HD Wallpapers for iPad – Stunning Wallpapers


This HD Wallpapers app has some of the best wallpapers I’ve seen. There are 365 stunning wallpapers for the iPad in amazing quality. I’m sure everyone that downloads this app will find some wallpapers they want to use.

The app is free until the 27th! It’s easily worth $.99, but get it while it’s free.

Hundreds of High Definition Landscapes.
▪ Go ahead, change your background everyday.

Gallery View or Standard View.
▪ Swipe to go left or right in either view. Gallery shows 20 images at a time. Simple. Easy.

Save your favorites.
▪ Found a favorite? Hit the save button to save the image to your photo gallery.

Free updates.
▪ What else can be said, updates are free. Just don’t expect cake and ice cream everyday.

  • Richard

    Hi . I have only just bought my Ipad and I can’t work out how to turn the screen from portrait to landscape when I turn the IPad 90 degrees . . I have seen other people just give the IPad a little shake from one side to the next , but it doesn’t work for me . Am I doing something wrong ? …..or is there something on settings that I haven’t done correctly. Would appreciate it if someone could help . Thanks

  • http://ipadhelp.com Phil

    There is a small button on the side that locks the screen rotation, it’s just above the volume button. If you slide it up, it should work.