Skype finally arrives for the iPad


The Skype app for iPad is finally available at the App Store for download. The iPad 2 comes with native FaceTime app preinstalled. However, FaceTime only allows video chats with other users who have a Mac, iPad 2, iPhone or iPod touch with FaceTime installed.

The free Skype app on the iPad 2 will allow users call, video call, or instant message anyone on Skype using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch and even Skype enabled TVs.

Skype will work for the original iPad as well, but video calls are not supported since there is no camera on the 1st iPad.

Skype’s Key Features:

  • Join Skype on your iPad in a few moments or just sign straight in to your account.
  • If you already have a Skype account, your Skype contacts will automatically be there on your iPad.
  • Adding new Skype contacts really easy.
  • Once they’re in your Contact list, call, video or instant message them in one touch.
  • Flick through recent calls and instant messages in your Skype for iPad history.
  • Skype for iPad works over Wi-Fi or 3G (operator data charges may apply).
  • Call Skype contacts on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC, Mac and even Skype enabled TVs.
  • Talk face-to-face or show what you’re seeing with front and back-facing cameras.
  • Use Skype for iPad to call anyone else on Skype – and enjoy near CD quality (SILK) sound.
  • Instant message and add emoticons to personalize your messages.

Unlock even more features when you pay a little:

  • Make cheap calls to landlines or mobiles from your iPad.
  • Get an Online Number from Skype so people can call you on your iPad.
  • Pay As You Go with Skype Credit – great for when you’re using Skype every now and again.
  • Pay monthly with a subscription – best if you use Skype a lot.

Get Skype for iPad for Free at the App Store.

  • Tasty Geezer

    Hi, do you know when this will be available in the UK.

  • SamuraiShonan

    There needs to be more access to history of messages so they can be deleted. Annoying! But love SKYPE

  • Pete

    Once I chat someone, I’m stuck and unable to get back to the home screen. Any suggestions?

  • Stephen

    Pete – I am having the same issue. I am stuck on chatting with someone as well with no way to go back to previous pages. Please let me know if you find a solution?

  • Sophie

    I’m having the same problem too pete and Stephen! x

  • Jessica


    That seems to be a bug with the Skype app. Hopefully they will fix the bug with an update but you can restart your iPad and you should return to the home screen the next time you open the app.

  • Phil


    Skype just released an update to address this issue.

    What’s New in Version 1.0.1538
    Fixed a bug to restore the left hand navigation panel.

  • Jim

    using Skype on my I PAd

    the people i call , cannot hear me, how do u turn on the m icrophone?

  • eliko

    lot of bugs in skype on the ipad

  • Liz

    I cannot hear the other person now although I could when I first used it. Can anyone help