Top 10 iPad Apps


Here is my to top ten third party iPad apps so far. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on these and other apps. Feel free to leave comments.

Dragon Dictation (Free)
Typing on the iPad takes a little getting use to. This is a good alternative  and the best thing is its free.

Real Racing ($ 9.99)
This  is a nice game once you learn how to control the iPad using small movements. The graphics are  amazing. If you like racing games you will love this one.

SketchBook Pro ($ 7.99)
SketchBook Pro is a professional grade paint and  drawing application with a user interface  designed exclusively for the iPad. If you are artistic you will   enjoy this app.

Netflix (Free)
If you are a netflix subscriber this is a must have app. You can watch free movies and shows on the iPad and they look great.

ABC Player (Free)
This is a nice way to enjoy your favorite ABC shows for free. The video looks outstanding, it is near HD quality.

Print Central $9.99
With this app you can view, store & print email, attachments, documents, photos, contacts, web pages and copied items from Apps, on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Print either locally or using 3G/EDGE, using ANY document type and any printer available for your Mac or PC. (Free)
Access your content from any location. When you have crucial files stored in a account, you can open them on your iPad no matter where you are.

Yahoo Entertainment (Free)
This is a interactive Program Guide that lets you plan your TV viewing, View news and watch videos. Yahoo has definetly done a nice job with this app.

Kindle (Free)
I’m glad Apple approved this app. The Kindle app provides users the ability to read Kindle books using a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. There are over 450,000 books in the Kindle Store and you can view the kindle books you already own on your ipad.

Desktop Connect (11.99)
This app is for anyone who needs access to their desktop running OSX or Windows 7 to  accomplish more than the iPad allows on its own.


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