panel. The FingerPrint actually IS running, but the program can’t connect to it anyway.

    So: The conclusion is that FingerPrint does work, if you are lucky. If you aren’t lucky, it doesn’t work.

  • Carlos

    I am currently using this with a Canon Pixma MG6120. Currently installed on Windows 7 x64 Desktop but the desktop needs to be on in order for me to use it. My printer is hooked up to my network wirelessly its not “shared Network” so I can print from any other computer regardless which one is turned on or off. Can I make this same set up happen with fingerprint?? thanks

  • max

    Try PRINTER PRO LITE – much easier, takes no skills to install, free and takes seconds to start to use it and works perfectly with and WITHOUT wifi printers – IN ONE WORD… JUST AWSOME!!!

  • Charles

    We have two iPads with the latest software, but no air printers. We have an HP1518 laser network printer on our wifi home nework.

    Downloaded Fingerprint 2 on our home PC (Windows 7). Worked perfectly but would not print the next morning. I had to wake up our PC to print.

    To prevent your PC from sleeping so that you can print anytime, go to Start Menu, Control Panel, System & Security, Power Options.

    On the Select Power Plan page select Change Plan Settings for the plan selected. Then click Change Settings for the Plan, Next to Put computer to sleep select the drop down arrow which will allow you to choose time options. Select NEVER.

    You can also change the monitor display settings but I chose not to.

    Hope this helps

  • RJS

    I just tried PRINTER PRO LITE and it worked fine, so I went ahead and bought PRINTER PRO 3 ($6.99).

    I like the fact that the purchased application is tied to my iPad and that the PC application is free since I have multiple Windows PCs to work with (and I don’t want to buy FingerPrint 2 for each PC).

    FingerPrint 2 would be more cost-effective in a one-PC, many-Mac environment, but I’m the other way.

  • Lena

    has anyone tried print n share? also had great customer support (from personal experience) and seems to give fingerprint a run for its money!

  • Benjamin

    It appears that FingerPrint feels they are the only ones that have the capability to share out printers off a Windows based system … as they have raised the price to $19.95 USD for the Windows version!

    I have tested the 2.x version on a Windows server and it does work nicely on any IOS based device on my wireless / wired network. I would say its worth the price IF you have all of your printers shared from one server. I would NOT recommend it though IF you have multiple Win based PCs with shared printers.

  • Fletch

    As of now they have ditched Fingerprint, are calling it something else and are charging monthly for it. Bugger that. I paid for Fingerprint and now it won’t work with the latest version of iOS7. So it’s useless.