Wall of Sound app for iPad


Nuage Production has just released Wall Of Sound, a free iOS app for music lovers. Wall of Sound gives iPad and iPhone users a new interactive way to discover and listen to music on their touch screen devices. The app continuously fills your iPad’s screen with album covers as you move your finger on the screen. The size of the tiles can be adjusted by pinching in and out. You can also search for a particular artist or filter the results by many different genres.

The Wall of Sound app has over 20 million songs for iOS users to listen to and of course, all of the music can be purchased using iTunes via a download link in the app.

The app also has the ability to share your favorite music with friends across eMail, SMS, FaceBook, and Twitter.

Get Wall of Sound Free at the App Store.

  • Britney Moore

    I love this it is so cool u peeps should get it Hahaha lol :)

  • Chris

    I have downloaded this great app on my Ipad two, but I wish there were a totorial. I find it the settings bar comes down to the right, and the screen is black and no matter what I do it stays there. If I type in an artist or album it see,s to freeze. When I did get it working at the start, it would play a minute or so of each song on an album and move on to the next. A tutorial or tips would be greatly appreciated.