How to Send Rich Text Emails on iPad


Update 08/23/2011: Evernote just added rich text support for their iOS app. The app is free and it supports bold, italic, underline, strike through, highlighting, block quote, bullets and number lists.

One of the iPad’s short coming is you can only create and send emails in plain text. That means you can’t change the font style, color, size, etc. It also means you can’t underline text, highlight it or add bullets.

I expect this will eventually change with a iOS update but here is how iPad users can send emails using rich text right now.

iOS developers are constantly coming up with apps to fill any voids on iOS devices. After trying several apps, the best way I have found to send rich text emails on the iPad is with Essay.

Essay App

Essay is a elegant rich text editor app for iPad. The app will allow user to change text to bold, italic, underline, strike, highlight and change the text size.

Essay makes things simple by having the ability to send emails directly from the app. If you want to send an email with some of the above text formatting, just open the Essay app, type your email, change the text and send the email.

Essay is currently $3.99 and it does allow some rich text but there’s still a few things missing. Such as, changing the text font, color and adding bullets. These features could be added with updates but there is no guarantee.

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  • Tom Moore

    Why can’t this be done with Pages? When I try, none of the formatting copies and pastes to Mail, only plain text.

  • Phil

    That’s a good question. I’m sure there are some technical reasons I don’t understand but it should be easier to send rich text emails on an iPad. There are a few more options with iOS 5 such as, bold, italic and underline. But I would like to see more options and I’m sure we will with future updates.

  • Bob e burnham

    I first create it in plain text then after the entire content is written switch it to Rich Text, for whatever reason. I do wish to insert emoticons at times which is impossible. Is this an OS problem, browser or webmail?

  • Steve

    Inserting emoticons is not impossible! The iPad has a built-in Emoji font. Go to General=>Keyboard=>International Keyboards.

  • Tushar Pathare

    Check out Rich Text Mail from Impression Software:

    Here is a Demo:

    It has the best Rich Text /HTML Support, and it shows up correctly in browser as well.